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Oh, I was SO tired before I knew with #1 ... I felt like a ZOMBIE! Plus, I would get SO out of breathe doing the simplest things, which is weird b/c I was a runner in really good shape. I could've run 3 miles w/o breaking a sweat, but suddenly I felt like I was having an asthma attack climbing a flight of stairs.

With #2, I didn't really have any early symptoms that I noticed. She was a much easier pregnancy, although w/ both I had to eat fatty, greasy foods causing me to gain 60-65 lbs each time or else I would feel like throwing up and passing out. At least the weight came off easily enough.

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I was trying on bikinis and I actually filled out a top for the first time in my life! :LOL
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Brushing my tongue. I always did a quick swipe before. But with both pregnancies, brushing it absentmindedly for 2 min w/out realizing it.
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My dh and I went camping, and there were a few signs. I could not find spot that was just right. We moved camp 3-4 times, and dh was getting upset about it. The 2nd time we moved, I decided I couldn't camp there, because it was too windy, and it didn't have a wood table. When we were packing up, I just started bawling. I was so upset, I was crying like a baby. I knew something was wrong, because I am never quite that emotional. I thought to myself later that day...hmmmm....I wonder if I'm pregnant?!
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It was hard to tell with me. I was on vacation about a week after ovulation. We had been trying, but I didn't really expect to be pg. My friends and I were at a yoga retreat at an ashram in the mountains that serves vegetarian food. The food does things to your digestive system, so I didn't think about the gas. The altitude always gets to me, so I didn't think anything about being tired and out of breath. I had an herbal treatment that does strange things to you emotionally and physically, so I didn't pay any attention to the slight nausea. I did think it was weird that I was eating alot more than usual, and that I was too tired and weak to do much yoga, because I'm usually a yoga fiend. On the day I was expecting my period, I did start to bleed, but it wasn't very much and was a brownish color. It occured to me it might be implantation bleeding, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. On the day we left for home from vacation, I woke up that morning and thought I should take a test, which I had brought with me. I was not prepared for the two little lines that showed up!
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We went on a road trip to meet up with some friends, and on the way home, I made DH pull over and I had to pee in the bushes because I was about to explode. It came on so suddenly and I was sooo uncomfortable. Weird because I can usually hold it for quite a long time if I need to, and this just came on so suddenly. :LOL

A few days later I was teaching yoga, and I went down on my belly to do cobra pose and my breasts were so tender and sore and definitely made me go hmmmm...should I test? Went home, POAS and voila, two lines! I literally rubbed my eyes because I couldn't believe it and my heart filled with joy. We are expecting our little bundle in late October.
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My period came on the day it was supposed to but then disappeared within an hour. I thought that was weird but chalked it up to my body's typical moodiness. Turns out that was implantation bleeding. I really began to suspect something when my period didn't resume after 4 days. So I bought a test and the rest is history.
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A few days after sex and ovulation, I said to my husband, "I feel like there is a party in my belly."

(I tend to feel what is going on with my body more than most.)

I put it aside because it was too early to do anything. The next weekend, I had a couple over for dinner and puked my guts out. I was worried I had served bad seafood and food poisoned everyone, but no one was sick but me.

The next week I said to a friend, I could be pregnant right now, and as I said it, I just KNEW it. I ran home took a test and was right.
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Honestly---I couldn't button my jeans!
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Well, with DS I just *knew* a few days after conception, I turned to my not yet dh in the car and said "We may need to buy a pregnancy test in a week or two" I waited until about the day af was due and sure enough 10:30 pm and it was a DARK pos.

With our m/c we'd been practicing NFP, but I'd fallen off a horse about 4 days before O and was taking motrin to combat the pain. My temps were off and I mistook my usual O pain as "time for another dose" Baby stopped growing at 5 weeks, m/c at 9 wks 5 days.

With this one. We were ttc after our loss, it was the 4th month. Our anniversary is in Jaunary, and I wanted to attempt to concieve with out our 'props' so I put away my BBT 5 days before af was due, I had used ALL of my OPK's with that cycle, and found my last HPT before a shower (cleaning out the cabinet) and took it, it was also about 10 pm at night, it was a faint-ish positive, but even dh could see it with out adjusting lights or turning it!

Looking back I've "just known" all three times, I didn't have a physcial symptom until after the tests. With ds the m/s didn't start until I was 10 weeks after eatting about a lb of white graped I puked my guts out. With the m/c I did have a little m/s before 'she' stopped growing, but it was like 4 days worth of just not feeling right. With this one, the BURPING!!! The progestrone is a smooth muscle relaxer, causing the digestive system to relax, more burps, heartburn and nausea with vomitting. The burping was mostly my form of morning sickness, I did have a few epidsodes of true nausea though.
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I was insanely thirsty, like walking in the desert thirsty and only water would do. Also (tmi) I had a slight discharge that smelled different than usual, not bad, but different.
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Originally Posted by kidspiration
A few days later I was teaching yoga, and I went down on my belly to do cobra pose and my breasts were so tender and sore and definitely made me go hmmmm...should I test?
Hey! Cobra pose was one of the poses I couldn't do all of a sudden, too! It just made my belly feel weird.
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drinking alcohol didn't get me drunk
slooooooooooowing down
feeling motherly!

oh yeah... getting sick on a jetboat ride
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Very, ver sore boobs were my first sign. DD's and I were driving to Indiana for a visit, and I kept thinking, "Why do my boobs hurt so bad?" I thought maybe it was from the seatbelt, LOL. I was about 3-4 dpo at the time.

I didn't have any symptoms with my first pregnancy until m/s set in around 6 weeks.
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Originally Posted by UrbanPlanter
:LOL this is where you store them? Mine is in my top dresser drawer
I know! :LOL That was why when the test turned positve, almost a black line it was so dark, that I was convinced it was wrong! I thought the test "adh" to be broken. IT coudn't be right! 6 tests later I finally said fine. It took me almost 48 hours to even tell dh!
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Oh, I also wreck the car when pg. With Tracy I ran into an 8 foot ditch and up the otehr sidea t 22 weeks. With Bryce I backed into a fence 3 days after the test turned positive.
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Intuition, but the physical symptoms were with the first one breast tenderness and the second cramping. I never really got morning sickness with either pregnancy.
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For me it was 7+ nights in a row of horrid, bloody, slasher dreams. People getting cut up with chainsaws and the whole nine yards. I finally thought I must have some serious hormones racing through my system and sure enough I was preggo.
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Ok, the ladies who's AF was due on the 13th.....did she show??????

Funny a couple people mentioned milk--I didn't notice it but I guess my dh did cause the other night we had spagetti and he asked if I wanted something to drink--when I said yes a glass of milk he looked at me all weird and said "are you pregnant???" I wasn't :LOL

Signs for me were mega CM, fatigue and then about when the test turned positive I couldn't eat, smell or cook beef--adn I love my beef!
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Originally Posted by shannon0218
Ok, the ladies who's AF was due on the 13th.....did she show??????
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