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bra for daughter

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My daughter will be 11 in August. She is starting to develop breast and I want to buy her some bras before school starts. Does anybody have any suggestion on what kind or brand is best for young girls.

Thank you
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bring your daughter when you buy a bra for her to have a fit on the size..

IMO, brand wouldn't matter for young girls
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My dd will be 11 in August also! I say definitely bring her because you (and they) just don't know what will be comfortable. My dd started developing breasts a while ago and I would guess she's probably almost a B-cup now but she can't stand any hooks and things so we stick with pull-over sports bra style things. Also we go for 100% cotton since it is so much more breathable and feels better against your skin (well we think so ). Good luck!
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ITA with the cotton sports bra. The hooks are tricky, even for grown women!
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Please BRING your daughter with you to do the shopping of a bra. I realized that mistake by not taking her when I went shopping with my hubby for her, because she was too of it. We went through three bras that didn't fit her at all, but were pink or blue (she loved the colors). We finally brought her to the store with us and we went through 12 bras that didn't fit her at all. We ended up with a stretch sports bra that goes over her head and she loves it. I think her choice was in two parts, I wear this kind of bra and the other was it fit her beautifully.

Only other problem is that one time she fell asleep with gum in her mouth and it fell into her bra and it got stuck there and hardened , so she had to work days to get it off and then she would wear it again. :LOL
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Definitely take her

I thought my DD was go for a sports-bra-like bra and instead she chose a slightly padded satiny number with a clasp in the back. Seems she didn't like putting it over her head or the way the sports bra *hugged* her rib cage. She wanted the padding (it was very slight) to hide her nipples (which make her very self consious). I would have bought the totally wrong thing!

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Buy what she feels comfortable in, remember she is the one that is wearing it not you!
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When I needed my first bras, my mother brought me to a store where they actually fit you (a woman goes into the dressing room with you and helps you find ones that really fit. They are specifically trained for this - it's an art!) so if you can find a place like this, it's important that her bras be comfortable and the correct size.

I would also recommend soft, 100% cotton bras - they don't make you sweat, and no underwires which also make you sweat and cause rub marks. I quit using underwires (I've got 36C) about 6 years ago and it was the most comfortable decision I've ever made about clothing!
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My dd only wants them bc she is self-conscious about her nipples poking her clothes. So we tried a few sports bras or "bralettes" as the labels say. They are cotton/lycra or spandex and quite cheap at target. She likes the "self-expressions" brand, and one no-name kind we found at tj maxx.
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My dd likes the bras that "look" like bras, with adj straps & hooks. She does have the sports type bras & will wear those when none of the others are clean! or to bed when it is really hot!
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I took my former step daughter to VS. She was developing quite large and her mom was still getting her 32B bra's.

Took her to VS, they fitted her, (32DD at age 13) and we walked out about 200 bucks poorer. : She has not been my step daughter for almost 4 years, we still go to VS and buy her a bunch of bra's. I love her
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Definitely take your dd with you. My dd is 11 and has been wearing a bra for about a year now. She likes to be able to try them on and feel which ones are most comfortable. Plus, she tried on this cute little monkey bra from Kohl's, which she adored (she still loves cutsie type things), and it has a bit of padding in it so her nipples don't show through her shirts. She has some plain, pull over the head types and doesn't prefer those as much.
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