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Holy smokes!

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A pregnant friend and patient of mine, MDC name Cachet, and her family were due to arrive at my house for a cookout at 6. They showed up at 6:30, and she was having contractions!!!! She was supposedly due about two weeks from now. She thought it was just prelabor brought on by a lot of housework and weed pulling today. Both our MWs were way out of town at the time, so their apprentice checked her at 1 cm at 4:30. But she was at my house for about 20 minutes as ctx started getting really intense and then on top of each other! She got on her hands and knees on my back deck, then again in my kitchen, and then again in my front driveway. It was about 7 minutes to her house, and about 15 minutes after we got there, she birthed a beautiful baby girl!!!

MW got there about 40 minutes after the baby came.

It was an incredible awesome experience. It was cachet's first homebirth (her 3rd child) and she did it unassisted!!!

I came home tonight and said to DH, "Honey, we need to get our crap together!!" We just finally did some registering today for gifts. We have zero birth supplies. Tonight certainly lit a fire under my butt.
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Wow! How awesome! Congratulations Cachet!!!
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Wow, that's wonderful.

I don't know why but a few folks have said they think my baby will arrive early. Makes me a little nervous!!
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What a birth story! Welcome baby.
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Wow!! What an exciting evening!! CONGRATS, CACHET!! Happy Baby Moon to Her!!
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Wow, amazing! Congratulations to her!
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We went out yesterday and bought all of our supplies that we will need. I feel better that it is done now.

Congratulations to your friend!
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OK, OK, I'm ordering my birth kit Tuesday..... and getting the rest of my supplies today.

Congrats to cachet and to you! How awesome to witness a birth!
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How cool! Yeah, those little buggers are probably going to start popping sooner than we think....wonder who's going to be first in our group?
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