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HELP! Need Ideas for DVD/VHS Storage

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My husband is a movie junkie. It's easier when starting to organize your home to pick on your spouse so I am

The babies have 2 large books with all their DVD's in them they are labeled and are even in an excel spread sheet for easy access.

My husband will not let me get rid of his boxes
We have over 500 DVD's and 500 VHS

I took all the VHS and seperated them by catagory and put them in those "photo" boxes you get at Michaels. I kept them in the living room in thee boxes for 6 months, since I could prove we didn't access them in that time I then put all the little boxes on the top shelf of my linen closet (that I can't reach anyway) after another 6 months I'll probably move them to the garage....

Which leaves an ever growing pile of DVDs to deal with.

Please help!
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I'll be watching this thread. At last count there were almost 500 dvd's in our house and DP won't go for the book solution. I think I'm going design/build something myself - but I'd love an easier solution.
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Cost Plus has a DVD cabinet that holds 230 DVD's for $279


If I can't find another solution I think buying two of these may be it for us. :
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500? I think we own like 10 DVD's and i'm guessing 50 VHS tapes, most of which are blanks that I recorded stuff on.
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Yes, its absolutely ridiculous. He bought them before we moved in together and we weren't jointly budgeting. The other day he got his Best Buy points statement and got a nice summary of just how much money he has spent at Best Buy in the last 18 months. I brought about 5 dvds to our household.

But I think I'm rubbing off on him. I've got him recycling, using washcloths instead of paper towels, and he is starting to realize that maybe cloth diapers won't be so bad. I even convinced him to try my organic milk the other day. And he is going to try using Netflix!
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The worst part is that we never watch them. All we watch in the evenings is Thomas the train or Blues Clues :LOL

I think it just makes him feel better to buy them and I also think he likes to show them off to his friends. That's all. I keep telling myself that if the worst complaint I have about my DH is that he spends too much money at the book store then I've got it pretty easy.

We also have something like two thousand books.
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I forgot about the books!!! Those are a little easier to store, but shelf space often seems wasted on paperbacks.

I don't have a count on the books yet. We are working on getting all the barcodes scanned so we can complete our digital library database. Luckily DP and I have very similar taste in books so I don't feel as bad. (We just have to decide who gets to read new books first. I have dibs on HP!!!) I also loan them out to family and friends. I need to get around to putting bookplates in the ones I care about because I loose track of who has what.
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Just because you use the book storage doesn't mean that you have to get rid of the cases! We use book storage for cds and then have the jewel cases in the attic.

For our DVDs, I hadn't thought about the book storage, I'll put it past dh tonight, we have a trunk that doubles as our coffee table. We have them in there, along with game controllers. We covered the trunk in fabric so it matches the living room. It works well for use but we only have about 95DVDs
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The living room table is the pottery barn kids train table with the two trundles underneath. One side has "little people" and the other side is all the wood train stuff. We live in a little tiny house so I try to maximise square footage where I can

I really just wish he would let me ditch his boxes and book them. Maybe I could box them like I did with the VHS but have them referrence able by name of dvd/ box number. That may work..... hmmmmm

Any easy software rec's?
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we found some shelves at ikea that are probably going to be what we use. I can't link b/c the website has been down for a couple of days!

For the number we need it won't be cheap(probably around $500), but it will be efficient. They aren't real wood which bugs me a bit and the dvd's will still be visible, but eventually I plan to put a cool folding screen in front of the shelving. Now I just have to make a cool folding screen...
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Yeah, we decided to get the DVD storage I linked to above from Cost Plus again not cheap but effective and I won't have to see them all the time. Oh' and the kids won't be pulling them down for me to put back all the time. :LOL
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Wow! 500! That's unreal! We have about 40 and that was stressing me out!

We just bought seven of these CD/DVD albums. I really like the way they look on our shelves.
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ebay has a great storage plan Someone else pays you to keep them at their house, and you still get to watch them as often as you do now!!
The worst part is that we never watch them. All we watch in the evenings is Thomas the train or Blues Clues
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no dvds here, lots of cds i would guess about 200. We just recently sold over 500 cassette tapes that we have moved 3 times and have not listened to in over 10 years!!!

We are a TV free house for 14 months now (yay!) so that eliminated any dvd/vhs cassettes. I used to have a problem with books, though, and found that I just could not keep any fiction that wasn't for the children. I figure if I ever want to read a book again, I can check it out from the library. So now I keep only reference and childrens pictures, board and chapter books and even the kids books have to be really amazing or I don't bother owning them.


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