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Stepping in to introduce myself

and to say best of luck to everyone.

Adina - you will be in my thoughs. Sending all the vibes I can to you honey.

I know a couple of the other names that I have seen here from The One Thread. Chiromama and Velveteen and Squeakermansmom and Polka. I had wondered where all you ladies ran off too!! Now I know. Lord I can't believe that I will be turning 30 this year. The very, very best of luck to you all.

Well, here's my story. We started ttc #3 when ds was 6 months old. And there you go. Nothing yet. I have only had 2 cycles this year. No PCOS. No endo. Have had some bloodwork done and am having the rest done next week. Hubby is doing an SA (after much talking and telling him that he can't possibly be sure that he *works* - his words) next week too. I stopped charting on FF because frankly it was depressing. I don't go to the One Thread very often because as incredibly happy I am when another woman get's pregnant sometimes it hurts alot too. I guess that makes me pretty selfish. The only thing I know about this cycle is that I should have started already, just not sure when. Took tests on the 15th and they were bfn. Breasts still hurt. Food still makes me sick to my stomach. Hubby gets paid Monday and I want to test but part of me knows that it's going to be bfn too.

So, there you go. I just want to become positive about this again. I just want some hope.

Keeping my fingers and toes and anything else that will cross...crossed for you ladies.
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Adina - I am thinking and hoping for you!!! Hoping all the remaining embys are strong, and that one or two implant and are sticky, sticky, sticky!!!!!! : : : : : :

Korin - Good news on the sperm count!!! Yay!!! I'm so hoping this cycle does it for you before you go to IVF!!!!!

May-lily - If sleeping in a warm room during the winter can alter temperature, sleeping with windows open could do it too . . . thinking of you!

Mamaharsh - So glad you stopped in!! Glad to see your pregnancy is progressing well!

Velvet - I hate the slooooow 2ww.

Polka - I have tested low on progesterone too (I think I last tested at 6 or 7 a year ago), although my lp is a good 14-15 days long. I recall Adina once saying that low progesterone is often related to weak ovulation, and a weak corpus luteum, so if you can address the strength of the ovulation you can increase the progesterone level. I've since moved to clomid (to ensure the strong ovulation) and haven't had my progestrone re-checked, but have asked for and been proscribed progesterone every cycle after IUI, just in case. Perhaps you can "bully" your doctor to prescribing it anyway - you are going to pay for it anyway, no?

Squeaker - Thinking of you taking one day at a time . . . . : : : :

Johanna - Sorry that you and Brett are going to be away from each other!! Happy that you are coming back to Washington! Hoping you get a + before you two separate!!!!

Sleepymama - Yay, yay, yay!!!!

No news for me - my weird polyp-surgery-induced af stopped on the day it was supposed to start. I'm not sure what cycle day I am, so I'm dusting off my ovulation monitor. dh's getting his antibody sperm test next week, so we can cross another thing on our list. And, we are going on our vacation for two weeks, staying home, and getting jiggy when the monitor tells us too. Send us good thoughts!!!!
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Justice Hi, welcome to the thread! I hope your stay here isnt too long. You're not selfish to feel hurt when you see others get a BFP, just human. When I found out my sister was accidentally pregnant I was, to put it mildly green with envy and even a little angry with her, like she planned it or something, nothing could be further from the truth.

: that you'll get a BFP soon
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Howdy ladies...

I updated my blog - the Adventures in Conception linky in my siggy. I am too tired to type it all out again....so I am gonna go nap.

Be back later.
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cd 9

Hi Justice & Congrats on the no-smoking !
8 yr over here no puffing...
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Hi Justice - we must have cross-posted! Welcome to the very best thread around!!! No, you aren't selfish. I don't post on the One Thread anymore either - I was happy for the women who got pregnant, but felt like I couldn't relate to the ease at which pregnancy came for them. It's a much more understanding forum here.

Update on SA for dh - - when we went to our RE at Virginia Mason, they needed a "denial of care" letter from our health care provider - even though our health care provider does not provide ANY fertility coverage. Seems that they need one for dh too, before they will do ANY testing, even if our health care provider doesn't have an anti-body sperm test and their lab has never actually heard of one. The problem is, our doctor doesn't know how to get a "denial of care" letter for a test which, according to our health care provider, doesn't even exist. : And, even if we can get the letter, there's no guarantee when it will arrive - next week, next month.

Sooooo . . . we may be going down to Portland to Korin's RE for this stupid itty-bitty test. They don't need the letter, and Portland would be a nice change of scenery.
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Wow, Adina. I have a question...what happens if all 3 transfers stick??

Waiting4 - Insurance Companies SUCK....spoken from my experience in the Insurance Industry during life prior to my ds! I am sorry that they are giving you such a run around. s

Polka - Congrats on not smoking for 8 YEARS WOW. I am still taking it one day at a time and it's probably the hardest thing that I have ever done. I never thought that it would be this hard to quit.

Thanks for the welcome!!! Thanks for not thinking me a selfish B***h, Annie!
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Justice - Yeah, the health care insurance process does suck. And, I'm sure everyone in it is just as frustrated as the rest of us. I can't count how many times I was apologized to today as this stupid process was explained to me!

Oh, and congratulations on being smoke-free!! That has got to be one of the hardest habits to kick. I've never been a smoker but my wonderful grandmother is. She's a tough bird and can do anything she puts her mind to, but she can't seem to kick this.
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W4B I hope you can come down and spend the night... we'll do dinner at Ya Hala and everything! And... I think the bathroom will be finished some time soon! (heck, a girl can dream, right?)

I just picked up all my IVF meds... Off to post in my LJ about all the feelings it brought up. lucky me!
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We will burn the bridge of all three transfers sticking if we get there. Don't want to stress about something that likely will not happen.
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When it comes to the selective reduction question... Ry and I discussed it, we know what we would do. It's so unlikely that you'll end up with 3 sticky embies.... so it's kind of a lesson in futility. But Adina is right. No use stressing about something so unlikely. As long as you have a general idea of how you feel about selective reduction, you're good.
For now... we just hope for good embies tomorrow morning!! And hope that they only transfer two.. and the other two are good for freezing.
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Originally Posted by chiromama
For now... we just hope for good embies tomorrow morning!! And hope that they only transfer two.. and the other two are good for freezing.
: : : :
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Nothing but good wishes for all of you! Good luck tomorrow Adina!! :
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Thanks so much!

Crap I am sooo tired. I am actually looking forward to lying around for five days.
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Originally Posted by AdinaL
Thanks so much!

Crap I am sooo tired. I am actually looking forward to lying around for five days.

I read your blog -
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Well ladies this is it, I'm off on my vacation, which is really dh's trip and I'm just along to not be away from him...I mean, 3 1/2 weeks visitng old friends and family in the mid-west is not my idea of excitement (did I mention I grew up in the south of France? I'm spoiled) but oh well...I miss you guys and my kitty already!

Korin and Adina: I'll be sending extra hugs from the road.

When I come back I hope to see lots of bfp's and add mine to the list!

many hugs

ps: my temp finally went up but I am refusing to beleive I only just o'd...I've had sticky cm for 3 days...maybe it's implantation!
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Good luck today Adina!!!
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Thread Starter 
Good luck, Adina!

Tomorrow I go in for a progesterone check. I'm also hoping they have the results of DH's SA from Friday. . .we'll see.

Not holding out any hope for this month.
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All four made it!

So two are in me, and two are being frozen.

And now......

I wait.
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Woohoo!!!! That's great news!!!! I have everything crossed for you and I'm sending tons of baby dust your way!
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