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Needs a vegetarians suggestion.

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I'm planning a vegetarian meal for my brother and family in a few days.

I'm making a homemade macaroni and cheese casserole and a coleslaw or bean salad to go with it.

I need one more accompanyment, any suggestions?

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If it were me, I would go for a fresh green veggie of some sort, or a fruit salad. Sounds like you've got plenty of carbs and protein going on already, you just need some fruits or veggies!
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Thanks Jane.

Any veggie recipes to share? They have a toddler and a 5 y/o.

I guess I should give my brother a call and see what the kids like to eat.

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Hmmm, I was thinking something really basic like green beans, spinach, or broccoli - no real recipe involved since it already sounds like you've got two "recipe" dishes going.

Here's my favorite way to cook green beans, a la Julia Child:

Trim your green beans. Blanch them for about a minute in a pot of boiling water. Shock them in a bowl of ice water to stop the cooking and set the color. Dry them off, then saute them over medium-high heat in some butter until they start developing a few dark patches (but don't overcook them to dull green; they should still be pretty bright green and tender-crisp). Squeeze half a lemon over and add some lemon zest in the last minute of cooking.

Or how about this recipe for sweet potatoes cooked with apples? Healthy, but should appeal to sweet-toothed kids, and seasonal:


This cranberry slaw sounds yummy too if you do coleslaw


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and here's a yummy-sounding roasted carrots recipe:

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It sounds like you're doing a lot of work making the casserole and salad. If you go with cole slaw, how about something fun and easy like tofu pups or baked tofu. If you go for the beans, a green salad maybe add some fruit like diced apples, orange slices or raisins to make it more appealing for the kids or a nice fruit salad. Add a little shredded coconut on the fruit salad and toss with orange juice to make it special.
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Well I made a homemade mac & cheese w/bean salad.

My brother and SIL absolutely loved it, but their two kids wouldn't touch it!!

Apparently they like CRAP mac. and cheese....ooops......I mean KRAFT mac. and cheese better. LOL

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i'm sure it was yummy! oh well, eating veggie doesn't always mean eating healthy. i have to confess, my mac and cheese is out of a box. at least it's annie's organic whole wheat and cheddar, but it's not homemade!
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