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for the playroom we have changed gears. we have this retro yellow chandelier thing with big flowers around it that the centers are yellow and orange. plus we were giving my FIL old yellow plaid sofa that has a sleeper bed in it. So we have decided that we should do a beatles yellow submarine playroom as Jewely really like submarines.

when this will actually be completed I am not quite sure (if ever)

I'd really like to paint a giant yellow submarine on the wall. i just have to find someone talented enought o paint that.

mrs.moe i like your room. it is warm and it looks just like a nursery in a magazine.

erin i think both rooms sound beautiful.

jayayenay i think the lamp is awesome
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No nursery here either. We recycled an old dresser, with new light blue paint for a changing station/clothing storage. We are borrowing a bassinet to go next to bed, and getting a rocker from my mom. This stuff will all go in our room. We are just playing it by ear. If we do decide to get a crib down the road, it will probably be in our room.
My mom keeps asking about doing this and that in the nursery, but I keep telling her there won't be one. She says things like, well not now, but you will want one soon. I don't really want my baby sleeping alone for one, and I just can't imagine walking all the way to the other end of the house to breastfeed in the middle of the night!
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I had my baby (yay!) on Labor day, but my nursery isn't done yet. That's fine, since it's just baby storage anyway, but I asked DH to have it done as my Christmas present. So it'll be awhile before you get pics of mine...
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Dont be frightened by all the pink! LOL HAHAHA This is actually not a real room, it's the retreat off of my bedroom (for some reason all these houses have little rooms with extra wide walkway off of the master bedrooms). When she gets older we will just turn it into a real room with a door. LOL She'll sleep with us at night anyways but for naps, I need the crib as I have a hyper 3 y/o son and 2 dogs. LOL

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v1...sroomdone3.jpg (you can see here how it goes into my room)

We still need to get new sheers as those ones were labeled wrong and are too short and we need to add handles to the armoire/wardrobe thingy. Oh and I have a hamper coming. LOL
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Our new one will have an enchanted forest type theme! I've got fairies hanging from the window as a valance, homemade cloth butterflies hanging from the ceiling, I'm stenciling shadows of mythical creatures as a ceiling border, and we're making a make shift tree with x-mas lights shining through. As she gets older we found a great old trunk we're refinishing for dress up outfits and old halloween costumes for all the kids. It's all quite an ordeal but after two boys I'm overly excited about a girly fantasy room . She's also going to be sleeping with us for the first few months, but I think it will be a great rom to play in!
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