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Anyone else have great step-kids?

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I have 4 great step-kids! I think I am very lucky, though the youngest has issues (not with me) the 15 year old painted my car fender which has been damaged for ever, and today he told his Dad (who he gets along well with) he was mad at him because his Dad upset me (lol) kind of ironic as DH and I had a major argument about AP parenting. Anyhow blending families definitely is a big thing but I am so glad that their Dad and I are on good terms with them all. It has taken a lot of hard work and understanding though!

The 3 older kids also want us to take the 12 yr old as do his grandparents (DH's Ex's mother and step-father where DSS 15 yr lives and DSS 12 is supposed to live and is temporarily there with his mother since she was evicted from her last apartment and fired from her job - again).

The grand-parents have legal custody but he has been with his mother (in serious contempt of court) and last week they were going to go back to court and let us have custody but the BM does not want them to and now apparently she is moving out to some welfare apartments with DSS 12. Wish we could figure out what to do without some nasty custody battle.
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Wow! No one else is posting aboutheir great stepkids? :LOL I think it's just not as juicy as some other threads. Yes, I have an awesome dss who is 10 and is very loving, accepting, and flexible. Blending families is hard, but he is so attached to his dad that he has seemed to accept all the changes the last five years have brought. My MIL jokes that he fell in love first and had to convince his dad to marry me. Well, on our second date, dh brought dss along and he sat on my lap and asked me if I would be his second mom! A little pressure for a second date, but he got his wish .
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I have three amazing step-kids. Ryan (almost 12), Jessica (8), Rachel (5). They are really great kids. I'm not their mom, but they're definately my kids.

ETA: I just saw this thread - I posted as soon as I saw it. Any excuse to brag about my kids!!
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Me! Me!

Well, I do have to say that all my kids are great. But I may be a little biased....

But I do have a wonderful relationship with my s-kids. (14, 12 and 9) and my dh has a wonderful relationship with his s-kid (11). Our kids together (5 and 2) round out the bunch. We all get along very well. Our only problems are with the ex's. (which I'm sure you could all relate )
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Glad I am not the only one with great step-kids!

This is definitely despite the X but we try to do the best we can for everyone concerned!
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Count me in! I have two great boys 8 and 5. Similar to a PP...my sons wanted "a stepmom and a baby sister"...but they got a brother instead. My 5y/o claims now that "he *ALWAYS* wanted a baby brother"

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I just blogged about this-
I love my step kids
J is 21 has a wife and daughter- they are wonderful young ap parents and often come to me w/ ?'s
D is 18- he asks me about college and has the greatest relationship w/ the little one. He has a nickname for him and offers to take him when I need to use both hands.
C is 15- she's an adorable punk who loves it that I knbow and like her music
J is 12- he is so quiet and such a homebody it took along time for him to warm up to me- but he has now and he is a little genius
Unfortunutely I barely know M (20). He has a big grudge against his dad and so I've only met him twice. I still put him down in my sig line because as the offspring of dh he is still in my heart and prayers.
Happy to find a positive thread!!!
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I have one too. Not a step daughter in the formal sense of being married to her father, but she's my bf's daughter. She's twelve. And so neat. And so twelve. She gets grumpy and attitudy but since I can remember being like that I don't let it bother me. And we sew together. And she asks me for advice on clothes, and we went to dinner and a movie one night when her dad was sick and had such fun.
My favorite place is sitting on the sofa between the two of them, she is resting against me, her dad's feet are tucked under my legs and we are waiting for the fox to come to the back yard to eat the bacon we threw out there.
2 more days before she has to leave again.
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I have my co-wife's daughter, Kausar (26 months). She is great and there is no difference between her and my bio-children. I have even been sharing breastfeeding of all the children with her mother, my co-wife.
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New to this forum as I am getting married to a sweet, wonderful man very soon! He has fathered two sweet, wonderful children, a 13 yo DD and a 10 yo DS.

I always wanted a girl of my own and DSD is the best! We share clothes, giggle, talk about boys and STUFF. The other night, we sat on the couch and went through her yearbook and she showed me all her friends and gave me such a window into her life. She is a diligent student, a perfectionist, and a bit of tomboy.

My DSS is her polar opposite and a walking contradiction - but I really love that about him. He's smart but struggles with school. He is funny, artistic and has wonderful musical talent but no discipline to practice. He is a picky eater, but loves junk food. I worry a bit about him because he is sensitive and I fear that the other kids will tease him. He also so reminds me of myself.

I consider myself so lucky and blessed to have two great step kids. Oh, and their dad too!
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I frequent this board alot, not married yet, (post on the single mama boards) working on issues (another thread) so they aren't my step kids yet, but I LOVE them to pieces! All 3 boys 4yrs and younger are awesome and I just love them!! And I have a dd who's almost 3 and we are about to have a baby girl in Sept!! Its so neat to have boys. We both have a great time with all the kids!! X's.. :LOL Another time!!
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I have a great stepson! He is so unique and special, I just love him to death. He just turned 13 (!) and I have been with his father since just before his 4th birthday. We have been to hell and back with his mother, she moved him out of state for a couple of years she came back and he has actually been living with us for the past year+, seeing her alternate weekends. He refers to me as his stepmom to other people most of the time, but I have heard him call me his mom on occassion. I think it's a slip of the tongue, but he doesn't ever make an effort to correct it.

He has special needs (serious, rare metabloic disorder) and most of my frustrations with his center around this issue, not our relationship. He has a very restricted diet and have to take meds and nutritional supplements twice daily and he goes through flare ups of not wanting to do it and he MUST do it or he will die. So there isn't much room for "self regulation" and such, which I know most parents at MDC strive for, but its just not something we can risk. Also, he is in special ed and has some learning difficulties, along with the uncanny need to ask A LOT of questions over and over (and over.... ) so my patience can wear thin sometimes, but I try really hard to be patient with him and assure him about what we are doing each day and I try to answer his questions as patiently as I can.

Overall, we respect each other in our roles and I feel good about our interactions most of the time.
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I have an 11 year old step son and he is AWESOME! We have our differences but mostly its strain from his mothers end as she is no where near an acceptable parent let alone even close to AP.NEvertheless, I love him dearly and he reminds me so much of me.I think thats why he likes me.....loves me. He hugs and kisses me and tells me he loves me etc.....He is going thru a rough time but our relationship is unchanging.Every blended family goes through adjustment but I would have thought I would have found more people responding to this thread.I mean after all they are children, AND with a whole seperate set of relationships to influence them.
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My dss is the greatest! I "got" him at 3 and 1/2, when his dad was a rare full-time single father. There was an adjustment period when a new set of groundrules had to be established, but I love him just as much as if he came from my body.

His mom was less than supportive of me and his Dad, she still considered him her property, but now she is happy to continue her lifestyle of disappearing, alcohol and drug abuse, promiscuity and having other children she will not raise (she is suppposedly pregnant with baby#3, I wonder who will take care of this one). We have not seen her since before Christmas.

Fortunately dss does not seem to care thar she is not around. He looks to me for maternal love and is an awesome big brother to his 6 month old sister. I couldn't ask for a better son.

It is nice to see a "happy rant" forum in this subject, it'sd so easy to get caught up in the negative.
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I have great step-kids took time but there great we have 8 kids and all in all i can say they are great kids (bragging ) :LOL
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