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hawaiian prints

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food(fruit, icecream,other sweets)
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My 2 favorite are dogs and sheep!
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My favourites are:
Dolphins/ Ocean themes
I also really love Celestial and Celtic themes
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sea creatures
farm animals (especially cows)
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It changes often. I really have fun getting things that my Braedon is into so that when I enjoy the FluffyMail when it arrives, he does too. It makes me happy to see him smile over fluff, LOL. I feel like Ive made his day buying him special diapers.

So, We've done

Wild Animals

and his new thing now is Trains and Trucks (Cuck-Bee Bee, Tain-Too Too), so Ill be on the lookout for trains and trucks, I guess.

I DO NOT do character themes, thats one thing I refuse!

ETA: Oops, for her I like girly things, anything pink will catch my eye since Ive had a boy for so long, I am really digging the pink since Ive been dressing and diapering a boy for so long, although I put pink girly things on him plenty, but this is different. Once she can express what she enjoys though, Ill get her diapers based on her likes as well, thats fun for me!
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gardening-themed, especially fruit salad/veggie platter
rainbow colorways
jungle animals
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Another Flamingo fan here! I wish I could find a flamingo diaper!!!

I also like GIRLY diapers with ducks, turtles, frogs, lizards, and bugs!
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Wow, lots of flamingo women! Cool!
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I don't know that I have a theme exactly ... but I LOVE the bright childrens prints ... and for Sky I seem to be zooming in on dragons, frogs and monkeys.

But on my fabric shelf ... well none of it would be there if I didn't love it.
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Pigs....I love pigs!!

Also Lady Bugs and Dragonflies.
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I love:

mommy/baby animals
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Dragonflies and butterflies

I'm dying for an embroidered unicorn diaper! Someday... I did order a custom unicorn print from calico baby. Can't wait!!
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Fairies and Unicorns
Celtic crosses/knots
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my favorite theme is whatever maya will let me put on her.

Usually that means something she likes to discuss, which at the moment is pirates and mermaids. Ladybugs are good, so is food.

any animals work (where are the eyes? where are your eyes? etc. so she lies still and keeps her hands occupied) and anything with a "find me the..." so varied prints, not just the same thing over and over, unless they're different colors (find me the purple ladybug...)

Before she had an opinion i was all about solid colors and stripes.
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3 of Moose's choosing~
bright/fun bugs

3 of his momma's choosing~
celtic art
realistic animals or insects
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guess i'm the odd mama out on this thread. i like

mod, abstract prints
big, bold florals
asian, inculding sushi

so, you can pretty much guess that i drool at mudpies regularly, huh?
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We have:

Sea Life (Dolphins, Whales, Octipus, Sea Turtles)
Asain (Sushi, Kanji, Fourtune cookie, Dragons, Asian Warriors)
Clasic Cars
Food (Hamburgers, Bacon and Eggs, Fruit, Veggies, Sushi, Tabasco)
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