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Um. Wow. I'm here.

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Okay. Um. I got a very faint postive test. This morning. I think I was pregnant before my pants hit the floor. First try. I really wasn't prepared for this, but I am very happy. I was hoping for a bit longer transition, though.:

: :

My EDD is March 13th, 2006. Calculated from ovulation.

Completely stunned.

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that's about what happened for us both times. I really expected it to take longer!

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Our first was a birth control pill baby (I was on anti-biotics, DUH) and quite a surprise. I honestly thought it was going to take longer. We did all the "right" things this time. Waiting for 3 months after stopping bc, eating better, exercising more, getting stuff out of the way. I am still shocked. This baby was very much planned, but wow. :LOL

Congratulations to you too!

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It took me a year and a half to get pg with ds. I now weigh 35 lbs. less than when I got pg with ds, I'm eating healthier, and I decided to chart this time around. So, I was hopeful things would go quicker this time around. But I still figured it would be a few months. I was shooting for getting pg in August. I started charting on day 13, just to get in some "practice"... and got pregnant that cycle! So, I know how you feel. This baby was planned, but the timing was still a big surprise!

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I'm right there with you all. We have been trying since April, and I found out two weeks ago I'm pg. We are both 31, and so I just thought it might take awhile. I have been having sex since I was 18, and have never been pg. I have always been very careful, but there was a part of me that suspected maybe I wasn't very fertile. It's a big surprise for me, even though we were trying. It's SO not real!

Congratulations to all of you!
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