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Didn't Ron flat out say he thought Ginny was supposed to go to the Winter Ball with Harry?

I think Luna is kind of a red herring. And it gives some depth to the story.
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Hawaii loves Harry too... and I pre-ordered from Borders b/c amazon wouldn't get it here on the release date :-))
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My MIL guesses, with respect to the title Half-Blood Prince:

Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message!
Harry has a brother!
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whoa! benjalo

that is a good one~!~

maya rereading prisoner right now.
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Originally Posted by journeymom
Didn't Ron flat out say he thought Ginny was supposed to go to the Winter Ball with Harry?
Ron expected Ginny to go with Harry because they were becoming desperate for dates to the Yule ball. It was kind of an offhanded, "Well, you can just go with Ginny, and I'll take Hermione" kind of thing.

I don't think that Ginny is remotely interested in Harry. She gave him a chance, and he didn't even acknowledge that she was breathing. She's an interesting character, but too strong for that nonsense. Perhaps there will be a change of heart, but I sincerely doubt it. At the end of OoTP she was dating Dean Thomas. She went through a bunch of guys that year!

I think Neville may be the one for Ginny. I bet he toughens up a bunch in this book.

Luna, perhaps, is just a distraction, but at the end, when she and Harry have that moment when she's looking for her stuff, he feels relieved with having spoken to her. She's flakey, sure, but she's coming from a place of innocence and purity and I think Harry will fall for that. I could be wrong... I thought I had read somewhere that JKR had given us hints about who Harry will end up with already. I don't know.
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if jkr did give hints one of them could be in prisoner of azkaban, the seeker on the gyfynndor team in cho chang, who harry thinks is gorgeous...he says so.

maybe she will be a returning character.
maya~*~*~dork queen~*~*
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Maya, just out of curiousity and not wanting to give anything away, have you read all the books?

I just want to know what I should spoiler tag and what not to...
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yes, read all the books, saw all the movies. you can spoiler it if you want i would read the spolier tags anyway.
we are collecting first editions right now, my mom works in a book store,but now that i know about the english versions...

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I think that Harry is *done* with Cho. She's pretty much ruined it for herself.
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Nah, Harry doesn't have a brother. Dumbledore states flatly that the Durselys are Harry's only living relatives and Rowling has stated anything Dumbledore says can be taken as truth.
I'm really intersted in how Petunia is going to figure into all of this. AND I need to re-read the Prophecy again as an interview with JKR she states that she worded it VERY carefully for a reason.
I think Snape will die protecting Harry thereby re-paying his "debt" to Harry's dad. Wormtail owes a huge debt to Harry so that HAS to play out too.

quote from an interview with JKR

Very true, I find that all the time in the books, if you need to tell the readers something just put it in her(hermione). There's really only two characters that you can put it convincingly into their dialogue: One is Hermione, the other one is Dumbledore. In both cases you accept, it's plausible that they have, well Dumbledore knows pretty much everything that's going on anyway... but with Hermione that she read it in a book. She's really handy that way.

Does Dumbledore speak for you?

OH yes, very much so. Dumbledore often speaks for me.
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Well, Dumbledore lost my confidence in the last book. I found it totally implausible that he would not come to Harry's aid, regardless of the weak excuse he gave. I didn't know Rowling said that about Dumbledore.

Geez, I need Clif Notes because I'm forgetting who all these characters are.
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Did not come to Harry's aid? Hmm..what situation are you referring to?
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gosh so glad that you said that benjalo
i feel as though i need cliff notes too. be back ina sec~ ian is struggling with sunburn.
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I felt really sorry for Dumbledore in the last book. He seemed so old, so weary of the whole thing.

It made sense to me, but pissed me off that he didn't want to be close to Harry just in case it awoke Voldemort's awareness of him. I was as mad as Harry, I think.

I bet he might be the one who dies in the next one...

Harry has to be alone, I think, in order to fulfill the prophecy. He is already feeling so separate from everyone else; rightfully so, as he is either killer or killed. Dumbledore can only do so much for Harry.

I think that there might be a connection between Dumbledore and Voldemort, though, as yet undiscovered...

I forgot about Wormtail. Surely in this one... He's been inconspicuous.

Jeez, I have way too much time on my hands when my kids go to bed early.
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Originally Posted by Nankay
Did not come to Harry's aid? Hmm..what situation are you referring to?
that nasty woman with the awful punishments.

don't you love my retention? she did something that made him bleed.

I just didn't think it was believable that Dumbledore would be so powerless. Or maybe it was just disappointing - I think of him like a Gandalf type, ALWAYS coming to the rescue if he knows there's trouble.
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God, wasn't Umbridge foul? Seriously, I was sick when I read her scenes. I wanted more pain for her by the end of the book.

Dumbledore's hands were pretty neatly tied, and he put a lot of faith in Harry to get himself out of that situation. I hated that, too, though.
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~~~~~this is me going upstairs to find ootp~~~~

you all are making me want to stay up late reading but darn i gotta work sooooo early.
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I thought Harry was supposed to end up with Draco...

ahhh, too much fanfic....

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hmm, lots to think about here...the things we come up with during the maddening wait for the next book. And, in answer to a previous poster, I read until all hours of the night (early morning, more like ).
As to the issue of Petunia, I wondered too if there might be more to her in terms of magical ability than she has let on.
No way can Harry have a brother but the kids and I have been speculating as to whom the half-blood prince may be....could be Voldemort? Or any number of others...
And I don't recall there being any mention in the books of who Voldemort's mother really is--just that she's a witch...presumably she's pureblood, but I don't think that's actually mentioned either is it? We don't know her first or maiden name.
It strikes me as odd every now and then that, while we know Dumbledore has a brother, we know very little about him. I wonder if he'll ever come more into play....
Um, what else? Oh, on the issue of Harry and Luna, I really got the impression Luna had a thing for Ron. And I do think that Harry and Cho are done. I like the idea of Neville and Ginny and of course Ron and Hermione....
hmmm, I never wondered about the way Voldemort saves Bellatrix in the end (and he calls her Bella!)--it does make me wonder-- but I'm not sure she's the only female death-eater, does it say that somewhere? I think maybe she's just the only one mentioned.
Okay, enough speculation for one night...I'm off to reread the prophecy and see if I can read anything more into it than is there :LOL
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Also, I am pretty sure that I read somewhere a while ago that JKR did suggest there may be an 8th book because so many people have expressed an interest in knowing what happens to Harry after Hogwarts. Of course I have no idea now where I heard or read that or if it was from a reliable source.
Oh and Saturday Night Live did a skit about what happens after Hogwarts...anyone but me see that? :LOL
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