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Almond Milk???

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Do any of you know how to make almond milk? I was told I need to soak the almonds, but have no idea for how long??? Plus, I have no idea how many almonds to use and what amount of water??? HELP!!! I can't find a receipe for this!!
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There is a recipe in the "Dry milk vs. Wet milk" thread.
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Hey There ~ I usually soak them overnight, but soak them at least 8 hours and you can change the water once it begins to get brown (it is soaking the tannins out of the almonds).
You can use varying amounts of water to get the consistency you like, I usually use 2-3 cups of water for every cup of almonds (but I don't really like it too thick), then I'll add one, 2, or all of the following: vanilla beans, molasses, dates or you could add someo ther type of sweetner ~ or none at all. Blend all this together and then strain it with cheese cloth (quite messy) or a nut milk bag (you can get one and purejoylivingfoods.com). Happy milk making!!!!!!!!

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Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to thanking you ladies for pointing me in the right direction

I so seriously need to get me one of those bags! I gave this a try and made a seriously huge mess! I am almost embarassed to admit that I screwed it up royally I think I need some practice and I will just as soon as I get the guts to have another go LOL Thank You again Ladies!!
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