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measuring 16 weeks at 12 weeks - twins?

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I just saw my midwives yesterday at 12 weeks 2 days (very sure of dates). They said my uterus was measuring at 16 weeks. Also they thought there may be an over abundance of water.

Does everyone pg with twins measure large like this? Is this an indication of twins? They want us to wait until our next appt in 4 weeks to see how I measure then, but I don't know if I can wait that long. I think I want to go get an ultrasound. But I don't want to jump the gun and get one unnecesarily - we weren't planning on having one at all.

Any suggestions or shared similar experiences appreciated!!

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No advice but just wanted to let you know your not alone. I measured 17 weeks at my 13 week visit. My midwife said that she thinks that I may be further along than I thought but I too am almost 100% sure of dates. She told me that since I have lighter periods caused by nursing a toddler, that what I thought was a period could have been spotting. When I came home and checked my data, I really doubted her theory and started researching twin preg. She may be right after all she has been doing her job 20 years.

Here is a site with signs listed of twin pregnancies and what is confirming my suspicions that I am preg with twins (I won't know for sure until my next visit in 4 weeks.)
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I didnt measure more than 1-2 weeks ahead until I hit 34 weeks. At 36 weeks (delivery) I measured 40 weeks.
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Does your midwife think you might have polyhydramnios just because you are measuring ahead? Being honest here, if she thinks it might be polyhydramnios I'd get it checked out. I know a lot of people are very anti-testing (and I am too) but just giving my honest opinion.

I measured ahead starting at the beginning of my 2nd trimester and by 20 weeks was measuring 24 weeks. I delivered at 32 weeks measuring 44 weeks.
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Thanks everyone for your replies!!!

So we couldn't stop worrying and went in for an ultrasound Friday and there was only one baby. There was not an excess of water either. There was a big fibroid, which the woman doing the ultrasound said could account for measuring large, and she also said it is nothing to worry about. The baby measured right on for our dates. It was so cute too, we saw the baby open its mouth three or four times, once even sticking out its tongue!

At least now we are not worried! I was relieved yet a little sad not to be joining the parents of multiples club - it would have been a mixed blessing though! I feel I barely survived the newborn stage of my first and am hopeful but worried about the second. Not sure if I could have survived twins.
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Yay! Great news!!! Congratulations!
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