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VBAC twins???HELP!!

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I am having such a problem finding someone to VBAC twins!
I had a homebirth with my first. She was posterior, I dilated fully at home and pushed for 5 hrs. She would not come down at all. I was dehydrated and we decided to transport after all options were exhausted. They were going to give me an epidural to relax and let the swelling go down. (my midwife was trying to turn her the whole time) My white blood cell count was too high (barely) so they wouldn't do it. And the only option was c section completely knocked out. (BY this time I was just suffering)
Now I am prego and was planning another homebirth. Then we found out they were they....TWO! My midwife is 3 hours away in INdiana (Iam on N. KY) and is a lay midwife which is far from legal here. She would do a home birth if I birthed near her with her back up doc near by. This was an option for me but her back up is not covered by my ins. and I would be paying her out of pocket as well. This is impossible for our humble household.
I've interviewed but no one will even attempt a VBAC with twins. I still have a doc to interview who is upportive of VBACs, but twins?

Is this normal to find so much opposition on this subject? Is it where I live?
Coming from Oregon and NY the birthing situation is pretty sad here in cincinnati.

If anyone has any advice or have VBAC'd twins please lend a kind word and advice. I feel like I am painted in a corner and I have no other options but c-sec.

Thanks in advance
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No advice, but congrats on twins! Where I live they will not do vbac's at all, let alone if you are having twins. I really hope that you can find someone that will do it, but you will probably have a time. A lot of doc's just want to do a c-section automatically just because you are having twins, especially if they are not perfectly possitioned. I understand how frustrating it can be to get the birth you want, I had a very hard this time finding someone also. Good Luck & try not to worry too much over it, it will work out in the end.
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I was a VBAC but crap went awry.....a good resource is ICAN's site -
I think there is even a physician list somehwere....if not, writing to locals on the board may help.


Much luck & hope,
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My ob was pushing me for a vbac. I really didn't want to try one but he thought I was the perfect person to do a vbac with twins. However in the end it didn't work out as baby a was breech plus we were in an emergency situtation that forced an emergency csection. BTW my ob was against inducing the twins before week 39, he actually wanted to see me back it to week 40. My babies however had other plans and we had them at 36 weeks.
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