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How many moms here went to term with their mulitples??

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I have to ask it seems that lot of you had fullterm twins. Myself I have trouble getting any baby to term My youngest was born at 24 wks 6 days and she was a singleton, mind you she was my 8th child.

I got my first twins, William and Nathaniel to 20 wks with placenta previa and an abruption . My second pregnancy was twin girls and they got to 29 wks they were 2lbs 11 oz and 2 lbs 5 oz. I was single at the time and had to work two jobs and I was going to night school so I think I did pretty good.

I saw one mom here got her babies to 6 and 7 pounds! So please share how far along you all got with your multiples and how you got there. Did everyone here have to go on strict bedrest? How big were your babies? please share
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I was 38w 3d when my twins were delivered....they were a scheduled c-section (blech) and I think that I would have made it to at least 40 weeks if I had had the balls to tell my doctor he was a coward and demanded to be allowed to go into labor (but that's another story.) Baby A, Ava, was 7lbs 6oz, and Baby B, Genevieve, was 6lbs 5oz.

I have no idea why I was able to make it that long. I quit my job extremely early, like around 8 weeks, because I was bleeding, the Xmas season was coming up, and I was managing a retail store, meaning 12+ hours on my feet 6 days a week. I was planning on quitting just a few weeks after that anyway, since my dad had been diagnosed with cancer and his days were pretty numbered.

I spent a lot of time on the couch and I drank a ton of water. I don't know if it helped but it certainly didn't hurt. I was only on bedrest at the very end due to PIH, and even then I got up several times a day to pee, shower, and make myself a sandwich.
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I too made it to 38w3d and was induced because of high blood pressure. That had been the only bump in the entire pregnancy. I was never put on bedrest, never restricted of any activities, etc. I had a dd who was a very active - and still bf'ing - toddler who also kept me on my toes. My girls were a vaginal birth and baby A (Lillie) weighed 6 lbs. 13 oz. and baby B (Faith) weighed 7 lbs. 1 oz. Faith was breech but they turned her before I delivered her. I personally know 3 other women who went to 40 weeks with twins. One is a good friend and delivered hers 10 or so weeks ago. They were each over 7 lbs. Another woman had hers at 40 weeks and her girl was 7 lbs. 1 oz. and her boy was 8 lbs. 8 oz.!!

I give a lot of credit to the Barbara Luke book "When You're Expecting Twins..." She puts a big emphasis on gaining weight early in the pregnancy and eating well all throughout. Women who follow her program have multiples that are born weighing 30% higher then the national average. Wow!!

I am so sorry that you have suffered the loss of any child. I know that pain must be incredible.
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I went to 41w1d with my singleton. He was 8lbs12oz and vaginal.

And then to 38w1d with my girls. They were 5lbs7oz and 5lbs12oz and emer c sec.

I had a perfect pregnancy with them. No bedrest. Went in for a regular doc appt and baby A heartrate was dropping by the minute so they took my babies within the next 10 minutes. UGH!! I don't know if she was truly in the danger they said she was. Maybe if they allowed me to walk around and change her position instead of running me to the OR I could of avoided the c sec. : But I won't get into that.

Anyway I was willing to carry them past my due date if they were happy inside me. Oh well. I wanted them to get up to 7lbs but instead they were little things and even now are very petite. But my dh and I are on the smaller side as well.

I ate as much protein as possible and drank gallons of water each day. I believe high protein is key to all pregnancies! I also bf ds till I was 4 1/2 mos preg and he self weaned.
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38 weeks exactly. My girls were 20 inches long and 7 lbs. 5 oz. and 19 inches long and 5 lbs. 10 oz. To this day there is stil a 1 inch difference in height and 3 lb. difference in weight due to different body types. No NICU, no health problems.

Sched. c-section (due to previous uterine surgery I wasn't allowed to go into labor). I was not even dilated at all. OBs in NYC won't let you go past 38 weeks with twins, so I would have been induced anyway. Worked full time until 34 weeks exactly--1.5 hr. commute by train and subway each way. Absolutely no problems (I was 43 at the time). In fact I was riding the subway 3 days before they were born! I did spend all my time at home lying down to take any pressure off my cervix. I'm single with no other kids so it wasn't that difficult to do.

