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Originally Posted by rcollar
Hi Traci!! I love your doll MT's!
Hey thanks Robyn!
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I ordered a reversible baby hawk last night Purple brocade on one side and the celestial mosaic on the other side. i cant wait!
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Thanks, Solange, for the awesome photos of your gorgeous MTs. Also, Robin thanks for posting the toddler pics. It is hard to judge with an infant. I swear add 20 lbs on a kid

I am sooo tempted. Besides the Babyfairies and the FH, I never find prints I like and I can definitely choose some here. I love the way the solid frames the print. It looks polished.

Ok, Robin or whoever else knows, I am curious the strap length and especially the width and body height and width. My friend and I were comparing the Babyfairies Pack Pack and FH MT and they were quite different. I emailed Robin already asking about shorter straps : I just hate super wide straps. I am a smaller person so the wide straps overwhelm me.

Thanks, mama, these looks awesome.
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This is from the site:

The BabyHawk Mei Tai's straps are 68 inches long and 3 3/4 inches wide. The bottom strap is one continuous piece of fabric, which offers the safest support for your baby. The body measures 16 inches by 20 inches

I emailed her about the waist strap and she said it is also 68 inches long (its one long strap on the bottom).

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ohh, thanks! I will have to measure myself. I ordered one, and I read the straps are a bit on the short side which is want. I am so excited. But oh so conflicted on pattern choice...
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*drools over the skull print*
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