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wow jen! congratulations on madeline

and grace i don't think i checked in on titus' thread - nice job mama!!! - i love all the baby names everyone has come up with too!

i just have time to say hello quick before i have to jump in the shower - dd has gymnastics this morning, and i overslept... (i got up and all 3 of the kids were watching caillou )
no real action to report so far... i think i might go over to the il's later and walk on the treadmill for a while - it looks like it's going to storm, otherwise i'd just take everybody outside. the only 'different' thing this morning was a wet spot in my shorts... don't know if that really means anything or not. it wasn't huge, but bigger than my usual discharge (?!) tmi, i know :LOL ah well... i guess we'll find out, won't we!

i'll pop in again later - enjoy the morning!
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I understand about mourning a gender. Before we got preg, we didn't want to know the gender. But then we became like kids with a present that they couldn't open until christmas. a few days before the US i started crying and DH finally got me to admit that i was scared that i was going to react badly if she said "its a boy". i was sad because i knew i would love whatever i got, and i felt selfish for wanting a girl so bad. DH was very understanding though.

pepper- your pics are wonderful! thanks for reposting them!

mamas to be: hang in there!!!
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Good Morning Sweet Mamas

Jen - happy happy news! Congratulations on the birth of Madeline.

Sara - work hard at getting the bfing started, do everything you can, and then love yourself and your baby no matter the results. Babies grow on love, not just milk.

Mel - I know what you mean about grieving the one you expected. For me, with DS #2 I grieved him not being a girl; and, here's the funny thing, after raising two sons together, and delighting in the boyishness of my home, in their crazy antics and high energy, in their comraderie and buddy-ness, I so much wanted this one to be another boy to join in on the fun. But now that I have Alice in my arms, I am thrilled to have my daughter be my daughter!

On another note, a friend of mine who is a LC told me her favorite sociological/anthropological sounding name for the tribe consisting of all of our babies: THE TIT DWELLERS. :LOL
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Jen!!!! Congrats and welcome to the super=fast-drop the baby in dh's hands CLUB!! Hehehe!! I wouldn't trade it for anything!!

And I knew that I knew that ds was a boy. Dh called him a girl the whole preg!
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Congrats Jen!
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Thanks, everyone, for your thoughts and sharing about mourning a different gender -- it really helps! My husband's friends have been teasing him about "going for the girl" and I say "no way --- maybe." It truly is amazing how quickly you forget!

Thanks, too, for reposting your pics Pepper -- they are great! Cute hubby, too
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Hey mamas, quick post as I head out the door. Im on my way to the hospital. It doesnt look like Im getting my homebirth. The midwife called adn said that the bio-physical profile I had yesterday showed i have very low amiotic fluid. Havign a confirmation U/S done at the hospital and if it is indead low then they will induce me there. Im sure that is what will happen. Anyway, wish me luck and say a prayer that my baby will be born healthy no matter what kind of birth I get.

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Natural beauty...

...Prayers being said even now. Just get that baby out into the world of air and work through the birth later. Keep thinking of the sweetness in your arms that is awaiting you. A blessing on your birth.
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Barbara, LOVE the tit dwellers :
NB--sending you much love & easy birth vibes.
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Quick note! (Dh is home and he is chatty! :LOL )

Natural beauty congrats! I hope that you have your baby soon. I was induced with DD for low water and it was a much differant experience but it got me to my baby! Thats all that truly matters!

Sinserata, If I can get my five week old formula fed daughter to breastfeed you can do it! I let my milk dry up then brought it back! But even if you decide not to PP was right babies grow on love not just milk! But you can do it!

Just got back from Nolan's well baby. He is ten pounds now and 22inches long. Some how his head shrunk.....I think she measured it wrong. He is doing well. The doctor did mention trying to retract the foreskin but he asked me what I wanted to do. He gave me all my options, leave it alone, put some numbing agent on it and retract it now or wait to retract it later or retract it a little at a time........I chose to leave it alone.

Well I have to get going Justin is in a strange mood and hes chatty and yet complaining about EVERYTHING!!!! : So I am going to just save myself from pretending to listen while writing this! Hope to see some more babies on here next time I get on!
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6 days postpartum

Angel, you're so funny! What's that doctors problem with wanting to retract your sons penis??? Leave it alone! No need to retract. Ever. Some doctors can be so clueless.

NaturalBeauty, go, mama, go! I'll be thinking of you and hoping that your birth is everything you want it to be. Soon you'll be holding your precious baby

Obanana, keep posting your updates, ok? I also had lots of increased discharge in the days before my labor started. Keeping my fingers crossed that it's soon for you.

Grace, I couldn't sleep in the nights following Clare's birth either. Every time I woke up I kept going over the birth events. There's just so much to think about! I'm sleeping much better now, at 6 days postpartum.

