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another baby...

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Another unexpected March babe over here!
I'm due sometime between the 9th and the 16th, and it should be interesting having a newborn and a 2 1/2 year old.

I'm looking forward to giving birth in our new 155 year old farmhouse in the Maine woods....and this time with plenty of friends around to help out!

Let the morning sickness begin...
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Welcome & Congrats! If you don't mind me asking, where in Maine are you located? My family & I are spending the summer in Southern Maine with my parents. We live in CT, but dh is a teacher so has summers off :-)

Sarah, mommy to Nathaniel, Ethan & Emily
Expecting a new bundle of joy 3/6/06!
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I'm in South Paris, but I used to live in Southern Maine.

Too bad the weather has been poopy this summer, but it still must be great to have the summer off!

There is a yahoo group "Mindful Maine Mamas and Papas" who often have get togethers...maybe you'd want to check them out...
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