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Originally Posted by DejaSu
Wemoon, goddess of hooking up, please share your wisdom.
I dunno how I do it.... women want me, what else can I say I feel like Shane on the L-word at times.... I don't quite get it because I don't feel like I'm doing anything but being me
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Originally Posted by Whit
I'm getting along just fine in the solo sex department.

yeah, but can they beat being held by the one you love? I had forgotten how much I missed that till last night, dd snugged up to me while sleeping and held me like a lover would and it was so sweet. Reminded me of what I was missing.
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I was just thinking the other night how glad I was that we cosleep so at least I have physical contact with another person. It is so sweet to cuddle in bed. And my ex never slept with me/us, so I don't miss him.
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Originally Posted by May May
Women are so incredible.

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ill join you in here.. im single queer AND pregnant *sigh*

but im enjoying being a single momma and being pregnant, but i wouldnt mind dating once in a while :LOL
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Mama Fern~

I just had to say your son is absolutely adorable! I'm sure you hear it all the time, but he has awesome hair.

(And his mom's pretty cute too! )
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Hi all,
Single queer mama here. Mine is 2.5+ and when people ask if I am dating I crack up. With what time?????? And as for sex.....well luckily I am still bf'ing because it sure puts the kabosh on strong urges...THANK GODDESS. Pre mamahood I dont think I went two days without at least doin myself and now if I get even slightly horny once a month it is shocking. I sowed so many many wild oats in my time tho.....and I had a blast but it just isn't where I am at now. I would love a partner, but I cannot see finding one at this stage and thats ok. I do miss intimacy tho.....
and some other things that would get this thread deleted.
I am so lucky tho to get to experience being so in love with my Bliss. I never knew it would be so head over heels.....pretty amazing stuff.

p.s satori you crack me up
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Originally Posted by DejaSu
Mama Fern~

I just had to say your son is absolutely adorable! I'm sure you hear it all the time, but he has awesome hair.

(And his mom's pretty cute too! )
i do hear it a lot, but i agree so it doesnt bother me. he is an amazing child! and as for me being cute, lots of people say that but it doesnt seem to do me much good.. i think i need a bumper sticker that says " yep, im a mom and im big with child but i still wanna date you!" :LOL

well, im going to the folkfest this weekend and its queer central if there ever was one, so maybe ill make myself up a shirt or something. im always falling in love with 500 people when i go to the festival. i wear my heart on my big toe.
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Originally Posted by Kincaid

Medusa -
Since you live super-close to me, you wanna be "fixed up"? Aw come on! It would be fun! I could even offer to babysit while I send you on one blind date a week with my disfunctional friends. :LOL
We have a Rainbow Parents group here in town, and there are a couple of unpartnered moms in the group too. You want to join? we have a Yahoo group if you want to check that out.

Does the fact that I was so spooked by idea of getting fixed up with someone spooked me so much I couldn't even reply to this thread say something bad about me :

I am intersted in the Rainbow Parents group though. (In a totally platonic, not triggering my commitment issues kinda way. )
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Wow! Finding this thread is so exciting!!

I feel like one of the only single lesbian Mums in the universe! I've been single for years and I love being a single Mum, I can't imagine sharing this.

As for the libido (or lack of it) I had plenty of fun during my pregnancy but since I had my beautiful baby boy 4.5 months ago my sex drive has gone AWOL. This has never happened in my life before so it's a bit odd but probably a blessing really!

I have to agree that Elwyn is just about the most adorable little boy I've ever seen - apart from Jessy of course! It's also fantastic to see another Mum who dresses her boy in pink. I get a lot of strong reactions because Jessy wears pink (along with lots of other colours!)

