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Heather - Congratulations!! Enjoy every minute and bask in the fact that you have a baby growing inside of you right now. Many blessing and sticky thoughts coming your way! :
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Heather, great news! Congrats and really, truly enjoy what you are feeling right now!

Adina, fingers, toes and everything crossed for you, my friend.

As for us, we got the SA results back yesterday and just as I suspected, they weren't that great. They weren't horrible, but they weren't very good either. And, they found bacteria . We have family in from out of town so we haven't even been able to discuss this like normal people.

I truly think the RE is going to recommend donor sperm. I just don't know how DH will feel about that.
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Heather that rocks! Major sticky vibes!!!

Ary - what kind of bacteria??? did they suggest antibiotics?

Day two of bedrest, already finished Harry Potter.....sigh,this is gonna bea long week.
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congrats heather! : : : : :

ary, I too wonder if they'll offer antibiotics. Sorry for the dismal diagnosis, but I'll hope for a good answer.

Adina, you're finished already! Sweet! now we can talk about it!
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Delurking to say:


And sending about 20 million pounds of baby dust to Adina: (That must be a BIG fairy!)

We're in Mobile (been here a week) and things are hectic and crazy. So much so that I haven't been thinking about TTC at all! Yay for small favors. Anyway, I'd say we're probably pretty close to starting the adoption process, if things keep going the way they're going... especially since I don't have nearly the access to alternative health care here as I had in Toronto.
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Ah yes, adding to the romantic ttc mixture of bad porn and vaginal ultrasounds is mysterious bacteria lurking in my beloved's nether regions. MY doc was the one who signed for the SA, so we just got results but not any type of diagnosis. I have a list of docs for my DH to call first thing the morning. He works in cubicleville a la Office Space and has zero privacy so he's all flustered about trying to schedule the appointment. It will have to be from the car on the way to catch them when they are open and when he is alone. Needless to say, he is also anxious to get proper medication.

I wanna scream I tell ya
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ary - sorry about the s/a results......if it's an infection, maybe they can treat it with antibiotics and the s/a will improve. didn't you say you we're going to have that DNA fragmentation test done??? did you get results of that?

heather, oh how i long for that baby naivety that i had with ds.......how do i get that back? overall i feel like i'm a pretty optimistic person, but i can't help but feel apprehensive. i really wish i could shake it. i am really trying to think nothing but good thoughts about a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy, but it's like these 'what if things turn out like last pregnancy' thoughts creep in. even when i tell people that i'm pregnant i tend to preface it with, 'we're pregnant, but b/c of our history, we're 'cautiously optimistic'. i feel like if people get too excited for me, it might ruin things. i mean how ridiculous is that. really, if any of you with previous losses have any words of wisdom for me i would love to hear it.
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Jodi...right there with you. After all this time - I have no reason to believe that this is going to work any better than anything else. I keep telling people not to jinx it! :LOL
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thanks adina, it's nice to know i'm not the only one with those thoughts.
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I have no words of wisdom regarding feeling aprehensive. I feel pretty hopeful at this point about our upcoming IV.... however, it's how I feel today, and have no clue how i'll feel when it finally happens. I tend toward hopefullness, and optimism. When I get really negative and pessamistic it just doesn't work well for me. It's funny, cause when it comes to good things happening for me, I don't even tend toward 'cautious optimism'. I'm either optimistic, or not. Even with the infertility. Weird, I know.
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Congratulation Heather! Yippee!

Jodi - I totally understand where you are coming from. My previous loss was at 12 weeks, so I was pretty much freaked out the entire first trimester this time. I am only just now (at 25 weeks) beginning to think we'll have a baby at the end of this. I just tried to keep busy and not think about it. And I KWYM about telling people. We didn't tell many because I felt like if I told anyone it wouldn't work out. (Probably because I had just told a ton of people a couple of days before we found out there was no heartbeat last time).

