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Do you 'know' when your baby is coming?

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With both of my past PGs I kind of 'knew' when the babes were coming - DD was due June 9th but I had a VERY strong feeling that she was a May baby (her BD is May 18th), with DS I was due April 16th, had a feeling that he would be early but didn't want him to come before April 1st (My SIL got married on March 30th)- he was born April 2nd, this time I really think she will be born the beginging of August even though I'm not due until the middle. Her middle name is after my great-aunt who died on August 7th and I have a very stong feeling that this babe's BD will be around that date. Am I the only weirdo?
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I have said since I was 10 weeks that this baby is coming around my Birthday (July 27).

With DD I said she was coming August 17th. My water broke at 2am on the 17th. She was born at 3pm.
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I'm due August 12th but I have a strong feeling he will be here sometime this month. I'm thinking around the 15th, but that's only because I really want to go to the midnight release of Harry Potter at the local bookstore!
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My babe is due 8/22, but I think it will be born on dd's birthday - 8/27.
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First baby was due 8/20. I knew she would be early and DH and both hoped for 8/13 (10 years to the day of our first kiss). Sure enough, I went into labot on 8/12 and had my dd 8/13 @ 4am. This baby is due 8/30 and I still think he will be early. My guess is either 8/19 (full moon, dd was born on the full moon as well) or 8/22 (22 is the only random lottery number that we use, we started buying a lottery ticket when dd was born so that feels right too.)

I am just hoping that he is not born on dd's b-day, hope he waits until 8/19 at the earliest, hope it's not on my birthday 8/25 and would prefer a Leo vs a Virgo...picky eh? I'lll take him whenever he decides to come!
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I've thought July 19th all along.. but my c-section is scheduled for the 28th. I'm due Aug. 2nd.
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not currently pg, but the title of your thread sucked me into the pg forums. :LOL i had a strong feeling that my second dd would be a pisces and be born before my birthday despite the fact that would mean she would be a decent amount early. she was due 4/11 and did indeed turn out to be a pisces (2/19 to 3/20) born before my birthday! she was born on the first day she was "allowed" to be born outside of the hospital! i'm just glad she waited that long.

good luck to all of you! in the home stretch now!!! i miss having a new baby around, enjoy it.
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I keep saying August 15th! LOL NO idea why...it just sounds like a 'good' date hehehe.
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I knew because there was water dripping down my legs! :LOL
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I keep thinking he may be earlier than my due date but it could be because dd was born earlier.
Then again I wasn't in labor with dd although I was progressing (she was a c-section because she was breech...long story, pm for it) and at 36.5 weeks I was dilated at 6cm.
But every pregnancy is different so you never know.
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i keep thinking that she will come 28th July (my EDD is 18 Aug, but i feel it is impossible not to deliver her this month)
why? i really don't know...
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Originally Posted by clavicula
i keep thinking that she will come 28th July (my EDD is 18 Aug, but i feel it is impossible not to deliver her this month)
why? i really don't know...
I'm getting that feeling too. It really doesn't feel like I'll make it to August, but that could just be wishful thinking too. That combined with the almost hourly BH contractions.
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I may be the only one... but I have NO IDEA when this baby will get here. I just hope I don't go past my due date because I'm already incredibly uncomfortable.
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I have no idea either. Aug 2 keeps jumping out at me (I'm due 8/16), but I don't know why. Some other dates I've thought of:

7/27 (it just looks cool...plus DD1 was born on the 27th of the month, too)
8/8 (my late grandma's b-day - and I just like the number repetition)
8/15 - my parents' anniversary

DD1 was 1 week early, and my only obvious "nesting" activity before I went into labor was to go out and buy post-pregnancy clothes, lol. i had no idea why I wanted to do that so badly....I figured it out that night.
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My first two daughters were born 5 weeks early and my third was born 4 weeks early. I'm not due until 8/27, but my OB just informed me last week that she is moving away after the last day of this month (my 36th week)... I'm hoping and thinking that I will probably go around then.... I've had three c-sections with low fluid on all three, hence the early delivery...

My fluid the last few weeks has been 18, then 13.5 and the last week it was 11. The "normal" range is 10-24, so they say. It's not dangerous unless it drops below 5, but tomorrow is my appt. and I bet it's dropped below 10....

I lost a pound last visit, but still have only gained 13 lbs. total. THis week I have eaten anything that was not nailed down or looked like it would bite me back first.

And I CANNOT stop cleaning.... I mean, to beat the band.... Last night everyone was in bed and I couldn't even walk past one silly, empty lonely cup sitting on a desk without whisking it away...

So, that is my logic for lower fluid... purely based on my cleaning skills... How is that for crazy?
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My ds was due May 4th. I kept on saying he would be born the last week of April. He arrived April 27th. This one is due Aug 27th. Since day one I have said this one will be early. Even my husband is convinced I am further along then they think am. I keep on hearing July in my head, we shall see.

My Doula asked me to give her a due date and then the date I thought the baby would be born on. She said usually moms seem to have a better idea.
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