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stuffy nose??

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sorry i haven't been around this board much lately, my life has been very busy. But I've got this issue that I know someone here has to have an answer to...stuffy nose with pregnancy. I've really noticed it since coming home from vacation yesterday. My nose is dry, kinda stuffy and also when I blow my nose I get a bloody nose often.

Anything you can recommend I do to alleviate it?
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I'm going to watch for anyone who has relief. I've had this stuffiness since my first trimester. It tickles the back of my throat, and I am coughing an awful lot. I didn't have this with my first, and nothing seems to get rid of it for good. I get the bloody nose less frequently than I did in the beginning, though...
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Ya know...now that someone else has mentioned it....I think I've been having this too. No nosebleeds, just a dry/stuffy nose. Sometimes if I try blowing my nose, my right ear gets plugged up.
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Hi -
I'm lurking from the Nov. board but had to chime in here. I have been absolutely plagued by congestion and allergies since about April. The most helpful thing I've found is a Neti pot - http://www.sinucleanse.com/netipotla...+pot&ovtac=PPC

I ordered on line but I think you might be able to find it locally. It took a bit of getting used to but now I love it and even got DH to make use of it while he had a cold (is that gross that we share? oh well!).

Good luck!

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I'm not sure but I thought I heard that a stuffy nose (without cold) is common to have during pg....I just deal with it and breathe out of my mouth
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Sometimes my throat feels all swollen, and i have trouble breathing. I wonder if that's somehow related? I've had it with all three pregnancies, but never at any other time.
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I have sinus issues when I'm not pregnant, it's even worse when I am!! DH is complaining a lot about me snoring and I'm getting tired of waking up with a fuzzy dry mouth because I can't breathe through my nose at night. I have also heard that it is normal during pregnancy (unfortunately).
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Yeah, I had this with my first pregnancy and have it again this time. Dry and stuffy nose. Sometimes my throat feels swollen too, I think it's a combo of increased blood volume and a increased allergies or something. Not sure what to do about it myself. I 've heard good things about the Netti pot though, I may just pick one up in the next few weeks.
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