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Exciting an New: Tester, New WAHM, New style!

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Ok, so usually I get no fluffymail. Like literally none and then... this week happens! I have been rolling in exciting and new fluff and just soooo have to share! I really really really can not NOT!

Exciting and New!

NEW WAHM: Behold, the first package a brand new WAHM Precious Coverings... WOW! She is amazing! Butterflymom managed to fairy me with this AIO that I was actually tempted to buy like 100 times since the diaper hunt!!! It was like receiving an ounce of crack cocaine in the mail. I am soooo addicted!!! Her prices are unbeatable for the quality and the options she offers! Plus... the embroidery is ADORABLE!!! Not just on mine, but in her gallery as well! But, please don't go buy her out of customs, because I WANT MORE!!! Just have to save up some PP. I'm soooo going to be beating down her door!!!! www.preciouscoverings.com

TESTER: Naturekins is just unsurpassed quality. Barbara is unbeatable when it comes to dyed wooly goodies!!! This is a tester for her new pull on diaper cover! Oh! I can NOT rave enough about the design! It's perfect fit and great for wriggly toddlers that are easier to slip into something stretchy than to try to snap and velcro into something! From a mama whose babe knows how to undo diapers and covers... this pull on is a heavenly! It's beautiful and SO functional! www.naturekins.com

NEW STYLE: The Calico Baby is known for her huge array of glorious fabrics, quality craftmomship and excellent customer service. Laura proved it again when I must have earned "The Most Annoying Customer" award as I badgered her into doing something different for my fitted. First of all I wanted velour/velour and then I wanted T&T... and she gave me both!!! The result is an amazingly soft and thirsty fitted in chocolate brown velour outer and pale pink velour inner. www.thecalicobaby.com

Thank you for listening to me babble! I don't think ANYONE in real life would!!!
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Wow, everything is gorgeous, I keep going through the pictures over and over. Lucky babe!
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Awesome fluff!!!!

What size is the Precious Coverings AIO?
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Thanks guys! It has been such a fluffy week!!!

The PC AIO is a size medium AI2 (quick dry with sewn in contour) with a short rise.

The Calico Baby is a size small.
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Holy cow! That stuff is all awsome! I LOVE the chocolate and pink OV!
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Great fluff! I can't wait to get my OV fitteds from Precious Coverings. She's been so great to work with. I just hope she doesn't get totally swamped with orders before I can scrape up some more paypal!
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Noooo PC is my secret WAHM!! The cat is out now, and all the hyenas are going to attack! LOL JK, I have two newborn AI2's coming from PC that should be here any day!

Calico baby AIO's are now my number 1 favorite aio's. lol I LOVE 'em!!
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I know PC is Butterflymom's secret WAHM, too!!! :LOL Man! She's just AMAZING!!! Seriously... she's too good to stay a secret! She has GOT to get the credit she deserves! I firmly believe if you try her, you'll love her!

Mmmm, and the Calico. Soooo soft! And, the NAturekins... such a work of wearable art!

SIDENOTE: Do you think my pics are protected enough?
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Oooooooh!!! I emailed the mama at Calico baby about doing some fitteds T&T, like her AIOs. (I love all her fabrics and like serged dipes, but I don't like how the amount of elastic across the top!) You answered my question since she hasn't gotten back to me yet!

Gorgeous fluff!

ETA - I've got 2 hand dyed OV emboridered fitteds coming from PC, can't wait!
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Jana, the sign at her shop says that she's out of town til the 18th. So, that's probably why you haven't heard back from her. She is a "spot on" customer service wahm, I wouldn't be surprised if she still hasn't unpacked when she's answering her CS e-mails!
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AGGGGHHHHH....why did I look? Why did I look?

I don't do well with choices - say if a mama was going to break her self-imposed diaper buying ban to try a custom PC - what on earth should she choose? Where should she start? I find buying on the TP so easy cause you just get what you get - but all those choices - I have no idea.........


Edited to add: my dh just read over my shoulder and wanted to remind me that my diaper buying ban is not exacly self-imposed...., there may be a tiny bit of external pressure involved.
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So, Jeanette, just don't get your item embroidered! I think that's a GREAT way to compromise... um... and wait till he goes to bed!!! :LOL

Let's just go cheap since you're trying it out. If you want an AIO go:
- AI2 (for QD) or AIO (for internal soaker)
- Go with a GN PUL so that if you hate it (which I would then call you a freak of nature) you could resell it easily. How about Aqua?
- No fleece (we're keeping your cost low here)
- Side Snaps (seems to be the most popular so it will resell well again if you hate it)
- Internal soaker Sherpa
- Lime Velour inner (free and would look great with Aqua and remain GN)
- Hemp Contour for absorbency
- Soaker Sew in Back (for easiness)
- Top soaker with Lime velour (free)

The total is $13.99 for NB, $14.99 for S, $15.99 for M, $16.99 for L, $17.99 for XL.

There. How easy was that?
LMK if you want a fitted instead. And, you know there's always the option of just e-mailng her and saying that there are too many choices. You want a XYZ for a girl/boy with bold/pale colors. Surprise me!
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Wow!!! Those look great!! I Have been wanting to try some Precious Coverings stuff and you just convinced me!
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YES!!! Jen! You sooo won't be sorry!!! Oh... and, whoever buys something from her in the next day or so... I think you all should pay me commission for helping convince you to buy something you'll LOVE!!! (hmmm, do you think $2 per person can get me another addictive AIO????)*

*Totally kidding!!!
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Ohhh, I love the choc/pink velour diaper. I love them all, but I'm hormonal today and chocolate anything sounds
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Originally Posted by stacey0402
Ohhh, I love the choc/pink velour diaper. I love them all, but I'm hormonal today and chocolate anything sounds
:LOL HA! That's tooo funny!!! Get yourself some chocolate STAT!

So, jenaniah let me know if you need my PP addy! :LOL
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Those all look great!
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You've gotten me very excited for my Precious Coverings fitteds coming... I ordered the organic velour night time fitteds -- and I got them embroidered!! Overlapping hearts on DD's (size medium) side-snap OV night time fitted -- with decorative T&T... Duck PJ's on DS's (size large) side-snap OV night time fitted, also with the decorative T&T... It was an expensive order, but I'm hoping it was worth every penny... Glad to hear you are happy with yours -- I can't wait to get mine now!!!

Oh, and I won the drawing for the free custom wipes and wetbag for June!! Very excited!!

Love my Calico Baby diapers, too... Got my size large ultimate AIO the other day -- DS is moving up to larges, and DD is moving up to mediums... trying to sell my oh so cute size small Calico Baby... will miss it, though...
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Just emailed her with a question...as soon as I hear back I'll need it Claire
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