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With my first I knew right after conception.

With my 2nd I had really long stomach bug

With my 3rd I turned around in the car to look at the kids and felt like I was gonna vomit and my head would spin right off my shoulders.

With my 4th I had to pee and my hips hurt.

With my 5th I woke up one am and said, "OMG I am pg."

With this one I knew like a mos before I tested and told myself ok get rid of that thought - I am not. Then I had some spotting I thought was my af and dh immediatly said it was implantation bleeding. Still refusing to belive I was pg a few weeks later after a few days of feeling like I had the worst stomach bug I told dh he better go get me a pg test. I had the worst ms this time around.

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My very very first sign before even taking an HPT has been dizziness and fatique. This is how I knew to take a test with all of my pregnancies (including one miscarriage).
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Very sore breasts. Which never happens to me, so I was wondering what was going on...then, suddenly, I realized that I was about 2 weeks late. (We'd had a scare about 8 months before and it turned out to be nothing, so I was ignoring the signs this time. Silly me!)
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The first time: late period & pregnancy test. The second: I thought I was pregnant as soon as I concieved. I said to my husband "you just got me pregnant". It was accident number two. I KNEW I was pregnant when I could smell the person sitting next to me in class like I was making out with him. Everyone smelled like dirty hair.. even if they were clean!

Angela Mamma to Courtney 5-8-03 & Shawn due in August.
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I had to go pee all the time. I couldn't imagine why this would have anything to do with being pregnant, because it weighed less than an ounce, but, boy, I had to pee sooooo often fromt he very beginning!!!
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NYE 2004...met a guy who wouldn't take "no" for an answer. I think I knew right away, and on 1/2 (no flames, please), did the morning-after pill. Didn't *consciously* think about it any more after that.

  • had wicked heartburn
  • craved milk, and I *rarely* bought milk before that
  • ate vitamin C chewables like there was no tomorrow
  • and felt a huge drive to get off antidepressants -- I spent a bundle at GNC on healthier alternatives within *days* of conception.

The best part? When I told my mother about my GNC purchases, I said that the gold standard was that I didn't want to put anything in my body that wouldn't be safe if I were pregnant. Uh, oops. I was!

The final answer was the | | on the test, of course, followed by lots of cursing and soul-searching. I can't imagine I ever considered *not* having my daughter now -- she's the best thing I've ever done, and obviously really wanted to get here!
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With my last two, I had pressure in my uterus. With a little bit of cramping.
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With ds, I got *really* sleepy on my evening drive to rehearsal. Before kids, I never got sleepy on that drive. I had a Coke at break (which I never do), then it hit me on the drive home "You didn't need caffeine! You need a pregnancy test!"

With dd, I had the queasies late one morning. I thought it was the prenatal vitamins on an empty stomach. I went to play a rehearsal/concert later that day, and teared up on all of the ballads. Then the next day, coffee tasted wrong and I knew.
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I chart and keep a journal of symptoms (or not on the not-pg cycles) so I tend to have inklings very early on. The fatigue, sore breasts, etc. can be PMS or pg for me but the unmistakeable pg symptom that I've had first is swollen lymph nodes.
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I was practicing yoga pretty heavy and when asked to do upward bow (where you lay on your stomache and hold your ankles with your hand behaind your back) and I just didn't want to do it - then the same a few minutes later when it was time to do my usual back bend... From then on I knew I was pregnant.
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My boobs hurt. They didn't used to hurt during my cycle. Now, I get them as PMS.
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My first signs were probably about a week after conception and a week before my period was supposed to show. I was soooo hungry. I would eat my regular lunch and by 3 pm I was starving for something savory or salty (usually cheesy). I'm sorry to say, I ate a lot of Cheetos from the vending machine during this time. I was also extremely tired, more tired than I am during my usual luteal phase. I did not have sore breasts nor did I have nausea until about 6 wks pg. Oh, one other thing. Once I became out of breath walking up stairs that I walked up every day. I felt like when you've had the flu and you're better but something that requires a little extra exertion like walking up stairs makes you feel weak. That's what it was like, but it didn't last I didn't have any problems being out of breath that way for the rest of the pg.
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My very first sign

I have two sons - 12 and 11 years old - with which I REALLY new I was pregnant ... morning sickness and moodiness before I even missed a period.

But ... baby number 3 ... who is now 4 months old ...
I didn't know until I felt MOVEMENT around week 18!

I was on compounded hormones (thyroid, progesterone and estradial) prescribed by my homeopathic doctor because she said "you're in uterine and ovarian failure" ... "... you're going into early menopause." I was only 36! Well, early in June last year, I started getting heart palpitations so I quit the thyroid. Then I felt like I had "chronic" PMS so I quit the progesterone and estradial too ... and just didn't "feel like" going back on.
It was October 11 I felt that little squiggly/wiggly feeling low in my abdomen.
My midwife laughed through our whole first appointment. When we first heard the heartbeat I looked at my hubby and said, "Well, dear, it's not gas or WORMS! There's a heartbeat!"

I figured I had conceived about the same time I "felt like" going off the compounded hormones ... my body KNEW and that's the only way it could tell me. Oh, that, and I had a series of very WEIRD dreams ... I knew something was growing inside of me (because of what the dreams said) but I thought it was cancer or something awful ... never occured to me it was a BABY!

I was not planning another child ... and yes, I grieved the loss of my planned out future ... but now our whole family is SO in love with little Ian, we can't imagine life without him!
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With Bryce it was hotflashes.

With Tracy I was about a week late. And I had an extra test in my glove box.
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In all 6 pregnancies, I knew/suspected very early on because of the incredible fatigue...followed very shortly thereafter (before my missed periods) by a tingling pain in my breasts. That's about it...I've been mercifully spared very much in the way of digestive difficulties in any of my pregnancies.
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Originally Posted by KSlager
I was not planning another child ... and yes, I grieved the loss of my planned out future ... but now our whole family is SO in love with little Ian, we can't imagine life without him!
I know how that goes...except that I lost my planned out future long before Emma came along. I'd grieved my ideal family and truly believed I was only ever going to have ds...and now number three is actually on the way! It's still hard to believe.
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Missed period was the very first sign but when 6 weeks hit, look out!! I was bombarded with all of the symptoms.
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Each one has been different in the beginning...Dd1 I had no idea until I poas & was shocked, Dd2 I just had a feeling, nothing physical & one m/c in between, nothing, not even at 8 wks when I m/c. With this one, I've felt crampy like AF is going to show up any day & I'm slighty nauseated & definitely put off by smells AND I just realized that my dog is following me everywhere!!! I never would have picked up on that had I not read someone else's post about that - he won't leave my side! I've had horrible m/s with both term pregnancies, so I'm just waiting for that to begin.
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Originally Posted by its_our_family
And I had an extra test in my glove box.
:LOL this is where you store them? Mine is in my top dresser drawer
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