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*Adding to my favorites list*

Those are great, Claire!!
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Meri -- You are sooo going to love them!!! I've seen some pics of her fitteds tried on and AMAZING!!! And, OV... YUM!!! Totally cool that you won the drawing!!! That's cool! And, yes, yes, yes, Calico Baby AIOs are great! I love that you can pop a PF into them!

:LOL Jen, you're cracking me up!

HDM -- Thanks! REALLY, they deserve to be on everyone's favorite list. I love love love them all!
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That is some seriously gorgeous fluff mama! The chocolate and pink CB is gorgeous...makes me think of chocolate and strawberries! I'm intrigued by the naturekins....sounds just loverly! Can we get a pic of the front, and maybe one by itself w/ no baby in it?! Do you think it would hold up to nighttime?!
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OMG!! I love all the emb. options she has. Oh I so want to order some of her organic fitted custom slots with emb. on them but I can't make up my mind what I want on them and I promised DH I wouldn't buy any more diapers for a while. but i could always say the are for DS birthday. I can always find a loop hole to that promise. LOL
Off to try and make up my mind on a few designs.
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jloveetc - I can take unworn pics no problem! I didn't manage to get ANY front on shots though! Shoot! You know, toddlers, they don't always cooperate! :LOL I think I have a side profile. Also, the cover is REVERSIBLE! Totally cool! I don't know if it would go the nighttime distance, but Barbara is SO wonderful to work with, I bet she could easily work something out that would.

Corey -- Just remember... that will be $2 and then you owe me a petal dress from me pointing you to the petal dress pattern. Man, I'm just racking it up with you!!! :LOL

Ok, so I'm really afraid someone will think I'm serious!!! Really, I'm just teasing. I point people to these yummy yummy WAHMs not for the $2 PP!!! :LOL
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Thanks Claire

I have been sitting on the fence over whether or not I should order some AIOs with her and that just pushed me over. I do not need any fitteds (OK, I don't need any AIOs either but I am trying to make all my AIOs organic) but embroidered AIOs... who can resist?
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This is the first AIO that has made me consider cheating on my daisy doodles. :LOL
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Well, I think I'm just about the only one around here who doesn't get excited over AIO's :LOL, but I actually gasped out loud over that chocolate/pink all-velour fitted. Oh, be still my beating heart! And that Naturekins cover is awesome!!! I have a custom slot from her this fall, and I love seeing everyone else's stuff and getting ideas.

Awesome fluff, Claire!!!!!
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Oh man the cat really IS out of the bag! : I wanted to wait until she was done with the 40 diapers I custom ordered before you sent all the hyenas swarming at her door, Claire!!! :LOL (Totally just kidding--Lisa deserves any and all attention, and ASAP! She rules)
I would have been shouting from the rooftops earlier, but I wanted to wait until at least the first installment of my mega-custom arrived so I could post some really yummy pictures of all the embroidered goodies, and so far all I've had was a beyond-amazing tester. :LOL
Ok, you guys, go swarm her.
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OMG!!! Did you really order 40 diapers??!!! She'll NEVER get to the two I ordered!! :LOL

Really wondering if I should go ahead and order those two diapers on the first post of my itemized wishlist... before she's not taking orders anymore!!!
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oops.... ever accidentally order something??? Well, I did : I put in the two PC fitteds and followed the check-out to see what the total price would be -- pressed continue thinking there would be another page -- nope... oops!! Oh well.... So much for being on the wagon... I've got a 3-5 week wait anyways...
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NICE !! Very nice. LOVE that hummingbird
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Angelica -- you are TOTALLY the one responsible for all this hoopla!!! If you hadn't been so generous to send me that AMAZING AIO, I would have not been such a believer!!!! Thank you! I love the Crack Cocaine! Really really I do!!! And... I have a feeling that with 40 diapers... you'll be able to order whenever you want! Sheesh! That calls for red carpet treatment!!! :LOL

Kate -- she does OV inners on her AIOs, I'm pretty sure that's what Angelica got me... is it? I think I heard rumor that she's out of OV, but I'm sure she'll get some in!

Bridgett -- I am a HUGE Daisy Doodles fan myself!!! And, I must say, trying PC was well worth it! Mine is yummy and super thirsty. With the doubler I think it could easily go for long car rides with my heavy wetter.

Jennissee -- OMG!!! YES YES YES!!! The Calico Baby and Naturekins! These are both gorgeous pieces!!! The velour is sooo soft! Drool. And the Naturekins is a GREAT design and soooo pretty!!!

Meri -- In all honesty, I'd go order now if you have any way to swing it. I mean... ANY way! I really am afraid she'll close for customs for a long time.

Liza -- I swear the pics don't even do the Naturekins justice. It's really soooo gorgeous! A work of art! And, there's another embroidery on the reverse side!!! Plus, she's Canadian! How can you not love her!?!?!
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Claire -- I got the order in. She emailed me and asked if I wanted my two orders to ship together -- but said there was a LOT of orders in between them. :LOL I had more than half of the funds in funded paypal already, so its only a wee bit on my cc...

Must get to selling some more diapers... If any of you know people looking for stuff, send them to the TP or FSOT on diaperpin looking for my user name!! :LOL
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that velour fitted is beautiful!
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Wow, that PC AIO looks great! Is Laura @ Calico Baby doing that style for her AIO's too or just fitteds?
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Originally Posted by Spark
Jana, the sign at her shop says that she's out of town til the 18th. So, that's probably why you haven't heard back from her. She is a "spot on" customer service wahm, I wouldn't be surprised if she still hasn't unpacked when she's answering her CS e-mails!
Yeah I saw that yesterday when I checked out her website. I knew something was up, she's always gotten back to me asap!
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Gorgeous fluff! It's worth a fluffy dry spell to have those in the mail all at once. that chocolate pink velour dipe!
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she does OV inners on her AIOs, I'm pretty sure that's what Angelica got me... is it?
It's OV.

I think I heard rumor that she's out of OV, but I'm sure she'll get some in!
NOt anymore, she has plenty of OV now!
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Yeah so thanks to this thread I ordered some organic embroidered AIOs ans a night diaper :LOL I have no willpower.
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