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MDC Flylady Group 11/17- 11/23

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Thus week we are in Zone 4: The Master Bedroom (November 17 - 23)

And I do have organizing and cleaning I need to do in there, lol.

HEy, hope you guys don't mind I altered the dates to match the flylady zone dates :-)
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Yes, our bedroom is in desperate need of attention!
I just need to find a place to put all of the clothes, or maybe get rid of some...
Today is my Weekly Home Blessing (it takes more than an hour, what with our VERY furry furkids leaving their hair everywhere), and not to sound like a loser, but I'm really looking forward to it!
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I loose it every weekend!
Last night I did tidy up the living room so that this morning I could dust and vacuum (which I did), and now I am mostly back on track.

Our bedroom needs desperate help- I still have three boxes to unpack from the move and all the stuff to hang up, as well as decluttering. Guess I better get on that!
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wow, I see we have had a mass exodus. Where is everyone??? LOL

Anyway, I have been flunking out in the bedroom this week. But my kitchen is staying pretty clean. Baby steps, lololol
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I'm so proud of myself today- ok I hvaen't gotten to the bedroom yet, but I did keep up on everything else today. I forgot to tell you that I made a really cook thing- it's one of those handled bins with all of my cleaning supplies. It works great and I don't have to search for stuff anymore.
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Yes, I've been a bit of a slacker in the bedroom this week, though I did Mon and Tues's missions, I just haven't been spending those 15 minutes in there that I need to!

Is anyone else working on their control journals? I'm trying!
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Ok I am NOT flying. Not at all. I think I may be tunneling under the pile of junk that is my home. I just seem to have a big problem with breaking things into baby steps. It is like I can't/won't do it if it seems too big and with the way my back feels at 32 weeks preggo it ALL seems too big!! But on the other hand I DO have the ability to worry about not having things ready for the baby. I need to add more routine to my day. I know that I have been feeling lost after my move and I need to let myself feel better but so far that isn't happening too much, a little bit though.

Anyway, we got a dishwasher so that will help with the kitchen tremendously I'm sure. We need to get the master bedroom cleaned out, we are all sleeping in another bedroom, right now. We will work on that this weekend. So I hope that it actually happens. Wish us luck. I say us because without dh it is NOT going to get done! LOL

Rebecca the unmotivated
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that control journal scared me way too much- how's it going for you?
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I think it was annais that was talking about control journals.

I do have one. Well a basic one. I have one with the zones and the jobs for each zone. I keep it in a 3 ring binder along with scrapbooked home project stuff. Like maintenance and cleaning stuff. Most of the pages are from magazines.

I did do the menu journal, but that was last year. I haven't kept up on it. I should do the menu journal again. I've been working for months on having a pantry. I have the garage set up with shelves for my extra food items. I try to keep at least one extra of everything we use so I never run out. And it's great for emergencies also.
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zone: bedroom

Haven't done zone cleaning this week, though I'd love to. I love the flinging old underwear task--one of my favorites. I'm going to do SOMETHING in my room when I get home tonight---it's actually in pretty good shape but I do need to declutte my closet, straighten my nightstand, dust the ceiling fan...etc. etc. etc.

all the best flybabies,
#1 edd 12/04/02 (give or take 2 weeks)
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so I didn't spend a single minute de-cluttering my bedroom this week.....BUT this is the first week in a long time that I did my daily chores each day. It's Friday and the house is relatively clean and that is a GREAT feeling! I just raked the front yard- something I haven't done yet this fall, and boy did it need it!
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Hey Khris, I see a new title by your name *snicker snicker*
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Ok, so I sucked this week. Good thing it's sunday and time for a new flylady zone!!! And my parents are coming out tomarrow for 5 count em 5 days. I think I will be needing a stiff drink by Thanksgiving, lol.

off to start our new thread for this week.
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