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Uses for cabbage

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I would like to make a few meals with cabage. It is soooo good for you so I wanted to try something OTHER than coleslaw... Can you help? Crock pot recipes would be wonderful.
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I'm sure that finding a cabbage soup or a veggie soup with cabbage is pretty easy. Maybe try recipezaar? I've found a lot of crockpot recipes, there:


Also, about.com has a crockpot page.

And, I think the Pennsylvania Dutch have some cabbage recipes that can be either found for a crockpot, or adapted.
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cabbage potato soup:

fry 1 onion in olive oil, when done pour some white wine ( haf a coup),simmer for a minute, add the wanted amount of potaoes ( i take 4-5 for 1 head of cabbage),fry for 2-3 min, add the chopped cabbage, pour 2 liters of chicken broth ( don't take instant, it won't taste!) and simmer till cabbage is done.Add pepper to taste.I love this soup. my daughterhates it ( like everything with cabbage )
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This recipe is easy. Saute sliced onions in olive oil until tender. Then add sliced cabbage and saute the cabbage until tender (or whatever consistency you like it). Voila! Yummy! My kids like it too.
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chop cabbage and throw it all in a big pot with a bit of curry and vegetable broth, on low heat, stir occasionally until tender, it will reduce a lot; a full pot will reduce to about 1/2...
serve over jasmine rice!
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Thanks ladies... It all looks yummy!
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We get a lot of cabbage from the CSA we belong to.

I just made an asian cabbage slaw similiar to one they sell at Whole foods. I shredded half a cabbage and added to that 2 large shredded carrots, half a red and green pepper cut in thin 2 inch pieces, a whole mango cut up in small pieces and about half a cup of cilanto minced finely.

I dressed it with olive oil, rice vinegar, a little Thai fish sauce and a spoon of sugar.

It tasted pretty good.

Years ago I used to make a dish from Moosewood with cabbage. You basically sauted a whole shredded cabbage and a chopped onion with caraway seeds and made some mashed potatoes using cottage cheese and or yogurt and sour cream instead of milk and butter. Mix the sauteed cabbage and potatoes and bake as a casserole with a few extra caraway seeds sprinkled on top.
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KIMCHI! We use the Nourishing Traditions recipe. It's so yummy, even my baby loves it. Well, it's not really for EVERYONE, but we love it and it's so good for you.
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Originally Posted by HB2
This recipe is easy. Saute sliced onions in olive oil until tender. Then add sliced cabbage and saute the cabbage until tender (or whatever consistency you like it). Voila! Yummy! My kids like it too.
Especially with lots of black pepper! Mmmmm!

I've taken this and stuffed it into pitas with other sauteed veggies too.

Another idea...stuffed cabbage. If you eat meat, you can mix ground "whatever" with rice and tomato sauce and roll inside cabbage leaves. (If you're veg, just use the rice and tomato sauce), stick the rolls in a crockpot and top with more tomato sauce and cook all day.

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Cabbage rolls.

ground meat (or meatless) garlic, onion, cooked rice (or breadcrumbs) combine together and roll in a cabbage leaf layer between tomato sauce in crock pot cook until done...YUMMY

Our favorite.

Egg Roll Salad:

Shreddred Cabbage, Shredded Carrots, and Bean Sprouts. wonton wrappers Thai Sauce, Corn Starch and Red Wine. oil

heat thai sauce in small sauce pan Mix corn starch and red wine (use gravy thickening directions but with red wine instead of water) add slurry into sauce and stir until thickened.

Heat oil in a pan to 365deg or until a wrapper begins to fry immediatly upon touching the oil. Fry 10-15 wrappers until crisp. drain on paper towel

Combine veggies in a glass bowl (you can add any cooked meat you like too we LOVE this with shrimp) pour hot sauce over veggies while stirring just until coated. toss with crushed won ton wrappers. serve hot or cold.
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