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I think I knew before I actually knew. My boobs were bouncier, I was tired all the time, and my stomach has been bothering me, and I am craving pork and dairy products of all things. Then I was sitting in a meeting one day and got really dizzy and light-headed and it hit me all of a sudden. I took 4 hpts just to be sure, but they all came out that its a go. I am going to confirm with a doctor for my bf's benefit, but now that I know... my uterus feels heavy and I constantly feel like AF is going to show up but there is nothing and thank god I'm not the only one, I thought I was going crazy.

My BF thinks I'm crazy and that I could not possibly know, I haven't missed an AF yet technically, but will by next week. He doesn't think it is possible to not miss and just know. Last time I was suspicious I ended up having a cyst (blah).