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Poll Results: Was s/he?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 87% (119)
    Yes, very
  • 11% (15)
    Yes, but limited (at a certain age or in certain places)
  • 1% (2)
    Tolerated but not supportive
  • 0% (0)
    Tried to make you stop or otherwise inhibit you
136 Total Votes  
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My dh is awesome If the topic of formula or nursing come up he turns into quite the lactivist.

Recently we were at a HS graduation. DD was getting cranky and really wanted to nurse. I was was a tad bit unsure about nursing her in my seat because it was very cramped. I had a bunch of male relatives seated behind me. (I have always nip'd without abandon btw). I give dh an unsure look. He looks back at me that said "just nurse her, who cares". That was all the support I needed to nurse her confidently. Of course, my sister who was seated next to me scowled and said "Not right here!". She's easy to ignore though :LOL
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My dh said There is nothing more beautiful than seeing his children being nurished by their mommy. That makes a breast beautiful.
I think a pregnant woman is right up there though!
He so totally freaking rocks!
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Mine is totally supportive. I swear the man takes anything I say about childbearing/childrearing as gospel, you've got to love that! Before we started having children he had no opinion on anything baby related whatsoever. And since we have had the kids and I have shared with him the benefits of breastfeeding, or should I say the risks of not breastfeeding he is 100% supportive of it and confused and appalled by people who don't do it. I don't know if he thinks it is beautiful or anything like that, he has never expressed it to me in those terms, he just sees it as natural and right. And that chosing not to do it is un-natural and wrong and neglectful. LOL he's so cute

Same with homebirth and midwifery. He is so sold on it he is deeply against going to the hospital unless there are medical problems that can't be taken care of at home.
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Yep.. I brainwashed DS when I was pregnant - left articles for him, read him scary statistics about the risks of formula, and talked about BFing a ton. I was BF - all of my sibs were too, and that in the days when few BF (mom was given pills to dry up her milk but caused a ruckus by not taking them - go mom!). DH was FF from day 1, never had any liquid gold.

I think what really affected him though was seeing the joy and satisfaction that DS had when he anticipated nursing. To this day he gets this hysterical laugh when we ask him if he wants num nums. Seeing how healthy and happy he is, DH really encourages me to EN ... even though his mom is still questionable on the whole BFing thing!
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dh is suportive up to a certain age which keeps changing :LOL first it wa s 'you have to wean at 1 but now its not older than 2. DD is only 4m1ths so we'll see
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I voted "yes, very." My dh is all for it up until age four.
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My dh is very supportive of bf too, which is a good thing, since I've spent a small fortune on herbs, dom, pump rental, etc. to increase my supply. I've never made it past 7 months due to working before, but now that I'm a stay at home mom, I plan to see if I can make it to at least a year (hopefully longer).
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I checked yes, very- he is a lactivist too he takes every opportunity to educate and spread the word.

He does seem to think that children should naturally wean around 2-3 but we're working on that :LOL and so far he's taken my lead in his attitudes about nursing, homebirthing, etc so I think he'll end up being totally fine with CLW.
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I voted 'yes very', too. My DH is sometimes a bigger lactivist than me! LOL
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Yes, very.

I think if I had wanted to formula feed he would have had a cow! My MIL nursed 4 of her 5 kids for 2 years (the one she didn't nurse was dh and it was only because he wouldn't latch on and I guess they didn't have pumps back then) so it's very normal for him. He remembers (barely) his little sister nursing when she was already walking (he's 2 and half years older.)
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the Bio Idiot didn't care one way or another, just that it didn't cost us any $$

My DH on the other hand, is %100 behind me bfing when our next one *He adopted DD as his own so she's OURS* comes along, but is a teensy bit wierded out over CLW.

Of course, I have him converted to CD, HB, co sleeping, AP Babywearing and all that other stuff, CLW will be a piece of cake

It was funny, his dad was going on about how hard it will be for him to study with a newborn in the house keeping him up at all hours of the night.

He goes "Dad, We'll be co-sleeping and Mo will be nursing, Sleep deprivation won't be an issue"

FIL is like "Well during the day, the baby will cry"

DH is like "Look, I'll have more of a problem studying with a TODDLER in the house than a newborn"
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DH is very supportive, but was sad that he couldn't participate in feeding dd at first. So he gets me drinks and snacks when I'm nursing. The transitive property of bfing at work, I guess. :LOL I've promised that once I'm confident that she's completely mastered bfing and the risk of problems is low we can introduce a bottle so he can have a chance to feed her once or twice a week. He's really excited about it.

I think he's a little ambivalent about bfing past infancy, but will certainly follow my lead. I figure we'll keep it up for as long as both DD and I are happy with nursing. I have no doubt that he'll be supportive of that.
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Very supportive....I don't think it was so important to him, but he saw how important it was to me. When I had huge problems nursing my first, my dh's support was invaluable - I wouldn't have made it without him.

We have had some issues around nightweaning - when I just couldn't take the night nursing any more during my pregnancy, but couldn't take the crying either and would give in and nurse, dh got quite annoyed with me. He doesn't care how long I nurse ds, though - although I definitely want ds to wean sooner rather than later, dh thinks it's my body, my decision.
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DH has been very supportive. I don't think I could of gone this far (almost 16 months so far) with out him. No one in my family BF'd and no one in his family too, so we had no support from them.
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I feel very lucky that my dh is soo supportive of the cd, breastfeding and co~sleeping.......makes everything go smooth
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Yes, DH is supportive. He helped me when I pumped exclusively for 13 months and he adores that I can now nurse DS2. He thinks it's beautiful. We even agreed on CLW even if that means nursing a 9 yo.
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Dh has hesitated in his support for nursing an older nursling at times, but mostly he just brags on me.

A college friend who was in town came over the other day. He said, "if you want to be impressed with this chick, just watch her nurse both kids at once! She's amazing. "

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Yes, my DH is supportive, he realizes all the benefits of BF.
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I never would have been able to work through DD1's severe problems with nursing if my DH hadn't been so supportive. : I most certainly would not still be nursing her and her little sister, four years later!
He wasn't always this supportive. But when he saw the difference in our baby when she was on formula versus when she was on 100% breastmilk, it made a believer out of him. He's probably the most outspoken breastfeeding advocate I've ever met! I think his support and outspokenness (is that a word?) has helped the wives of his friends to breastfeed longer than they would have otherwise.
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Yes, very.

We also had problems in the beginning. DD was a tongue-thruster, and beat me bloody at her first nursing session post-partum. While I healed, we had to pump and feed her with the SNS. I pumped, DH would put the SNS together, and feed her with it hanging from the bill of his baseball cap. Wonderful!
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