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July 4th - 10th Weekly Chat

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Hi all, Happy Independence Day. Just a quick message to get the weekly chat started. We had a good day, barbecued at the in-laws. DS had a blast with his cousins and some other kids that were there in a little kiddie pool they had. He was in that pool almost all day, luckily it mostly in the shade. I am wiped out, but it was a good day. Hope everyone's day was good.
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Happy Independence Day to my Southern neighbours..hope you enjoyed your day!

Having a lot of trouble with my oldest daughter who is 14...it is really hard trying to raise kids when one parent plays against the other(referring to my ex) :

Anyway it's really stressful here and I am finding it's really hard to concentrate on this baby...I feel like this baby is getting ripped off because I spent so much time on my last pregnancy...listening to hypnobirthing cd's and getting ready and I just can't fit it all in this time.

Plus I am stressed...I need to deal with it better...I am trying to find out the affects of stress on pregnancy.
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hello everyone

Allgirls, sorry you are having problems with your 14 year old. its tough sometimes! I hope you can get ahold of your stress soon. Its so hard, but I am sure the baby will be fine in the long haul!

I am good, feeling a little rubbery in the legs today. I don't know what causes this.

Is anyone starting to feel any swelling yet?
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Earlier today I looked and I had more of a belly button!! I was shocked. The baby must have changed positions, but here I am a few hours later, and I'm back to having almost no belly button again. :P With Eva, I had my belly button (PIERCED!) up until she was born, so having almost no belly button this early is pretty shocking to me!

I can't believe there are only 13 weeks left!! I still keep thinking she'll be coming earlier than her due date, so there's really not much time left to get things ready for her!

I swell, but only when I do too much.

I'm still eating lots of protein (80-85 grams a day!) and drinking lots of water (2 quarts a day!) and believe it or not, that really helps with the swelling too. I noticed when I don't get enough protein, I swell for no reason.

Our 4th was uneventful. We watched fireworks from our driveway.
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Allgirls, sorry about the stress dealing with your ex and your 14 year old. That doesn't sound like fun at all. I think it is impossible to be completely stress free during pregnancy, don't beat yourself up about it. Just try to get a break if you can, take a hot bath, read a good book, have a cup of tea . I'm sure the baby is okay.

My belly button is still an innie, although it is getting closer to being flat. I am starting to feel swelling but not all the time. It's only if I'm out in the heat for a long time. Also, if I eat too many processed carbs and not enough protien.

We didn't watch any fireworks at all! We just broke out some sparklers for the kids.

Posted on another thread about this, but I did fine on my glucose screen. I am interviewing other midwives however as my current one and I aren't clicking.
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I have been swelling on and off. A few time my right ankle and foot were huge, but my left only a little swollen! Shoes have become an issue, it give a hole new meaning to "barefoot and pregnant"!! Shoes I wore a few weeks ago no longer fit! It was freaking me out! I really want my belly button to become an outie, I was sad to find out it doesn't happen to everyone! I also have been having a LOT of groin pain! Ouch!

Hope you all have a beautiful night!

#1 edd 10/29/05
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swelling...ah the joy of being pregnant in July!

I had very little swelling last pregnancy and none with my second...my first however was unbelieveable and that was an October baby too

I find drinking lots of water, getting off my feet at the end of the day and elevating them and lemon or lime in my water also helps...my hands are tight this morning.

Thanks for all the hugs ladies. My dd decided in January to move in with her father...he lives in the town we used to live in 20min drive away...she has never given up the idea of living back there so off she goes the minute she turns 14...of course her dad(major addict) goes back to drugs, seh can't live with him and ends up at my brother's so we don't have to switch schools...of course this also is a terrible mistake, my SIL is the messiest person in the world they are constantly fighting, my dd is babysittingall the time, once they even left her with the 2 kids to go to Toronto, 2 hours away overnight...I was livid..it's too much. my SIL has no idea of what's appropriate for a 14 year old girl as she was sexually active and pretty free and wild at 12 and sees nothing wrong with that. I believe she actually gave her alcohol and such.

