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Week of July 4-10

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I thought it might be easier to keep track of everyone if we had a general topic thread. I figure if we do it week by week it's easier to keep up with. What do you think?

Anyone else's boobs feel like they're going to torpedo right off their chest? :LOL

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Not much boob soreness here..a little tenderness, esp. when dd latches on for nursing. No morning sickness yet either! My main symptoms are constant hunger & tiredness!

Sarah, SAHM to Nathaniel, Ethan & Emily
Expecting a new bundle of joy 3/6/06!
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5 weeks, 0 days

Breast tenderness was my first preg. symptom last pregnancy, but I haven't noticed that this time around. I had to buy larger bras at 4 weeks preg last time!

I'm sleeping more than usual and always napping with my son, but otherwise, feel pretty normal. If I don't eat for longer than usual, my stomach starts twisting, but that's the worst it gets. With my first, the nausea kicked in at 5 weeks, so I'll be happy every day I avoid it now.
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Absolutely no symptoms. I didn't have any with DS, except for the occaisional bout of nausea. I am still delirious from actually being pregnant.

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Yeah, my stomach starts twisting if I go too long without eating, but other than that no sickness. And my breasts are sore, the left much more so than my right. And ds is nowhere near ready to be weaned; he has actually picked up the nursing a LOT since I got pg! I was all prepared to nurse through pg and tandem nurse, but dang! It's already hurting! But, I know I can hang in there. I endured 4 months of torture when ds first got his teeth, and that was worth it to experience the wonderful toddler nursing. And, really, I just don't know how to mother without it. How would he get to sleep? How would I comfort him after a fall, or a tantrum, or when he's tired and cranky?

But I have to admit, I'm rather hoping he will wean himself once the milk dries up.

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Originally Posted by honeybee
And, really, I just don't know how to mother without it. How would he get to sleep? How would I comfort him after a fall, or a tantrum, or when he's tired and cranky?

But I have to admit, I'm rather hoping he will wean himself once the milk dries up.

I'm there with you, Melissa. Nursing is such a mothering fix-all that it's going to be challenging to learn to live without it!

I don't have a strong preference for or against tandem nursing, but I hope my son doesn't insist to nurse constantly if it hurts.
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I'm nauseated, my breasts are sore (left much more than right) and I'm very sleepy most of the time.

I have an u/s tomorrow morning to see if I'm carrying more than one baby. I've conceived multiples in 3 of my 5 pregnancies, so my doctor wants to see how many gestational sacs are in there. My dh and I are praying for twins again.

I'll definitely update when I get home and post an u/s picture.
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Lisa~Great idea! Now that I'm starting to "feel" pregnant, it's nice to have a place to get chatty.

I'm 5w5d today, and yesterday the tiredness/ick feelings really started. Last time (with twins) it was a VERY intense first trimester, so I'm hoping this time it's easier. So far it's not so bad. I don't feel great, but if I get up and get moving I can distract myself from it. Smells are starting to get to me, though (our fridge needs to be cleaned according to my preg. nose, but last week it smelled fine). I'm also very grossed out by the sight or idea of things....an old bottle of kitten ear mite preventative flipped my stomach last night, and this morning my dSIL thought it'd be funny to tell me a story about my nephew drinking out of a yellow mustard container. BLECK!

All of you that are nursing while pregnant--way to go! It must be tough, but at the same time, it gives you a sure-fire way to comfort and calm your little ones. You're such good mamas!

This is our first time being pregnant while having children. Anyone have any advice?? I'm a little worried about what it's going to be like week 8-week 13...last time I could barely crawl out of bed, but this time I'm going to have two 3 year olds to take care of! At least Dh is working half days this summer...that's something to be VERY thankful for.
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Some nausea, my milk has completely disappeared as of yesterday. It didn't hurt to nurse a few days ago, suprisingly, but my breasts feel full and tingly. Last time I had bad nausea and nipple pain, but this time I feel a lot better than last time. I'm hoping that the 7 months of throwing up doesn't repeat itself this time.

It's nice to see I'm normal!
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I have no nausea (yet). I'm hungry, but can't tell if it's other than usual hungry. My left breast is swollen, but not my right, but this often happens before my period. I almost want to have more pregnancy signs, even if they're negative, just so I can actually *feel* pregnant!
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Only really tired here. But I'm only 4 weeks today. Fingers crossed that morning sickness will pass me by this time.
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Hi ladies,
Nice to hear about other's adventures. Boobs still tender but not as explosive feeling. I've got nausea off and on, nothing major & it seems to be triggered if I go too long without eating. It's weird - for me it's more about texture of foods than taste. I'm all about juicy foods right now. Fruit & yogurt is on the top of my list, but I'm trying to limit myself to a couple times a week because my guts don't do dairy all that well although yogurt isn't too bad.

Eggs & meat, I'm eating them but there's not enough juice in them .

My attitude today - ugh, motivation is way low, people are getting on my last nerves, and the fun's just begun :LOL

Happy gestating!

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If it doesn't rain, it pours.

Suddenly today I've had lots of tiny "symptoms!" Sore nipples, moodiness, nausea (very light), hungry hungry hungry, dizziness, cramping (that was scary), wakefulness. Is it usual to have gassiness? I have that too.

I think I need sleep.

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HI ladies! I have no pregnancy symptoms at all, maybe slightly sore, enlarged boobs. A little tired, but I think that's the weather here.

Can anyone tell me how far along I am? I ovulated on June 20th and my period was due yesterday (July 7th). I have a 27 day cycle. I was thinking 4 weeks along, but a calender has me down as 5 weeks along. Confusing.

Please keep England in your thoughts. We're waiting to hear from friends in London and I am definitely on edge... I am pretty sure they're OK, but I am just worried. Terrible 7 explosions.

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etoilech~ my future BIL lives near London, so I've been watching the news all morning. It looks better now that it did early this morning--only four explosions total. Londoners did a great job with helping all the injured.

nubianamy~ I'm glad you mentioned gassiness! Last night my dh kept looking at me because I was tooting up a storm! I'm never like that normally, so it must be some weird pregnancy/hormonal reaction. Bizarro!

LisaG~ last time fruit juice was about the only thing that looked appetizing! Did you know pineapple juice is a really good anti-nausea agent? My mom, when she was sick from chemo, was told by her doctors to drink pineapple juice. It works wonders!!

hck73~ : for you, too
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That's interesting on the pineapple juice. I do like it.

Well ladies, I've had some spotting this evening. I'm trying to stay calm and not jump to conclusions, but it was a whole lot easier when there wasn't any. This is so freaking not the least bit amusing. No cramping, which I think is a good sign. Temp was fine this morning. Well, I'm off for an early bed. Here's hoping all is well :
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Spotting stopped before bed last night, and none since. Temp was still up this morning. I'm a bit rattled, but hopeful. One day at a time.

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, Lisa. I had spotting with Ian and James at 5 weeks or so, and after two days it stopped. Everything turned out fine.

Wishing you well,
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Thanks Elisabeth, I take hope from that!
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I'm tired and nauseated all the time now. Other than that I have no real symptoms. Both my boys are still nursing so I'm hungrier than usual too. I nursed all through my last pregnancy and tandemed starting at birth so this time around should be interesting. My milk never dried up last time, I wonder if it will this time?
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