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Please tell me I'm not the only one waking up drenched in sweat.

I seem to recall this happening last time, too. I can't remember - how long does it last?
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You are not alone! I think it took me a few days, maybe a week, it was all that extra fluid working it's way out of my body I guess.
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Not alone here. I also think Prolactin makes you feel hot.
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Yeah, icky sweat! Go away!
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I noticed this yesterday--
I had the chills because of mastitis and every time I'd nurse the baby I'd get so freaking hot and want to rip off all of my blankets.
Our bodies are so wonderful!!!!!
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Huh... so that's what's going on... who knew?! I'm alternately hot and cold... sweating and shivering. But I'm also sick... so that might have something to do with it.
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Oscar sleeps right up against me in our bed at night. I thought it was him that was sweating!?
I had also noticed that when I sweat during the day, I STINK!!
I haven't worn deo. in ages and never really had to except for now.
I've heard someone say when you are breastfeeding you sweat more than normal. Anyone heard this?
I am a soap maker as well as other body items, I should make a deo for BF mommas!
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i wish i would've remembered this a few weeks ago when DD#1 was sick. i woke up drenched i sweat (then chills) and was *sure* i was getting REALLY sick too. then i talked to my sister who reminded me that this was normal. thankfully...but oh my, was i worried to pieces that night.
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I don't sweat but I get really bad BO under my arms - definitely contribute that to the hormones from bf-ing
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