So finally she fails every class in school and I go pick her up and bring her home....I do get my brother and ex on side that she has to come live with me...her dad is so wishy washy though, now he is saying she can live with him in September and go back to the same school where she just failed...I don't think so.

There is also the matter of the crowd she hangs with...all high school drop outs at 14, there is violence, drugs...I would bet they are the lowest dregs of the teenage culture in that city...I feel she's in danger. She keeps threatening to run away to Toronto...well she has a friend there and I keep trying to keep her away from him...I don't want her to have any connection to Toronto but my SIL and her Dad keep allowing her to see him....her dad was supposed to be watching her on MOnday and let her go for a walk whree they meet up with this kid...16 year old drop out who has a LOT of money but no job...scary! So far she is drug free but I am really concerned.

So I am trying to keep her close to home and we are actually considering moving to Newfoundland back to our home town...it's smaller and we could live there very cheap...I wouldn't see DH as much but he could still be home every 2 or 3 weeks and I would have family to help. It's a consideration that's for sure. It's such a small town and every activity for kids revolves around the school....so I think she would have a shot at an education...the sad thing...she's highly intelligent and tested gifted as a child.

But the baby is due in October, I can't imagine having a hospital birth, my home town is an island connected by a ferry..no Dr. just a nurse(which might be ok) but women generally go away before their due dates to have baby...I can't imagine doing that. School starts in September. I am thinking maybe I should go down, get the older kids settled in school and sell this house after...there is a lot of cheap property down there so that's not a problem.

For me it's a safety issue...I feel like she's in danger kwim. She's not street savvy at all...she's 14 for crying out loud. I can't seem to get things settled with her as her dad keeps going against everything I say...he has no rights(I have sole custody) however she's 14 and can choose where she lives.

It's so stressful..

Thankfully my 11 year old seems to be ok so far...her friends are a different sort...and she's just a different kid.

It's so difficult raising children...in a city...this day and age...values get all screwed up and you wonder if they have taken anything you have taught them in.

Anyway my DH is really worried about me and baby...I know he is stressed about me. But baby seems fine...very very active these days and that makes me happy.

Take care everybody...sorry for the long post but it sure helps to get it out!
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Hope you find a good midwife, this time, worldshakerz.

I actually freaked out a bit, when I couldn't get my rings off for my shower the other day, so I took them off and put them on a necklace for the rest of the pregnancy. I remember getting so swollen last time that they were actually hurting a little, so I wanted to get them off my fingers early this time.

We took my son to a local swim/amusement park for the 4th. He actually enjoyed the rides and the fireworks this year. Usually, it's all a little too much for him - like it is for me. In fact, being pregnant, it was even less enjoyable for me, this year. It was sooooo humid, and of course hot...

Anyway, this little one inside me is really getting strong. I get waken up at night by his moving and kicking. Even as active as my first boy was, he wasn't quite this active.

I'm back to being tired all the time, and heartburn is turning into reflux, and that scares me.

Hope everyone has a good week!

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I have not noticed any swelling yet, although I get numb / tingling in my right hand and the dr. has already told me that it is carpel tunnel (internal swelling) caused by the pregnancy. She actually said it is pretty common.

As for the belly button, mine started popping out over a month ago and is pretty much a full outtie at this point. I have decided that since I am carrying 100% in my belly like a basketball, the belly button had to pop out since I have no more belly skin left to stretch further for this baby. If I continue at this rate, I may just topple forward in another month or so. You would never even know I was pregnant from the back. It is pretty funny.

Anyway, hopefully these minor inconveniences are not bothering anyone too much yet.

Good luck to all!
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nope, no button popping here yet though it's flatter! I usually pop late though and get the linea nigra around 8 mos as well...no sign of that yet

HOw is everybody..not much chatting going on this week..guess it's summer, too busy..

Off to take my oldest for a job interview!

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