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"5W" herbs?

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Just had a m/w appointment today...she is so great!

Anyway, she was talking about using something called 5W herbs for the last five weeks of pg. I had some more questions so I never really asked her to clarify, but now I'm wondering what she was talking about. Anybody have experience with this? I'm planning a VBAC and she wants to make sure I actually go into labor which didn't happen last time, but I don't know if the herbs have anything to do with that. Thanks!
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one of my sisters was talking about this, so I'm wondering too...
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I took these with my first pregnancy. My labor while fast for a first labor was terrible! (9 hours) I had severe need to push at only 7 centimeters, so bad that my body would physically drop/push down. By the time I made it to 10cm I was crying from the pushing sensation, it was like my whole body would contract. It made the labor sooo painful. At the time I didn't know any different. Oh also my placenta tore, which I have no idea of the cause but I suppose it could have been the herbs too.

My second labor without these was 31/2 hours and I had absolutely none of the involuntary pushing like with my first. Looking back I really think it was the herbs that did it. I personally wouldn't recommend them, but of course I can't say 100% it was the herbs.

I would do what your doing and ask stories, maybe mine was a fluke, but you want to be safe too.

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Hmm. I think I would question that advice. 5-W is good stuff, but it has cohosh in it, which is sometimes used to induce labor. With a VBAC, one thing you absolutely don't want to do is induce. I'm not sure why she would recommend that to you, but I would err on the side of caution and try something else instead.
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I took it last pregnancy. I wont take it again because when I went for a checkup my baby heart rate was very high, higher than usual, and I think i read somewhere this could be due to the herbs.
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Hey Angie, didn't know you were pregnant, congrats!

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Wow, I didn't know it could do all that...thanks mamas. The m/w also mentioned doing some cervix ripening stuff first, so hopefully that will work if needed.
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what is in her 5 w formula?
many 5 or 6w formulas have blue cohosh and black cohosh and although they can be used in combo to induce labor it is at much higher amounts than you would take in a 5 w formula--- this is usually raw powdered herb in the caps and if you look at the ingredients you are getting a fairly small amount of each herb . When used for induction or rather augmentation it would be in a concentrated form -tincture and a dose every 15 minutes. most 5 w formulas also have uterine relaxants in them as well and herbs that are high in minerals- over all they tend to be a nourishing supplement. there are several formulas and what you really need to do is look at what is in the formula -- and if you are not comfortable taking it then don't.

cariadanam--- your intense urge to push may have had nothing to do with the herbs - from a recent discussion on the subject of early pushing it may be a way to alter a baby's position and assist in dilation- certainly you had a quicker than average first labor at 9 hrs (12 hrs average) .
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i used something called ninth month tea. it does have blue and black cohosh in. my labour was very gentle and quick, 5.5 hours. i don't imagine it is a universal solution, but i will possibly use it again.
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thanks, that's helpful, mwherbs...I just heard from a woman where I live who uses the same mw and did 5w with a successful and generally happy VBAC. I don't know the formula but I know she recommends a certain kind that she has been using for years and years (she's 61).
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I think that many midwives really like using herbs in this way to "help prepare" the body or to ensure that someone will not go over their due date or have a long labor.

Does your mw have restrictions on you going over your due date? It sounds like the reason for your cesarean was a failed induction, am I right? If so, I'd be really hesitant to mess with the way your body prepares for birth.

I'm not keen on advising women to take a supplement unless there is something wrong or something they are missing. Going over your due date isn't wrong at all. By implying that you should take this herb, there's a message that your body won't work without it. Fortunately, that is not true.
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well, it wasn't just going over my due date last time, and there were things "wrong"...it was having high bp (160/100) and I was almost 42 weeks, and my dd was 10lbs 9oz (different thread altogether!). I was feeling the effects of the high bp by the end and something needed to happen, I think. She didn't say it was a guarantee that we would do the 5w, just that it was something we could do if things looked the same as last time. Does that make sense?
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I have taken them in some pgs and then not in others. Doesn't matter - I always go to 42 weeks. Did nothing to my labors (castor oil did however so I would never do that again). Doesn't help me dialate any earlier or efface or make the baby move down. Maybe from some people it would be effective but I haven't seen any difference in taking them from not taking them. My mother took them in her last pg didn't do anything for her either.

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