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new pics

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The last few are funny boobie pics!
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She is absolutely gorgeous. All that hair. Picture number 42 looks like a three-month old.

And you, m'dear, are beautiful.
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What a sweet sweet babe! Lurking from november, because I just can't not see the newborns!

Just a note of caution though, please take out picture #10 for safety reasons. You can see my signature for more information.
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Shea is sooooo cute! and look at those toes?? awwwwww about the funny boob shots..I can't fathom your postion but then ..that's half the fun.

Congrats again, she's lovely and so are you!! Kitty
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she's too cute!!!

and i like the pics of big brother with a box on his head :LOL
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Wow Spark! I had no idea. I took it out. That's actually a pic that my son took lol... I had uploaded all of them and then was going to weed out the ones I didn't want or the ones that didn't turn out.

Thanks everyone for the compliments I think she's gorgeous too. It would be nice if Anne Geddes came to my door with a check but it's doubtful hehe!!!
Take care,
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Heheh.. the woman in the pics is my older sister and my neice and nephew :LOL
You can see how lovely (not) I look in the birthday pics :LOL
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she is so precious!! love the new ones sleeping w/ her head hanging back
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Hehe, my namesake is absolutely gorgeous :LOL And isn't it hilarious how babies sleep on their daddies?? All flopped out!
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Shea is just beautiful, Karen!! I'm totally stealing your idea of the kids' hands together, by the way--if I could just get them to both hold still :
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She is so adorable!
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