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Pagans: How do you practice your spirituality?

Poll Results: Which of these things are included in your spiritual practice?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 12% (11)
    Prayer and/or Offerings
  • 10% (10)
  • 9% (9)
  • 14% (13)
    Study and Learning
  • 6% (6)
    Service to your Spiritual Community
  • 14% (13)
  • 7% (7)
  • 13% (12)
  • 6% (6)
  • 4% (4)
91 Total Votes  
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Choose all that apply, sorry if I missed anything
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i checked all but service to spiritual community, since i'm basically a solitary. but if you consider everyone part of your spiritual community (since we are all conected in my opinion), then i could check that too
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I would have to say that all are a part of my spiritual pratice.... perhaps not daily but each are things that I feel are important to my growth as a spiritual being...

Great choices!
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Yes, great choices Arduinna, you pagan poobah, you !

I would also say all of the above, though right now I'm focusing on the principles of karma yoga. And I try to do service in all areas, not just my particular spiritual community.

Should also add that I don't really do magic, spellwork or divination, but I do use advanced Reiki techniques to enhance my spiritual practice.
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Well, I don't do spellwork, or divination, or astrology, or meditation, as I am too busy reading reading reading.

But I'd like to add in: teaching, as in, homeschooling, and LLL work.

Add in: going to the beach and gardening and cooking mindfully.

Add in: singing and drumming.

Add in: communing with our furkids.

Add in: tantric sex!
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I am trying very hard to be a peace.

I truely believe in the concept of do no harm or it will come back on you three fold. I also believe in the opposite that if you do good you will recieve good three fold. I try to apply this idea in my everyday life with small things.

I am a history fanatic and have also been interested in the development of religious practice. How this applies to a practice of spirtuality is that I am focusing on the folk practice and mythology of my ancestors. I am of Finnish / German / and Cornish/Irish decent. I just bought a copy of the Kalevala, a finnish epic that describes the heros and gods of the finnish people. This epic is traditional sung as a form of oral history, so I found a documentory recording of the Kalevala songs. I also found a modern version. I consider this a form of spirtuality because it brings me closer to my self.

I also take walks with my son at the beach, and the various tree groves near my house.

DaryLLL, I think that it is interesting that you mention cooking mindfully. The ritual of food preparation, eating as a family is very important to me.
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I'd like to be able to add service to community again someday. right now raising the children and whatever breastfeeding support I can be in my extended family and online will have to do.
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I do all of the above..
Except spellwork. I do Magickal workings for myself or for others who ask me to.. but to me spellwork connotes bending other peoples' will or the will of the Universe.. and I don't do that. I learned not to do it the hard way...

I should do MORE environmentalism.. I am always depressed about how much DH and I waste... and I think that is a huge insult to the Goddess.

My main focus right now is on study and Holiday rituals.

But I think doing EVERYTHING mindfully.. just trying to LIVE mindfully.. it the most powerful act of magick there is.
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oh boy Asherah, I think we could use a whole thread just for defining terms. Since magic, spells, ritual ect can be so many things to different people. I'm glad you mentioned it about spell work. Especially because I was using it in it's generic form. :-)
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bumping, anybody else??
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I'm a newer Pagan, so right now I'm doing a lot of reading and meditating. I'm also a big enviromentalist. And I'm very mindful of all living things.
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Well, I checked everything, but it certainly is an optimistic view of my spiritual practice! My main other would be singing, which I'm sure could be included in many of the categories, but I just thought I'd throw it in on it's own, for I find it really nourishing and I've been the unofficial songholder for my women's circle.
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