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july 3rd - 9th... the weekly saga continues

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i thought i'd start the weekly a wee bit early - it's technically still july 2nd, but only for another hour and a few minutes...
like i have something better to do?? someplace else to be??
hah! i say to you.
still waiting for something really exciting to happen one of these days...
my parents are coming over for breakfast tomorrow before they leave town to drive back home. i almost feel guilty on some level, since the entire vacation was for the baby's birth, and my mom wanted to be available to help during and after. i guess she'll just have to do it long-distance. feh.
and my il's are out of town until - ? could be tuesday, could be next weekend - you never can tell. crazy retirees...
the one thing that has me a bit antsy is who will be available to care for the kids while we're birthing, and while i'm in the hospital if it isn't until after the holiday weekend. we really can't afford for dh to take much time off, if any, from work. aggh. here comes the stress again... fallin' on my head like a memoryyyyyyyyyy...
gads - i feel like i'm peeing on everyone else's parade over here, with my still-gestating self...
mamas, hug your new babes for me! i'm freakin' out!
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nanner, don't worry, we won't abandon you! No one's going anywhere til the last June baby is born.

I cannot wait to hear from all the mamas who went into labor seemingly at the same time in the last couple days. I loved how so many of us gave those last minute posts about being in labor, setting up the pool, leaving for the hospital, etc. It was so exciting to read.

ah, I really should be sleeping now so off to bed we go. Clare has been having good 3-4 hour stretches at night (all 2 nights of her life, lol) so hopefully that continues or I'll be from sleep deprivation. Nipples are a little sore already but I'm really being vigilant with expressing milk on them after she nurses, add some lansinoh and air dry for a few minutes - works wonders!

ok, see ya tomorrow.
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Ah nanner...now I have Annie Lennox stuck in my head :LOL
Today we're spending the day at a friend's pool, tomorrow grilling & catching some fireworks, Tuesday I'm taking the kids (that's so wierd to say) strawberry picking, Wednesday is rest day, Thursday Alex has off, we are all headed to the ocean for the day, Friday Alex's parents' are coming in for the weekend.

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Ah Emmy, don't u just love those folks??
Anyone heard from Sara??
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i'm here! i'm here! i posted this seperately, but i went into labor ON MY OWN!!!! no induction. unfortunately, the birth was everything i had planned on NOT doing. but i have to say at that point i didn't care. i am so glad to see that everyone seems to be having their babies! i am currently enjoying the postpartum emotional roller coaster. oh and a shout out to my DH who totally has stepped up to the role of MAN. he supported me through the birth when i chose things that i had not wanted before, helped bathe me, handled sanitary napkins with no embarassment, and wiped up bodily fluids from the floor. oh and he's totally great with the baby. ack, think i'm gonna cry again!!!! i told him yesterday that i have fallen in love with him all over again.

OK! i have to go post pics!
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.. 3 days postpartum...

Originally Posted by sinsaratea
oh and a shout out to my DH who totally has stepped up to the role of MAN. he supported me through the birth when i chose things that i had not wanted before, helped bathe me, handled sanitary napkins with no embarassment, and wiped up bodily fluids from the floor. oh and he's totally great with the baby. ack, think i'm gonna cry again!!!! i told him yesterday that i have fallen in love with him all over again.
Sara, there's nothing like going through a birth together to make you fall in love with your dh again. It's so intense and primal and afterwards you have this amazing baby that you created together...ok, now I'm going to cry. You two are off to a great start together as parents.

And I'm with you on the emotional rollercoaster. My dd had two things done to her during birth (internal fetal monitor on her scalp for the last hour to ensure she didn't have decels (which she did have for the last 15 minutes - down to 60's and 70's - and tube suctioning because she had aspirated so much blood from my abruption ) and I just had to weep about it this morning..thinking of her enduring those two things. I know I'm going to be saddened by these things more than anything else about the birth - which otherwise was completely natural - I just had wanted to protect her from any of that...

I'm so glad I have you guys to just unload on here about this stuff. I feel so raw right now and vulnerable emotionally. All normal, I suppose.

Thanks for listening. I'm really hoping to hear from Grace soon as I am worried that she also had a really long labor. Thinking of you, Grace...
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Pepper OMG congratulations! : Clare! I kept thinking of you while we were at camp!I knew you'd be a June momma! my DD had those leads on her head too. She had two bloody scabs for days after her birth! But I can say that she is fine now! I don't even think she remembers! :LOL DS never had a chance to have such things infact he was so fast that DH said he was purple and the doc said it was because he was out of my water for about a half hour before he was born! Thats fine with me as long as hes fine!
Night owl Congrats! How cool that was fast! all of sudden lots and lots of babies!

All the other laboring moms congrats and I hope your holding your babies right now! You leave for a few days and just look what happens!
DS is up and awake! It seems to be the second evening feeding he has a hard time with sleep! Hes in his bouncer seat or he crys! I don't want him to wake up DD! He did that one night and I had to try to talk a two year old back to bed! Last night we went grocery shopping at this time! I thought he'd fall asleep on the way NOPE!!! He was up the entire time looking all around the store! But it did help me yesterday afternoon! I didn't have to have that fight with DD that she couldn't go with me because brother needed to! (something that she ALWAYS has done!)

anyone elses babies bottoms super sore? I imagine the constant pooping is the cause! what creams do you use? Well its time for mr Nolan to be changed and nurse! At 130 we'll be sleeping!
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angel, I use weleda diaper cream.. works very well when elaina's bum gets red/bumpy.
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hi girls
havent caught up yet, just got home. our little BOY ! arrived 5.40 CET on saturday, 4.4 kg and 53 cm. it was natural start if labour and no pain drugs - acupuncture and laughing gas- but my contractions stopped after he crowned and they used oxytocin to start them again, anyways, it was panic, nasty, im have more stiches then a ragady ann doll, but he was healthy and fine!
will catch up soon!


