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Weight gain?

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Am I the only one who has gained weight already? I've put on about 6 lbs already. I was hoping this wouldn't happen til the 2nd trimester! I'm kind of overweight to begin with. (By about 40 lbs!)
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Yeah, I think I've gained about 8 lbs, which is something. I've NEVER gained weight in a first trimester before, only lost it. This is new for me and makes me wonder if it's twins.
Edited to add: Most people do gain some weight in the first trimester. I'm not "the norm"

Namaste, Tara
mama to Doodle (6), Butterfly (23mos), and Rythm (due at home 1/06)
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I'm 12 weeks tomorrow, and have gained about 8 lbs. I threw in the towel today and actually wore maternity pants for the first time this pg.
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I take the prize, everybody. Ha! ha! I have gained 11 lbs (as of last week, maybe 12 now) in the first 14 weeks. This was also my pattern with the other two pgs. I tend to gain a lot in the first trimester and then it levels off. I have pretty low body fat when I'm not pg and one of my theories is that this is why I gain so much so quickly. Not sure though. Maybe that's just an excuse.
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I have no shortage of body fat and have gained about 10 pounds already! (I am only 11.5 weeks) My last two pg had only about 5 pounds in the first trimester. I am almost hoping for twins--geez if I am going to gain it, give me two babies so I can be done for sure after this pg.

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I ganied 10lbs right away (by 8 weeks) but nothing since then, which is the same thing that happened with my first pregnancy. Last time I didn't start putting on weight again until I was well into the 2nd trimester. I ended up with a 30lb total gain....which included almost 14lbs of baby (Baby A was 7lbs 6oz and Baby B was 6lbs 5oz.) I was one of the lucky ones that weighed less after pregnancy than I did before.
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I'm up about 7 lbs at 13 weeks.

I was 20 lbs by 20 weeks with DD so I guess I'm putting on less so far but I'm so much bigger earlier than last time!!
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I lost 20 lbs already in about 12 weeks. It's not a good thing and I'm sure my midwife will get a rare grumpy frown.

I just don't feel like eating anything.
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hmmm I haven't kept track. I'm almost 12 wks.
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I haven't been since I was 7wks and then I had lost 2. I started out 5lbs heavier than I wanted. I really dislike the whole weighing in thing. It makes me not want to go see the mw. I have put off my last 2 appt., but am scheduled to go on Friday. I guess I had better go or they might get irritated with me : . I don't know why I feel so not into going......I guess I just don't feel the need for monthly confirmation that I am indeed getting larger! I can tell you that. I did have to fully abandon my reg size clothes and go to the next size up. That's normal for me at this point. I am 14wks today!!! Yea.
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Kathy, it bugs me to get weighed each month, too. I never look at the scale and they never announce it to me. I figure my mw will address it if she feels there is an issue. Once in a while, I get on the scale at my Y, about every two months, just to see.
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Put me in gainers column. I've put on 5-7 lbs. that I did not need (already 40 lbs. overweight), probably because I've been very hungry and haven't had nausea. I'm at week 10.5 with baby #1.

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Welcome, Em and congratulations on your pregnancy!! Glad to have you here!
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I haven't gained any weight yet. I decline to even track it at the MW (b/c I find it so depressing) but do jump on our scale here every now and then. I have been in stretchy pants or maternity for the last two weeks. My other ones just don't fit. I'm almost 13 weeks.
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Emily - thanks for the understanding comments . This mw has you weigh yourself : ! I can't hide from the numbers. I think I may ask on Friday if I can forgo that part? Can't hurt to ask....they already probably think I'm weird. It will be nice to hear the heartbeat .

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My midwife doesn't do weigh-ins....she just asks if I know how much I've gained. She told me as long as I'm eating healthy and staying reasonably active then there is no reason to worry about what the scale says.
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hmm, this thread prompted me to run upstairs and get on the scale. I am 11 wk and have actually gained 4 lbs but that doesn't seem right. What I mean is that last time i checked (7 wks) I gained 6 lbs and since then i've been eating non stop and not getting sick once. My clothes are telling me otherwise and I certainly feel bigger. I have not settled on a MW so i've gone this long with out prenatal care so not sure if my lack of wieight gain is a good or bad thing. Anyone else out there with my situation?

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hypechick, it could just be differences in water weight. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

I know I"m the one who started this thread, but I'm not really worrying too much about the weight gain. I don't want to gain too much, since I'm already overweight, but I'm not going to deprive myself (or my baby!) either. I just like to know, kwim?
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I'm not a fan of weighing-inh during pregnancy, though I've done it through two. With my second pregnancy, it was do-it-yourself weigh-ins (even at my OB's office before I went to midwives). This time I'm at home with a broken scale LOL I don't know if my midwife does weighing or not, I'll probably decline it though.

Namaste, Tara
mama to Doodle (6), Butterfly (23mos), and Rythm (due at home 1/06)
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