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Dear August Preggos--Learn from My Mistake

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Oh, I posted this in the wrong place originally so now I am posting it as its own thing so no one does what I did!

I overdid it yesterday and had some surges last night. Well, I woke up at 0530 this am with regular surges of 50 sec and 3-4 min apart. I had way more than 5 so I called the m/w.

Long story short, I ended up in the hospital. By 10:30 am the surges were still going on a regular basis. They gave me a drug to stop them, and now I am home resting on the couch.

No more physical work for me! Let the weeds take over the yard! Let the paint peel! I won't do much more than lift a sock if I can help it.

The good news is that they examined me, and the baby is vertex and my cervix is not at all dilated. So yay for that...

To look on the bright side, DH and I had a practice run and realized we are not as prepared as we'd like to be! He is buying a stroller within the hour.
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I'm so sorry you had to go through that! do they think it's preterm labor or a combo of overdoing it and the RRL?

hope you are getting the rest you need! at least it's only for a few weeks!
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Sorry you had a rough time. Enjoy your time off!
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Oh scary- I am glad everything is OK. I have to constantly remind myself to take it easy. It is tricky when there is so much that needs to be done. I am nesting like crazy too and want to scrub the floor with a toothbrush!!
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Yesterday, I had been thinking about re-painting the upstairs. Crazy! But this nesting urge is a biggie, isn't it? It's hard to resist and hard to stay put.

I'll be at work tomorrow. I'm not on bed rest, so they'll have me continue the drugs and then we'll see where I am at an appt next week.

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Oh, scary, Deborah! Thanks for the advice! I'm glad you are listening to your body and your baby.
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i think, same happened to me at 29 weeks...34 weeks here, lots of bedrest and Mg, baby is growing fast, we are okay, so don't worry and have lots of rest and water...keep up the good work!
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Wow, that sounds scary. Very glad things got better.

Perfect timing on the reminder--we're moving back into our apt. this weekend after 2 weeks of the lead abatement fiasco, and even though I didn't do any heavy lifting on the move out, I still hurt like crazy for a couple days afterwards. Luckily, we have amazing friends, and folks are coming over to help us. I'm going to feel like a lazy slug just directing people around, but....
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Nabigus--I know what you mean. It's VERY hard to sit around while others do th work. I wonder if you could go somewhere else? I was thinking that I could go out when DH decides to move furniture around, so I don't feel guilty doing nothing. I sat on the porch while he did physcially demanding yard work and felt sorta bad even though he keeps telling me I'm great and he's appreciative I am doing all this work to make a baby, etc.
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