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Good morning, ladies!

I am up and ready for an exciting day filled with root canals and a Wiggles Live! show. Hmmmm. . .which will require more drugs? I filled out the ten pages of fertility history needed for the RE last night. I also copied the medical record release forms so I can paper the town with them collecting our exciting reproductive history from the highly trained team of specialists who up to this date have shrugged their shoulders and said, "Uh, we dunno what's wrong with you cats. Weird, huh?"

Speaking of cats, I have an excitable one behind me as I type shredding the aforementioned medical release forms. I'm actually ok with them being slightly tattered. It seems only appropriate as we nervously and reluctantly plan our re-entry into the world of infertility medicine.

DH will be seeing Dr. J (no, not *that* Dr. J) on Monday who will hopefully hone in on the source of the mysterious funk and at least knock out one of our problems with a dose of antibiotics. Then the count down is on until we go back to see Dr. W, the amazingly professional, sympathetic and smokin hot RE.
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Hello all!!! I hope that everyone is having a good day (so far!!) It seems that I am no cd 53 or 54 (who knows). I think I have said this before, I am going for my bloodwork this morning - after putting it off yet again on Tuesday. I am pretty excited though. Maybe she will be able to tell me where my AF is. Also, I orders some OPKs off the internet. Just getting ready. I can't seem to get back into the swing of temping again. Need to work on that! My cm isn't reliable. It seems that I have EW EVERY STINKING DAY. Soooo, that is me and my freaky little self!

Ary, Good luck with Dr. J!!! and the dentist.....and the wiggles....
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Don't you love the RE forms....they are like a small autobiography. : And the best part is, they will ask you the same questions in the consult. :LOL

Waiting waiting waiting.....nothing new here...other than the freaky ass dreams....wonder which drug causes those?
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I got my betas back yesterday. My hcg was at 66, not too shabby for 11 dpo. But my progesterone was 25! Yep 25 My levels with the m/c's were never in the double digits! My cousin was with me in the car when I talked to the doctor and I just started crying my head off. LOL, she now knows.
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Heather, hooray!!! Congratulations!!! 66 at 11dpo is just fine, I think I was 85 at 13dpo with this one so you are looking gooood. And 25 progesterone? Holy moley, that's fantastic. Bring on the morning sickness (just kidding!)

I can also relate to your wishing for baby naivete, Jodi too. I just had a realization the other day (at 12 weeks) that HOLY SH** I AM GOING TO HAVE A BABY. Until now it hasn't felt real at all , I keep feeling like I am going to lose it at any minute. I am still having a lot of trouble with anxiety and nightmares and insomnia, and hoping that the drugs I'm on for the depression & PTSD aren't messing the butterfly up too much...

Much to Adina! The April due date club is going to be filled with 30+ TTC grads hooray!!!! I'm sending all my nausea your way...really...I'm just about done with it. Enjoy! :LOL I'm going to say it's the progesterone causing the freaky dreams. Mine really cranked up in intensity when I started the supplements. Yay.

And Ary, wouldn't it be great if a mega dose of zythromax or something was all it took? I hope your treatment is short and sweet.
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Originally Posted by Sleepymama
Much to Adina! The April due date club is going to be filled with 30+ TTC grads hooray!!!!

SHHHHH!!!!!! No jinxing me!!!!!!
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Well then, I meant Jodi and Heather, not you of course.

Positive thinking though, you know...
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Great numbers Heather!

I'm having a craptastic week. Yesterday I had my car broken into and my laptop stolen. Had tons of business and personal info on it.. so now I'm doing damage control, desperately trying to find out which insurance policy will cover it, and also shopping for a new computer. Adina's hubby was over for dinner last night.. looks like he's convinced me to buy a Mac!
Otherwise, nothing exciting to report. haha.
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Chiromama- YIKES : !!
Craptastic is not the word I'd be using

I LOVE MACS & always had them for yrs until... GASP, : I fell over to the Microsoft DARK side : b/c at the time I needed a new puter & that's all I could afford...

I cannot wait to afford a MAC again.... you go Steve Jobs (Mac/APPLE founder)

I have so much to say about the appt with the RE Tuesday but I'm fighting off a little Gremlin (DS) whil-le tryiong to type=]
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Yay Heather!!! A lot of heading your way.

