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*OFFICIAL* Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince Party Thread INCLUDES SPOILERS

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Hello. I wanted to start a place to discuss the count-down to the book, the book itself and all things book 6. If you want a spoiler free discussion, go start your own thread I would still like to see spoiler tags used after you read the book for those that are slow readers

Anyone want to come to my party?

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Okay..now, I'd love to party with you here, but as you know...I like it spoiler free! Are we required to use the tags here? Or do people at least have to give some warning? If not, V, I'm going to have to go bump my own thread!

By the way, since the spoilers haven't happened yet: how are you getting your copy? Did you order it? What about last time?

I ordered it from Amazon and I am just PRAYING that the release day delivery bit doesn't get screwed up.
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Originally Posted by aisling
I ordered it from Amazon and I am just PRAYING that the release day delivery bit doesn't get screwed up.
Me too, I haven't had a nightmare yet though about me chasing down(but not getting anywhere) the UPS truck b/c it couldn't find my house.

I am tempted to go to the bookstore and pre-order another one so I can it at midnight. OO, I am excited for the party!


IMHO spoler tags are always good form
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I can't wait!! :
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I'm expecting mine from amazon.com too! Too excited to start it.
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We preordered ours from a B&N around the corner so we can go get it at midnight. Our whole family is going. This is the first one that my kids have been old enough to care about the release! It's so much fun sharing this with them
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I'm buying mine from the Superstore where I do my grocery shopping at! They have all books at 25% off the cover price, even brand new! It's very cool...

Only 9 more sleeps!!! :LOL

BTW, Linda, I love the names of your cats!!!
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Yay! A party!! I've brought the butterbeer! :LOL
We didn't get a copy reserved in time at either of the places doing midnight parties here so I don't think I'll be going to one. I think it would suck for the kids to go party and see the book but not be able to take one home right then, ya know? So, we'll just have to wait until 10AM for ours. Last time my MIL had pre-ordered us a copy paid-in-full that came with a hat that said Order of the Phoenix and a special certificate...some deal she got through Scholastic and we just had to go pick it up from the bookstore. Cool, huh? The only thing better than a new Harry Potter book is a FREE new Harry Potter!
So, how many people besides me and my dk reread the old books before the new one is released? We are just finishing OOP...trying to drag it out. :LOL

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I've got Chocolate Frogs...

I'm hoping to finish up Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (reading to dd) soon so dd and I can do a little review of OOP.
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I'm such a geek I didn't want to wait for mine. We'll be on vacation at my grandmother's house in AL and I looked for a bookstore around there who was doing a midnight party and it was a no-go.

So I ordered one from amazon.com. But we're not staying at my grandmother's house, we're in a hotel so I'm going to have to stalk the UPS man all day from afar!!! I gotta figure this one out. Do they guarantee it at any certain time of day? Will they leave it if no one is there?? My cousin's getting married at 4 so I hope it comes before then..I may be reading during the wedding!! :

I'm just excited because I have a 7 hour car ride the next day!! 7 hours of my beloved Harry!!! WOOHOO!!!

My obsession just started this year so I didn't do anything about the release of the last book..

I recently reread POA, GOF and OTP so I'd be up to date again..I keep trying to pick up other fiction books but I just can't get in to anything..I know HPB is so close and nothing else satisfies!!!! Oh, boy..I'm such a loser!! :LOL
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I also ordered my copy of HBP from Amazon.com I would go to the midnight release, but I think I'd look kinda silly there by myself. :LOL

I'm trying to finish up OOtP (for the second time) but it's hard for me to find time to read without being distracted. It takes me months to read a book around here. How do you folks do it?
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I don't manage it! I'm a slow reader. Has nothing to do with the kids interrupting me.

Oh, and I vote for spoiler tags! They are cool. And take up less space than just making a warning and making a huge space to scroll through.
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:LOL i started this thread and then disappeared! My ds decided to help me fix my keyboard by cleaning it with a huge glass of water and so I have been reading and waiting for it to dry

I have no problem with using spoiler tags....does everyone know how to do them? Cause I forgot! Can someone do spoiler tags 101 for us?

I don't think that we should have to put guesses or conversations in spoiler tags though. for example if I say "I think that Buckbeak is gonna die in the new book" I don't spoiler tag it. But if I said "OMG buckbeak died on page 203" then it should be spoiler'd. Does that sound good? (BTW - I have nothing against Buckbeak and no inside knowledge )

I'll bring the Canary Creams....anyone want one?


p.s. we are doing the party at Barnes & Noble (me and dd) then coming home and putting her to bed - then reading, reading, reading!
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I don't know if I've seen spoiler tags here, but let's see if this works:

Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message!
This is a spoiler test

Yep, I think it does. To make it, you type:

[spoiler]Spoiler text here[/spoiler]
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know HPB is so close and nothing else satisfies!!!!
Yup, that is sooo me!! All I can do is think about what might happen, what will happen, what I hope happens. It's a good thing the book comes out next week, something will have to get me through until november and GoF!!
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joining you all for the harry potter fest.
i have been re reading the first three in order and will be working on the next few later on.
thanks for doing this victorian. i am really looking forward to the new one. although i havent special ordered it or anything.
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I just finished OOTP. Why do you think that there is only one woman Deatheater? And she was *personnally* taught by You-Know-Who. Where does You-Know-Who's mother fit into the pure breed family tree? What about the Wesleys? Are the Wesley's related to YKW? What about the Potters?

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While I am anxiously awaiting this book, I'm kind of sad to see the series getting nearer to the end.

What will i do when there are no more Harry Potter books to look forward to?
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fan fiction...and it gets much hotter. (insert porno music here)

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I preordered one copy from Amazon.com and I'm planning to preorder another copy at the local Barnes and Noble- so if Amazon's delivery is screwed up I can drive down to the bookstore!!

I want to get 2 copies anyway- my girls are huge HP fans as well, and we currently own 2 copies of the other 5 books.
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