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Pumpkin Seeds, I am so with you on Michael Vartan.
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The way I took the Garner/Foley split was that he was very upset over her success and he just could not handle it. Obviously we will never know the reason but I don't think she seems the type to cheat while married, just my opinion.

And yes when they announced the marriage they also admitted that she is 3 months pg. Word is it's a boy
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Originally Posted by MamaBug
I think it was a fake wedding so that the photographers won't follow them. THEN they have the real ceremony with their whole family and noone is the wiser
I wonder if they'll do a bigger ceremony later, after the baby's born? Maybe they just wanted to get married before the kid came.
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whether it was the real or fake one...
good for them.

hope their marriage prospers
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I love them together. She's SOOO much better with him than J.Lo

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Scott Foley cheated on Garner with his costar Amanda Detmer. Vartan was her rebound guy. They were only friends while she was married. Jennifer is not that type of girl.
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Correction to my last post, now I hear it's a girl??? Who knows I love the guess what it is game, no matter who you are! :LOL

I agree I like them together alot, and you could be right that they just wanted to be married before baby came
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I Jennifer Garner. I'm not a big fan of Ben, but I think that's because of J.Lo (who annoys me to no end). I gotta say that Michael Vartan is pretty darn cute. Wonder why it didn't work out with them. . .
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Just because you can't see their family in the photo doesn't mean they aren't there just out of frame, right?

I wasn't a fan of Ben IRL (just in Kevin Smith movies) but I was reading Kevin's glowing chapter on Ben as a person and he sounded like a good guy. Hmm, but I also remember hearing Gwyneth Paltrow say something about him after they broke up, like she wanted to date someone like her dad, and Ben is more frat boy and strippers kind of guy.
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I did just read an article that about 50 of their family and friends were there and joined them afterward for the party as Bruce Willis estate. So that is possible, you can clearly see a camera man there in the pics .......yes in the Star : I just had to see them! :LOL I am hoping they might sell the pics to the legitimate media so we can really see her dress, it looks really pretty and not over the top like La Lopez
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According to People magazine, no one was ther from their families or close friends. Not her sisters, not Matt or Kevin... no parents... no one.
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Until they tell it live, I won't believe it. There are different versions going around, kwim? Some say there were ppl and food and others say no ppl just cake and : Who knows?

And why do I care :
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secret celebrity gossip lover here, too...

I like the only them wedding. That's what I'd like to do. Don't think I could take even a few hours of my partner's various family & friends of family coming up to us and talking about stuff I don't really have an interest in...

And I liked the look of her dress.

And Victor Garber officiating.

back under my bag again... :

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:LOL Welcome to the club.

I too really liked her dress. But I had a pretty big wedding and honey I didn't really have much time to talk I was too busy shaking my groove thing with my new hubby!
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MMMM I love me some michael vartan.. he is so yummy
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