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rash under breast, spreading

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I just discovered a rash, which I believe began a couple of days ago, under my right breast, where my bra strap lays.

WHen it began it was stingy and a bit itchy, now nothing.

It is a red stripe where my bra line is, and spread to below my breast in the form of approx 5 small, round, bright, red, shiny spots (dime size and smaller).

It has been hot and humid here, so I suspect it was my sweaty bra that might have been the culprit.

I put a hydro-cortizone cream on it today, but haven't done anything else except making sure I have a clean, dry bra and have an extra piece of cloth on the area that I have changed frequently during today.

Is there a natural remedy I can use? I have not had good luck with doctors and skin rashes.
I would prefer to try to do something by myself before going to a doctor.
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I have had a rash there for 2 different reasons. The first time was when I used a hair remover cream and then got soap on it, it burnt my skin and after the rash went away it stayed brown for over a year. The other time is when it is hot out and I'm sweating which is sounds like is probably the cause of your rash.

Most likely it is just heat rash. Since it is no longer bothersome I wouldn't do anything or put anything on it, just try and keep the area dry with some baking soda or something. If you are not busty then going braless may help. For me I"m quite pendulous and going braless makes it worse. If you have any breastpads, folding them and putting them under the breasts may help keep them dry.
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Sounds as though it might be heat rash - dd and I get it really badly, anywhere that skin rubs.

For me, I've found that using a little bit of cornstarch helps to keep things drier, and stops any chafing. I tend to use it under the boobs, especially when I have to wear a bra, otherwise I end up really raw It couldn't hurt to try it - it's very inert!
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I get a rash there occasionally; usually it's just heat rash, as PPs have said. I apply some calendula cream there when I go to bed, and try to keep it as dry and clean as possible. It usually goes away in a few days.

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I've gotten a rash there and it was actually yeast (cornstarch would just make it worse, yeast feeds off the starch). Maybe try some OTC yeast ointment and see if it helps.
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Originally Posted by Alkenny
I've gotten a rash there and it was actually yeast (cornstarch would just make it worse, yeast feeds off the starch). Maybe try some OTC yeast ointment and see if it helps.
I was just going to post the same thing! I have gotten yeast infections under my breasts and in my armpits; they do require a different approach than heat rash. The fact that your rash is shiny also suggests yeast to me.
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I agree. It sure sounds like yeast to me. You can try tea tree oil or a vinegar and water combo, but I never had luck with it until I eliminated sugars and started taking garlic. Good luck!
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definitely sounds like a yeast rash. i've had it there several times, and a few other places as well. if the OTC yeast treatment doesn't work (and neither does the TTO), there are meds a doc can rx to clear it up.
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If it were me I would see my midwife to get a dianosis, then treat it naturally. I know someone who had shingles there too. All are treated differently and you don't want to make something worse by treating a different condition.
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I had this happen a few times last summer. I was hesitant to use any medication because of nursing. I don't know what possessed me to try it, but I put aloe vera gel on the area and it cleared right up. Since I am very busty, I also put a thin cloth or paper towel between that area and my bra for a little while after I got out of the shower. I definitely think the moisture had been contributing.

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thanks for all of the replies. I wouldn't have thought of some of the problems and suggestions. I'm glad I came here to ask.

The rash is going away. It is just faintly pink now. I am guessing that it was heat rash.

Years ago I had a rash on my abdomen for several months. A team of doctors and a group of students stood around staring at me for many visits. I was finally told "we have no idea what it is, but the original rash is gone, so you should be fine." after that, I have been a bit edgy about rashes.
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