I paid a lot of attention to my diet and ate about 125 grams of protein every day. I had an aversion to meat & fish for most of the preg. and junk food--don't eat it to begin with) and drank about 2 gallons of water a day. I never read Dr. Luke's book, but did follow the advice of gaining 24 lbs. by 24 weeks. I gained 65 lbs. total. I was probably the only woman at my OB to be happy to hit the 200 pound mark! :LOL
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I got to 40 weeks with my boys, 7.1 and 7.11. I didn't have to work, so all I did was sit around and eat. I think it sounds like you had a difficult situation to get through (working two jobs and school!). I think its amazing you were able to work so hard while pregnant with twins.
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8 lb Twins LOL

I went 40 weeks with my girls and was induced (my choice) because, I was tired and could barely walk. My doctor would have let me go longer if I wanted. The girls were born within 8 hours and were happy and healthy at 8 lbs and 7.15 lbs. There were no complications and I was able to stay in the delivery room and vaginally give birth with only 17 mins. in between. Like other post I was fortunate to be on disability with my work and in the last 6 weeks I did nothing but eat and sleep.
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I got to 40wks3days w/ my twin boys who were born at 81/2 lbs and 7 1/2lbs. I even induced w/ castor oil because I got impatient (would never do it again). The key for me was excellent nutrition--lots of protein, healthy fats, organic foods, cod liver oil--and lots of rest. I didn't work, slept in until noon a lot of days and ate every 1-2 hours because I was so hungry!
Hope this helps.
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I am not worthy:{

WOW! You must all have been huge! My hat off to you all what a great job. I thought everyone had their twins early but I see that isn't true. Wear those strech marks with pride mamas!
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:LOL The girls are 3 now and I was thinking of piercing my belly so I could do just that (wear the stretch marks with pride). Has anyone else done that?
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Happy to say that I never got any stretch marks. Not everyone gets them!
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Wow! The only mama's I know who didn't get them were very young at the time of prg., wondering if that was your situation HB2. :LOL Then my observation would be held intact and I wouldn't have to be jealous.
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The best way to not get stretch marks is to have a mother that also didn't get stretchmarks - IMO. Since we can't pick our mothers....
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I never got any strech marks with my babies. My mother and sister both have them but I swear I am adopted because I am the only brown eyes person, I am taller and then there is the strech mark thing . I used an olive oil and alovera rub every day though with my babies.
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I went to 37w1d with my twins and I do consider that full term I went into labour spontaneously and Sadie was 5lbs and Ella 6lbs4oz at birth - no complications, no bed rest and no stretch marks here either...and I'm 32 Does that throw your theory celrae? lol
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I can't imagine what life would be like without stretch marks! Mine were so bad that some of them started to bleed near the end of my pregnancy!
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I was 44 when I delivered my g/g twins. So much for that theory!! :LOL My mom didn't get any stretch marks either. It all has to do with your type of skin. Oddly enough I don't even remember the skin on my stomach being itchy during pregnancy. I'm also happy to report that the brown vertical line down my abdomen (don't remember what it's called) has completely disappeared. Yay!!!
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I went 2 days past my due date. So yes, I went 40 weeks. My b/g twins were both breech, born at home and 8 pounds 3 ounces and 8 pounds 10 ounces.

Absolutely no sugar or refined breads or foods. A gallon of water a day. 150 grams of protein a day and lots of green leafy veges. I began salting my food about 28 weeks to increase blood volume. That gallon of water a day and the protein are extremely important!

Read Anne Frye's bit on Multiples in HOlistic Midwifery.
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Well I am very jealous of no stretch marks but, we all have to celebrate our diversity right! , so i want to pierce it and make it pretty again. I am in the mood to do something fun, just not 100% sure it's the statement I want to make. Feedback appreciated.

hotmamacita -wow wonderful birth story!
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I went to 38wks3dys to a scheduled C b/c BabyA was breech. I was po'd about the scheduled C but it turned out to be the BEST thing for BabyB since she was so in distress it wasn't funny, she came out not breathing from a C, can't imagine having her come out DEAD from a vaginal and being second there was no way she would have survived. So, anyways, BabyA was 6lbs.8oz. and BabyB was 5lbs.8oz. I didn't do bedrest, but I worked from home and laid down a lot and drank a lot of water (huge qty's) and ate every 1-2 hours organic, healthy, protein rich foods, NO soy (too much estrogen) and a ton of veggies and, did I mention the 176 grams of daily protein??? I was on a book's program and it really worked for me. I had lost a singleton baby the year before at 10 weeks and knew I would have another problem with the next pregnancy. I make bad placentas that clot and starve out the baby. I almost lost my twin dd that way, her placenta was 1/2 as thick as my son's and also 50% clotted. So that means that she was getting only 1/4 of the nutrients/oxygen that he was getting from his normal healthy placenta. I thank God almost every night still after 24 mos. and 2 weeks that I agreed to that C section b/c my ds was breech and wouldn't get his head down (which would have made him take his head and emotional support away from his sister who was in distress w/out us knowing it). My son is a little hero b/c he saved his twin sister's life! Even now he hugs her every night and says "hug" and just loves her totally. We are very blessed and am grateful for C-sections and doctors who insist on them!!! My dd is alive today b/c of it. I was insisting on a natural, no drugs birth and only agreed at the last possible moment. So glad God gave me that insight to trust the doctor. She was wonderful too.
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