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Ok, so for those who do raw eggs in their smoothies do you ever get sick feelings? I just don't know what is gooing on. I get pasture raised eggs from my milk lady and I have tried 3 different sellers that she has available. Everytime I put the raw egg yolk in my smoothie about a couple hours later I feel sick and crampy (sorry TMI) after I use the bathroom once or twice I feel better. So my question is can the eggs all be bad that I've used? or is it more I can't digest eggs and maybe have an intolerance to them. I am leaning toward the intolerance especially since I suspect my daughter is having trouble digesting eggs (through my milk).
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Do you have trouble with other sulphur rich foods such as onion?
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Nope. Well, raw onions might give me a little gas, but not the sick feeling.
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I've used raw egg yolks from my farmer frequently. There have been one or two times that I have gotten a hard, bloated tummy from it. Mostly the first few times. For me, I assumed it was my body trying to heal more, because it seems to do that whenever I do something new that can be a healer or detoxifier. Like when I started with barleygreen and wheatgrass, etc., it did that for a day or two. I don't know, just something to keep in the back of your mind in case you want to keep at it, but it could also be your body reacting badly I suppose.

I'm interested in hearing more about your experaments, pilgrim.
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Do you have some sort of routines that help you get your food ready for the day? Can you give me examples of what all you do? thanks
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Hey ladies. This morning a nice young steer is meeting his maker and will find his way into our freezer. We're buying the whole steer so will be renting freezer space at the butcher's to keep most of it until we get around to eating it. The rancher is butchering one for himself as well and we will be getting all of his steer's organs and bones in exchange for some vegetables from our garden. The steer is grass fed except for the past month or so when it has been fattened on grain. in other news, we have had a forest fire only about five miles from our house, but it is now contained. My mom got some great pictures.
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gale force: I've been poking around your house website. The history in that house is amazing! It is really neat to read about what you know about that house. I will come back to it so I can see what you've added!

On another note, I made yogurt, and it is absolutely delicious!! My children actually preferred it to the organic storebought version. My son said it reminded him of vanilla ice cream!

And, still more... I have yellow summer squash, zucchini, and cucumbers coming out of my ears (well, not literally). What do you do with these veggies? I've been baking with the zucchini, frying the squash with onions, making quesadillas with the squash, and putting the cukes in sandwiches.
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memory maker: I'm another one who has seen improved energy levels from incorporating NT principles into my eating habits. I don't follow everything, but have still seen a big improvement in the last several months.

We eat lots of veggies, very moderate amounts of organic/grass fed meats (chicken, beef, and lamb), and use raw, grass fed milk for kefir and yogurt. I've tried to reduce the amount of sugars we eat (although, it seems like everyone and their sister wants us to eat more candy!), and am working at increasing the amount of sprouted grains we eat (to replace the non-sprouted ones we would usually eat).

I have found that I need to make changes very gradually, or my family (more specifically, my Dh) rebels, and want to go back to the old way of eating. If I just work at one or two things at a time, the changes seem to stick much better.
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What do you guys do for camping? We are going next weekend and I haven't a clue what to cook...hehe...4 nights/5 days....
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August thread?

Has anyone started this? I can't find it... Help!
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