Jen, CONGRATS on Madeline Sage!! YAY!! Welcome to the world baby girl I can't get over how many unplanned UC's this group had.

baby's fussin' gotta run!
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Go Nat Beauty!!
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Congratulations, Jen! Madeline Sage is a gorgeous name
Angel, good for you for telling the dr to leave it alone...if he needs numbing agent to do it, why on earth do it? I can't understand this obsession with baby boy's penises. Seriously. I can't begin to tell you how many random people ask us "so, did you have him snipped??" : (My reply, a horrified "ABSOLUTELY NOT!" What is wrong with people?? Leave it alone for pete's sake!

Grace, same here--I was on a total adreneline high for 3 or 4 days it seems. Then, CRASH.
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sorry, double post
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welllllll it's 3 a.m. and i can't sleep - i woke up to pee, and i've been having ctx about 6-8 mins. apart - they're feeling pretty strong - but not too intense. tried going back to bed, but i'm feeling too awake and my mind is wandering around.
*ooh - there's another one just a sec...
ok. :LOL
i just passed a little bit of pink-streaked mucus on my last trip to the bathroom, so maybe this is finally happening?! now i'm feeling like i need to mop my kitchen before my mil sees how icky it is... feeling like i should have gotten a lot more done yesterday - i was a basket case though.
i'm actually sort of hoping i can make it until this evening, although i kinda doubt it now - dh is going to miss too much work this week and end up with a negative paycheck - agh!!! i mean, i know it's completely not up to me when the babe decides she's ready - but man the stress... he told me last night that he just isn't getting enough hours this week because he's doing a ton of warranty work, which doesn't pay for crap. subtract child support and our insurance, and we're in the hole if he can't finish out the week. bleah. i so don't want anything to negatively color this birth - especially with all the anticipation of the last couple of weeks gone by...

well in any case, i think it may be a bit before i check in again - if i'm not on for a couple of days, you'll know why!
wish me luck - thanks for all the support! it means a lot to me with all this craziness
(i'm going to feel like such a doorknob if i'm still here later... :LOL )

**and jamie - i'll be thinking of you! hope everything is going well, mama!
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Good luck to Jamie and o'banana! I can't wait to hear what happened! elv's to you both.

oh, and congrats Nancy and Jen! Enjoy your babymoons!

It's so hard to keep up with this thread!
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Go Nanners Go! Go Beauty Go!

So happy to hear that our last babies are on their way into the arms of their very brave mamas! Can't wait to hear all the details.

re: foreskins...please please please, all mamas of intact boys, read the sticky warning on the circumcision page about never retracting, and how to handle every single office visit to warn doctors against retraction. Soemtimes they do it before you can tell them not to, so you have to have a set procedure of reminding them every time (before the diaper is removed) not to do it. As a mama of two intact boys, I can say that you will be very happy to know how to prevent what can be a painful (possibly infection-producing) procedure on your sweet babies.

Stepping down from soapbox...

On a more whiney note...my LAST meal is being brought in tonight . I've gotten used to these three weeks of pampering. The ladies from church have brought a huge and delicious meal every night, with enough leftovers to freeze for later. Now I guess I am going to have to start messing up my own kitchen with meal preps! (That, plus the fact that my mother bought me an industrial sized amount of sturdy paper plates and plastic forks and left me with the instructions that for a month, we were to eat on these and throw them away. Environmentally terrible, I know, but the cloth diapers must buy me some so-lazy-I'll use-disposable-plates points!). Clearly, now the real fun begins.

: : :

Does anyone else have a tit dweller who has fallen into the bad habit of slurping half way through a feeding? What can a mama do about that?
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Barbara, Cully does that slurping thing when he's getting bored/doesn't really want to nurse anymore. I pop him off burp him, and try again--if he's interested, he latches onfor real again, if he's not, he usually won't take it.

YAY Nanner! :

In recent news--Cully is going bald : He's lost almost all the hair on the top of his head, but still has it on the sides & back. It's too funny/cute, Alex wants to give him a combover til it grows back.
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Good grief, one more thing to say NO and be defensive and witchy about.......... :LOL
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And then there was one.....but not for long! This sounds like it could be the real thing, nanner! Sending you ~~ easy labor vibes ~~.

So, this is kind of sad that our very last June mama has gone into labor....ah, I'm a sap.

And Emmy is right about being pro-active with your boys' penis's (peni ? :LOL). Just a little "Please do not retract his penis or mess with it it any way." said in a firm voice is usually enough. Emmy, I think the horrified "NO!" to answer the question of if you've had him "snipped" : is great. People need to know how wrong circ'ing is and that it is NOT the norm anymore. /soapbox

Clare does a bit of that nurse for 5 minutes then slurp thing, too. Lift to burp is a great suggestion.

Barbara, how nice that you've had help with meals. That's wonderful! We've been buying ready made meals from our local market...cheese & spinach ravioli's, salads, bean/cheese burritos, cheese tortelini with marinara sauce.....YUM. I've had a craving for mashed potatoes, though, so I think I'm going to tackle that task in the coming days.

Well, I'm just so I better run. My mom is coming up today and staying for a week. Wish me luck and patience!
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