Well, he's squirming around and sucking my neck so it's time to go!
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i think its silly to segregate colors for boys and girls.. why should he wear pink and striped tights if he likes? im glad to hear that there are other moms out there that agree with me.. most of the time i get odd looks when someone says "what a beautiful little girl you have" and i say.. " oh, hes a boy" meanwhile he is wearing pink or a dress.. :LOL he likes it and so do i so.. who cares!

but back to being single and queer..

im excited about this weekend.. but i have a feeling its going to be the same as usual.. i go and everyone assumes im happily married with kids.. arg. how does one get around that . i dont want to be so obvious that im screaming it out or having it tattoo'd on my head either..
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Go for it! Seriously, before I had a kid I used to make t-shirts before going ot with such classics as "Trick" and "Toybox" "for Sale" and "ho ho ho" (at the holidays). Cheesy to say the least (the very least lol). Anyhow after Bliss was born I made him a "made by dykes" onesie and a "future feminist" one and I made myself a "dyke activist mama" shirt for marches and whatnot. So why not make one saying "single dyke mama" or whatever terms you id with??? It sure eases things for those who meet you and is terrific advertising. If I had any cool thing to go to I think I would do the same.
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I am intersted in the Rainbow Parents group though. (In a totally platonic, not triggering my commitment issues kinda way. )
Medusa, LOL I was kidding about the friends set up. But the Rainbow Parents group is cool! PM me and I will send you the link. It's a yahoo group website.
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Hi, thanks for the welcome.

It sounds like you guys have lots of great events to go to. Where abouts are you? I lived in San Francisco for 3 months and I would have absolutley loved to live there and raise a child but I don't think it's possible for me. I came back to the UK to get pregnant which is the best thing I've ever done, but I don't feel I have access to the same kind of culture here.

I haven't been in touch with my active feminist side since I left University nearly 5 years ago. I do know a few other gay Mums but no-one who is immediately local. You are suddenly thrown into this very straight world and I find myself with people talking about their husbands and their latest kitchen extension and how they wouldn't breastfeed a baby past 4 months old...

Mamafern, I wish I knew someone like you and we could take our little pink boys out together! Jessy isn't old enough for me to know whether he likes pink but I don't see why he shouldn't get to enjoy all colours. People always say things like, 'oh poor Jessy' or 'what are you doing to him??' I'd be too scared to take him out in a dress for fear that someone would report me to social services!!

Anyway, this doesn't have a great deal to do with single queer parenting specifically - I'm just still excited to have found some others so I'm rambling on about anything. Hope you don't mind.
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My son wears dresses, he began picking them off the sale rack at Target when he was about 13 months or so. They are definately easier than pants. This summer he isn't as interested but I still offer them as a choice regularly. He wears lots of pinks and even glitter. Loves my glitter lipgloss and looks sooo cute in it. Bright and shiney and glittery are fun for a youngster regardless of the gender and I think it's so sad when I hear moms saying "you can't do that" and "no sweety, dresses are for girls" at stores sometimes.

In reference to what you were saying Lucy, I found that while a common denomonater that I enjoyed pre-child was being around other queer dyke feminist types, or even just gayhood in general, post-child it became quickly clear that the important commonality was going to be parenting beliefs. I went to some rainbow families picnics and was stunned at some of the parenting styles. I don't know why I thought gay should equal my own beliefs but I did. LOL Now I have with my AP mama friends and my GD mama friends. I wish I knew some gay mama's in my groups, every so oftn a bi one comes through, but I definately feel the shift in priorities in who I want to hang with.
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I just had to tell someone I FINALLY got pics on my sig of bliss
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Originally Posted by bleurae
I just had to tell someone I FINALLY got pics on my sig of bliss
He's beautiful! One of these days I need to get a pic album but first I need to get some pic's of dd and I together. That's the one thing that sucks about being single, no one to take pic's for you! We only get them if we go to picture people
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You're certainly right that things change. I do feel that it's more important to me to hang out with other Mums. Luckily I know one Mum who parents in the same way as I do, but with all the others I find myself either biting my lip or ranting on as they sit and talk about how they could never breastfeed a baby past 4 months old and look at me blankly when I talk about slings. I do have a La Leche League griup which I get to occassionally and that keeps me sane!

I'd love to feel that I could buy Jessy a dress. He has a cute little white nighty with frilly sleeves and he looks so cute in that but I really don't think I would dare to take him out in a dress even though I really believe I should be able to. I would be genuinley worried that I might run into difficulties with a health professional or something.

Bliss is adorable! I can't even work out how to get a signature let alone a picture! I have a gorgeous picture of Jessy I'd love to show you.
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lol, I am pretty ok with puter stuff and I had such a time of it getting the sig done ...and then adding the pics link??? HAHAHAHAH You should of heard the expletives coming outta my mouth at 10:30 at night last night. lol

I would love to see Jessy, feelfree to pvt me for email.
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