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Braxton Hicks???

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I know it's way too early, right? I'll be 14 weeks tomorrow, and for the last week I could swear I'm feeling braxton hicks contractions. They're just like what I felt late in my last pregnancy, only smaller. They happen when I stand up quickly, or wait too long to pee, just like I remember. Then I feel huge pressure for a while.
Can anyone tell me definitively that I'm crazy? Or is anyone experiencing the same thing?
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Yes, I am having them, too. And I am only 14 weeks, too. I am aware of that spreading pressure feeling across my belly and then when I feel it, it's like a rock. I get them when I'm tired, have been standing too long, or something like that. I guess our uteruses (uteri?) are going to be very well prepared when labor comes!!
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I too am 14wks and have bh. I feel them from about week 6 on. My mw has said you have them from the start just not everyone feels them. Don't worry....all normal! Oh- dehydration can also cause them. When I feel a string of them I make sure to drink some more water and they usually subside.
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I've been thinking I've felt some too - usually while in the car which was when they were the worst with ds. Nothing often, not even everyday which made me wonder if it was bh or cramps due to my uterus growing or would those be the same thing?
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I'm having them, too. They began over the weekend. I started at 16 weeks with second pregnancy, so about a week earlier this time. Totally normal!
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Yup! Started about 11 weeks this time!
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I'm 10 weeks and I'm sure I have felt them already. I know for certain I had one last night. I remember feeling them at 15 weeks last time so this seems early to me. Glad to hear there are others.

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I've been having them, too. I first noticed them last week and asked my SIL if she knew what it was... since then (I'm at 16 wks, now), I've been feeling them every couple of days, sometimes several times a day. I've noticed sex definitely brings them on, as does swimming (in cool river water). My midwife says it's a good thing and totally normal.
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Me Too

I'm having tons of them the last few days--started around 11 weeks. This is my 3rd, and they started at this time with my 2nd also. They're fairly uncomfortable at times, and I don't feel like moving around much.
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