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another thread about colds/allergies

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This must be a nasty cold out there. It seems to stay a long time, and then even cycle back through. I've been sick since the middle of October. I think part of the problem is allergies too. How in the heck can you tell the difference?

I seem to have the opposite problem of many I read. I have more irritation than mucous. It's a dry irritation in my nose and throat with only small amounts of mucous. This sounds weird, but i would LOVE to have a good productive cough or a runny nose. Instead it all gets swelled up, stuffed up, dried up and just plain annoying. I hack all day and soon will be coughing at night too based on recent history that is repeating itself.

OH! Also, I have learned a bitter lesson that i will pass on. A young girl from the local health store told me to mix a drop of grapefruit seed extract with a drop of water and drop it in my nose. WRONG! It was like burning acid in my head. So now everything is ten times worse. I had terrible pain and fever from that. I called another health store that has more knowledgable help and does a lot of consulting. The herb expert had me taking slippery elm and fenugreek every hour. That helped some but the cough is so stubborn that it's helping, but not getting rid of the cough. Is there anything else to do? My 19 month old is still nursing, btw, so I suppose I'm somewhat limited.

Any help is very much appreciated.

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You poor thing (the grapefruit seed extract!) I do a nasal douche with just water--you can either use a neti pot or just do it carefully with some distilled water in a cup. I swear this works the best for me when I have the conditions you describe. And I'm wondering if you need some humidity--try a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in a vaporizer, steamy eucalyptus baths (10 drops or so in a tub) or even leave pans of water out.

And I take Emergen-C or a shot of wheatgrass juice if I can't shake a cold.

If you think you have allergies maybe an air purifier would help.

Hope you feel better! This seems to be an early, tough cold season!

One other thought--if you have the type of heat where you use filters, do they need to be changed?
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