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Dh and I were commenting about this earlier today. We had ds at home 2 years ago and the neighbors did call once, but afterwards, when they realized they actually acted proud that a baby was born so close to them. Also, we had a sign out in front of our house for something like a month to announce to the world that our son was born at home.

Lately, when the neighborhood walkers have gone past when we're outside playing, several have commented, "oh, he's so big- I remember when he was boorn, " etc. Having babies at home builds community- they get to feel part of something miraculous.

The other thing I wanted to add about space is that if you read Michel Odent's book, "birth reborn" he says that a lot of women gravitate to giving birth in a small space- it feels comfortable. I for one, gave birth in my tiny bathroom, although I had been planning on the bedroom or living room.