Hang in there!
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Jodi I am feeling the same exact way. I keep saying I am going to enjoy it this time and assume for the best, but its always there nagging at me. I'm trying. How are you feeling?
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Congrats Heather and Jodi! If it makes you feel less alone, I am 31 weeks along and there are people that still don't know that I'm pregnant. Meaning friends, colleagues and family members. I also practice avoidance sometimes when I bump into people on the street, for example and they start talking about my pregnancy. I have been known to actually ignore them when they motion to my big ole belly and continue on with the conversation "normally". :LOL

Ary, sorry to hear about the SA results. You are such a witty writer- do you know that?
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YAY Heather!!!! and more for Jodi and Adina

For those of you, pg, there was a woman at our synagogue who didn't want people to know so she walked around at a wedding holding a glass of wine and acting like she was drinking it. No one suspected a thing! Another lady, who just had twin girls (her 5th and 6th) wore ponchos and sweaters to hide her pregnancy. Then she showed up to a party one evening and there was no way she could hide it.

For me, I had my lesson in injections today and now I'm just waiting to start AF. I am nervous as heck and DH didn't help last night when he was reading the consent forms and kept asking, "did you read this?!?!" I'm honestly freaked about the injections. I know that once I do the first one it will be fine. It is just the whole not-knowing how it'll feel that is getting me.

to all!
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It is pretty easy. Once you get over the whole initial idea of stabbing yourself...it is pretty chill. A little pinch but not much more than that. It is nerve wracking to do the first one, but once you realize that the needle is really fine, it gets easier.
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Adina hang in there, I know you must be bored but it will all be worth it, I just have good feelings about this for you

Ary I am sorry your results are not what you hoped for s:

s: to everyone else right now too! I am taking this month off as dh will not be here when I O so what is the point, I decided not to even temp as I will be away for almost 2 weeks and I am sure it will be all messed up!
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Oh my goodness, I have missed so much. When I finally figured out I wasn't being notified, about three pages had gone by! I've just finished reading.

Adina, lots of baby thoughts your way during your wait!

Mamaharsh, its great that you stopped by! I am so happy for you.

Heather, congrats!! Oh my goodness! Tons of sticky baby dust!

Lexi, so your considering adoption? How cool! Please keep me posted.

Ary, that is maddening as about the bacteria. Do they feel that this has been an on-going issue?

I'm CD 2 which stinks. I've discovered that AF is really not as hard for me as being about 1week into the 2ww. By then I start feeling discouraged, like it will never happen if I have no symptoms. And basically, I've been symptomless the last few months. I can't decide which is worse, not feeling like there is a chance, or feeling like there IS and being disappointed.

I was sitting by two young mothers at a study group. They are discussing the spacing of their next child, as they both have infants. I just wanted to scream "Do you realize how lucky you are to DECIDE that?" Then the woman turns to me and says "So, would you have had more children if you could have?" I did not participate in the conversation, I was just in the area. I was dumbfounded and speechless. I am sure she meant no harm, but it was hurtful. They don't know about my IF problem, so what gives? Did they look at my son and think, well, he's 5 so obviously she doesn't want any more?
The day stunk.

I'm rallying though, 'cuz guess what? I'm going to NEW YORK on Thursday! Only for four days, and only for a wedding, but still! I can't wait to see Manhattan since the wedding is in downtown Manhattan. It's my Dh's relatives and we are staying with them.
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I can really relate to how everyone feels. My ds (he's 2) was a surprise baby after about 4 years of trying and now this. We have been trying since he was 6 months old...nada. I just don't understand why my body is so defiant about this. I just don't understand.

Ary, I am sorry about the results of your husband's s/a. Hopefully with treatment things will be better for him.

Heather - Yeah!!!!! Congratulations sweetie! Sending tons of babydust your way!

Adina - Bedrest sucks! But, atleast it's for a great reason!

Velveteen - I don't think most people are equipped with that gate between their brain and their mouth...therefore have no control over what comes out of their mouth.

As for me, I tested Sat and it was BFN. I want to say that it's ok and that I knew it was going to be a bfn.....but it's not and I just sat down and cried and cried. I just don't get it. I am 3 weeks late (or somewhere around there) and I seriously don't want another 5 month cycle. I just don't get it.
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