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Not to freak everyone out, but A friend told me that a June momma had a still baby. Anyone know about that, or did I miss something??????????
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Nancy, congratulations!! What a doll he is
Your daughter is adorable, too

bama--I haven't heard about this, but I'm going now to take a tally....
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Congrats Nancy! He is adorable!
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congratulations nancy!!! your babies are both adorable!
nothing happening here so far, other than the odd bh, and a little bit of mucus passed yesterday, but nothing significant. i think i'm completely effaced now, though. just waiting for things to kick into gear. this is so weird for me - ds1 was 6 days postdate, but after 2 more births, and each susequently earlier, i was so sure i'd go early! here i am at 2 days past my revised date and it seems like i've just stalled at the gate.

we spent the day yesterday swimming and playing at my il's, then at a friend's where we ate and hung out and did fireworks - lots of fun. we didn't get home until almost midnight and even so, the kids were up at their usual 7 a.m. (!) there's just no way to get them to sleep in! :LOL
dh is currently napping some more in the bedroom and i'm just hanging out, hoping something will get going.

i'm starting to think the whole sex-as-a-precursor-to-labor thing is just some insidious lie a male doctor came up with after getting some giant payola from the partners of pregnant women...
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Well another night has gone by and....

Im STILL pregnant. Sigh. Im really getting depressed now. I have NOTHING to do. Im bored. Irritated. And upset. Can you tell?!? ITs the 4th.... everythings closed so I cant do anything I could want to do to get my mind of not having this baby yet. I dont want to work on cleaning the house. I just want to crawl back into bed close my eyes and forget about life for now. I cant even go see fireworks beacuse I cant be more than 15 minutes away from the house and dont dare risk getting stuck in traffic should my labor start. Part of me SO wants to go buy some castor oil and try that, but the otehr part of me wants to let this baby come when he wants. BUT even another part of me is afraid that he wont come on his own Ill have to be induced, and if that happens i dont get the homebirth Ive been working so hard to get arrainged AND I would ahve to go out of town to be induced since the Dr that works with my homebirth midwife is located in a different town.

WTH!?! I am now 8 days past due by ultrasound dateing at aprox 16weeks. Ive NEVER been more than 1 or 2 days past my due date. Im startign to worry.

~off to go pout~

Am i goign to end up being the last June mama to deliver? And Im not even a june mama now! ;(
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4 days postpartum


nancy! congrats, mama! your son is beautiful - love those cheeks. and your dd is beautiful, as well. hooray!!!!

NATURALBEAUTY, I went 9 days past so I feel your misery...you are doing such a great job of hanging in there - it won't be long now.

nanner, you too. Your baby is just waiting for just the right day to be born. SOON, BABY, SOON!!

I'm going to link to some personal birth pics for just a few days, though. they're really personal moments for me...can u tell I was happy to finally have the labor over and meet this little girl, lol!

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Lost in Baby Love Land...

..I just look and look and marvel and drink in her sweetness all day long. She smells so good and is so perfect and lovely. Isn't the babymoon the best?

Nanners and Natural Beauty: You two are my heroes. Patience vibes heading your way, as well as cervix-thinning and contraction-starting vibes as well.

Pepper: thank you for sharing those pictures of pure ecstacy with us. There is nothing like the absolute thrill of your first time holding your baby, while she's still purple from the incredible journey, and you still haven't birthed the placenta.

Congratulations to all the brand new mamas and happy birthday to all these precious new babies!
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pepper those pics are great

happy 4th all!
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Pepper, those pics are amazing....really amazing. :
Thank you for sharing them with us.
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I'm so upset I can't put pics of Nolan on here! My friend is coming today to help me figure out how to put some on here! She has offered to have me email them to her and set it all up but since shes coming here then maybe we can do it that way! Hes freakin cute! Of course so is my daughter!

OMG Nolan Justin slept last night through that horrid 1045 to 130am! I'm in love all over again with everything! (not that I didn't forget by the time he fell asleep at 130 anyway! ) DH kept him up from 730pm after I fed him until 930pm! He was so tired when I fed him at 930 I had to tickle his feet to get him to eat! But it was a payoff! Hes starting to be up during the hours the rest of us like!

Labor vibes to the remaining mommas! I just know that you will have your babies soon! The good news is everyday that goes by is getting you closer and closer to your baby! I know what you mean though! I was ready to pack Nolan's things up and store them because he was clearly not going to come! :LOL My MIL and husband thought that I had lost my mind! I was getting really discouraged and I wasn't really late! I had three due dates the 18 the 19 and the 20! I barely made it to the 22nd!

So everyone have a nice fourth? I went to my moms camp and took a short ride on her boat. It was fun! My mom watched Nolan and Ali was with my sister swimming! It felt strange to leave him even for a moment though! What if he was hungry! (or course I had just fed him! and it was about a ten minute ride! )

Well I have been putting the desitin on his butt and its looking about the same. His butt is bleeding! Its definitly from the frequency of his bowel movements! I can get it looking pretty good and then he poops! So today hes going to spend a little time nakey! Dangerous I know! But if my butt hurt like that i would want someone to do something about it!

Tomorrow is his well baby visit! I will see how fat he is and update! I hope everyone is doing great! Hope I can get some pics on here soon!
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is it possible for a baby to dis-engage??? i swear things are progressing backwards...
my cervix feels like it's lengthened, and closed more... am i hallucinating?
i wonder if i'm being punished for checking too much... :

trying not to get frustrated is getting really hard.
my house is back to being a mess, dh is back to work today, and i'm feeling low. not much else to report this morning... feh.
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