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just wanted to introduce myself. i am branwyn, SAHHSM to ma'ire (6) and lylly (1). my husband and i just got our go ahead to start trying to conceive (have gone through 2 exploratory surgeries in the past 6 months, but the endo is scaled back and they found no cancer so the doc said to go for it). we thought we would wait until spring but since the endo could get bad, quickly we thought we would step it up a little. we use TCOYF, so i am on day 19 of my cycle and should "o" on the 21st (all of the signs are here). i look forward to meeting and supporting (while getting support) all of you!

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Welcome! I hope your stay here is short and sweet!
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Welcome, and good luck!!!
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Welcome, Branwyn, and good luck to you!
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Welcome, and good luck! I'm also new here, but we're not TTC till May. Hopefully you'll be long gone by the time we start trying!
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It's good to have you here! Hope you don't have to hang around this forum for long!

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