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Anyone else have an acrobat baby?

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This is my first pregnancy, so I don't know how common this is, but my little guy seems to be moving constantly lately. He's been getting the hiccups a lot, but more than that it seems like he's squirming all the time. DH says it means he's going to be a little wild man -- God, I hope not!

Anyway I had read that in the last month or two you can still feel the baby move, but it's not quite as dramatic because he's so squished inside. This has not been my experience so far!
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I'm right there with you!! My little one has been more active every day it seems. Or, maybe she's getting bigger and stronger so I can feel the kicks more than I used to be able to. I don't know, but I have a mover and a shaker in there!!

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THis baby has been the most active of all my babies. My belly never seems to stop moving. I feel baby in my sleep even!
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With this baby it's too early to feel movement, but my first was, as one nurse put it, "a curtain climber" :LOL He squirmed around right through the second stage of labor - I mean even while pushing I could feel him kickin around in there! They really can move alot sometimes, less space in late pregnancy just means its more uncomfortable, at least that's what I found.
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Oh, I didn't realize this thread was from the august due date club. Well congrats and best wishes for positive birth experiences to you all!
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My babe is moving quite a bit as well. I think it is true that babies move less as they get cramped, but because there is less space and they are getting stronger by the day, we just notice it more. I mean, a couple months ago, most kicks were hardly noticeable, and now it is hard to miss any of them!

As far as amount of movement, I'd say that this baby is about the same as my first. Quite a bit, but not constantly. And he moves much less at night or hardly at all.
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This baby is almost constantly moving with a few nap breaks throughout the day. She seems to be more active than my daughter was but then again I may have just forgotten a lot from my last pregnancy.

I definately wouldn't say I'm feeling any less movement now compared to earlier in the pregnancy. But the movements are very different. It's more like body parts sticking out rand some shifting around rather than actual kicks and punches.
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This baby seems never to stop moving. Last night, she moved from front to back and seemed like she flipped all the night long.
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My Baby actually switched sides last week. He went from ROA to LOA, still head down. On the day he switched he was moving and stretching fromt he time I woke up until I went to bed. My muscles and ribs were so sore! Now he is putting pressure on my ribs which is SO uncomfortable!
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