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Oh Adina how exciting. I will be : for you.
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Adina - : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :
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Great news Adina! :
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I am so excitedly hopeful for you honey! 8/11 cannot come soon enough.

(breathe, ST, breathe)
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Sweet!!! I am so excited, I can hardly stand it! :
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There are now pics of the little embryos/blastocysts up on my blog...:LOL

I am trying to think of them as really early baby pictures. :
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They are the prettiest I have ever seen! Nothing but good thoughts for you! Still crossing everything!:

: to everyone else. Things here are slow and tiring and sad with dh away. My parents are being wonderful for a change but it's tiring having ppl here, especially having AF. I kind of hope I O late so dh will be home! We finally got to talk to him last night and it was such a relief. So all my hope this month is for you all! :
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Crikey! Those pix made me a little teary.
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Those are awesome! : for ya
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I am balling!!!! I have everyone in my house (and I have company!!!) crossing their fingers for you Adina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What purty babies!!
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Adina.... wow
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I'm so glad I popped my head in here! Adina, how exciting!!!! I'm crossing all fingers and toes and saying extra prayers for you.
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After a very intensely crazy afternoon, I discovered that the VA is sending me on a consult with a bona-fide infertility clinic at a really good teaching hospital!! I'm so jazzed! If anyone is interested in the whole rigamarole, it's in my blog

WARNING:I'm new to this blog thing so it's kinda long and disjointed.
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Jamie, I really hope this place is great and that you get the answers you need :
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I am in a small state of shock. I got not one but 3 tests this afternoon. Please say a little prayer this little one sticks. I am in CA visiting my parents so I will go in to my midwife that I love tomorrow for a beta and progesterone count. Holy cow, this better be for real this time. Last night I dreamt I got a positive, thought I was dreaming in the dream and then convinced myself in the dream I was awake. I decided to test since I havent spotted at all this cycle and I usually do by now and I couldnt eat the dinner I cooked because I saw the meat raw. With my sons I had severe meat adversions. OMG
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Heather that is wonderful news! Sending sticky vibes your way!

Oh my gosh we are going to have alot of graduates from this thread this month it seems!!! Whoo HOO!!!!
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heather and adina, : !

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Oh WOW! Congratulations Heather!!!

I'll say a prayer for you for a healthy, sticky baby.

Welcome Justice - i remember you from the One thread. i hope your stay here is short and sweet.

jamie - great news, good luck with your new RE!
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This morning the line was a tad darker I decided just to go with it and say I am officially pregnant. I would rather be thrilled now and have to deal with it if something happens then to be worried and apprehensive. I want that = baby naiveness back.
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