Not much here...just waiting to get my progesterone rx filled and delivered. Stupid pharmacy guy couldn't read it and apparently no one at the doctor's office knows what he prescribed. Yeah, right. So they had to wait for him to call back. I went to another pharmacy and instead and am just waiting for the delivery.

DH and I are having debates over genetic testing. The doctor gave us the info on it. I say we don't need it and can't afford it right now. DH says there was a reason the doctor recommended it. DH talked to a friend who is also a doctor and he said don't do it. I don't have anything in my family and DH's brother has CP but they had testing done when he was diagnosed and it wasn't genetic.

It also led into a discussion about how invasive we want to go with prenatal testing. :LOL That was a fun conversation. I guess he is starting to realize how natural I want to be.

I heard amazing news today that is just so hopeful for all of us TTCers...a friend has been TTC for over a year and went through the tesing and Clomid and all that jazz. She was supposed to start injectibles with IUI and went out and bought everything then she found out she's pregnant all on her own! I just love hearing this kind of thing because it really makes me hopeful.

to all!
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Hi everyone!

Well, I haven't posted here in what seems like a very long time, but I read your stories every day. Since I am in the 30+ category, and I just read mimid's post about liking to hear good stories, I thought I'd share the news that I am pregnant too!!! :LOL

We confirmed it yesterday with a beta in the 40s, 14dpo. As you probably know, this month we did GonalF, a hcg trigger and IUI - all were a first after 3 months on clomid only.

I'm still in shock and can't wait to see what happens over here in the future!

love to you all, and lots of :
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Celesterra! I am so very happy for you! Congrats on your pos! We seem to have had a flurry of good news around here. It's nice to have some graduates.

I, however, am not one of them, and i'm okay with it as I knew realistically this was a bum month for us. CD1 over here, but gathering up oodles of materials for DH to take to his appointment on Monday.

Congratulations, I really am happy for you. We were cycle buds there for a while.

Shouldn't I be cleaning my house???
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Celesterra! And muchos for you, too!

Miriam -- we've had those talks too (about gentic testing). Luckily we're on the same page: no invasive tests. M does want an ultrasound, which I'd be more than happy to forgo, but I'm willing to give him one for peace of mind. But we'll see if/ when it happens....
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Congratulations celesterra!!!! Lot's of sticky vibes coming your way.

adina - about the dreams.....i agree with sleepymama i think its the progesterone.....the wild, vivid dreams that i had with this cycle is what tempted me to test. last night was another wild night of dreams......

nothing new here....about 6 weeks now.....planning an u/s next week. just taking it one day at a time, allowing myself to get excited about the pregnancy and really trying to visualize all good thoughts. not that it works all the time, but it does seem to be working.

to all of you!
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OMG, wonderful to see the bfps around here!!! Congrats, Ladies!!!!!

I'm a little absent here. Just got into WA Wednesday morning and have been spending a lot of time doing this and that. Brett's leaving Saturday evening for Sitka and I won't see him again for 3.5 months.

My body has been mean to me. Of course I have all the symptoms of pregnancy but they all can be due to the clomid. Had funny shadows on my FRERs (but pink shadows). Made an appointment with my midwife for some more definite testing. Was starting to get hopeful when I started spotting today. But it stopped. I'm just counting on starting again within the next day or two. What a way to spend part of my night out with the husband. Unexpected blood. yay :

So, if I disappear just know I'm off sulking about the end of the TTC for a LONG time and maybe a little scared about my TTC future as we can't afford to tackle ART (not even testing) or adoption. No help my weight is up even more and I had to move to a bigger pants size. Very frustrated. Sad too. Just feel like I'm getting bowled over. GRAR! So, Just tired, just grumpy and hubby is calling me to bed. Last night with him too. Wanna snuggle.

So if I don't talk to any of you soon know I'm thinking about you all and wishing wonderful conceptions/pregnancies/babies for you all... Bye for now.
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cd 17 & 6 dpo (?)

Jodi, Heather & Celesterra - WOOHOO : :
about time we have some BFNs

Johanna - ((((((((((hugs))))))))))))

How's everyone else? ...

I still have to write about the RE's appt. . Boy, theu all think I'm really pushing it agewise : - not really positive there
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(((((((Johanna)))))))))) I'm here if you need me.

Polka.. Are you planning on writing up your whole appt? cause we're allcurious.
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