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Is anyone else sick of eating???? I have no appetite--not nauseous or anything--just nothing sounds edible. I feel like I have to eat constantly to get enough protein and not be hungry.

Anyone know of anything to boost their appetite? I can think of things that sound appetizing for after the baby comes, but for some reason those same things sound like cardboard now.

I'm relying on protein shakes but choking them down. I am over 40 and started out overweight, but declined GDM testing, so I am pretty much eating the diabetes diet as a precaution, and a lot of stuff that sounds good is just too sugary. I do have treats here and there--so I am certainly not deprived.

Waa... I guess this is a vent more than anything. But let me know if anyone is in the same boat. I thought I would have to be restraining myself from eating--but I've only gained about 10 lbs and am having a hard time getting enough food. The midwife is not worried about the baby's size, I am just whining for my own sake!

Thanks for listening...hope you're all munching happily!

expecting first baby Owen 8/10-ish
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I've been in the same place this whole pg. I simply eat on a schedule and have pretty much the same thing for breakfast, snacks and lunch every day. Dinner varies. I definitely have to force myself to eat. Seems to be working, I've gained 30 pounds! Eating just seems to be a REAL chore....
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Totally! Eating is a real chore. The only thing I ever really feel like eating is fruit - grapes and melons. Otherwise, I essentially force down the other stuff. Baked goods, chocolate and candies for the most part are not appetizing to me either.

And it has been like this for most of this pg, too.

Food is just not appealing.


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Opposite here! Everything tastes awesome and I have a hard time deciding what to eat next. At least the bottomless-pit-of-hunger-phase didn't last too long this time, though :-)
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Me! Food is ALWAYS a turn off for me while pg, I have bad m/s and vomiting. Granted by the third tri, the vomiting is no longer a factor, but I just get so sick of food, and it's blah. Nothing really sounds good, although I never turn down ice cream and cold fruit... anything to try to cool down. What's funny is AFTER I give birth, I feel like I could eat an entire table of food by myself. However, during pregnancy, forget food, it's like a chore to make myself eat.
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